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On the Occasion of St. Vitus, a Major Serb National Holiday

Patriarch Pavle to Hold Service in Gracanica

BELGRADE - Serbian Orthodox Church head Patriarch Pavle left on Sunday for Gracanica, where he would mark St. Vitus's Day, together with bishops Atanasije, Artemije and Amfilohije, the clergy, monks and believers. Afterwards, Patriarch Pavle is scheduled to visit Gazimestan, the Serbian Orthodox Church Information Service said.

Pristina's Grand Hotel Under KFOR's Protection

PRISTINA (Beta) - As of late Sunday, the Grand Hotel in Pristina was put under KFOR's military protection. KFOR deployed guards in the hotel after a larger group of Albanians had tried to throw the Serb hotel staff out. Well-armed soldiers keep guard outside the entrance to the hotel and provide security in the hotel lobby. KFOR representatives said no action against the Serb personnel would be tolerated.

Nebojsa Vujovic, Yugoslav Deputy Foreign Minister, Claims

Visible Steps Forward

PRISTINA (Tanjug) - The international security forces make great efforts to secure safety for the Serb and Montenegrin population in Kosmet, Nebojsa Vujovic, the Yugoslav Deputy Foreign Minister and chairman of the federal Committee in charge of cooperation with the UN mission, told Yugoslav journalists in Pristina on Sunday.

"Even though the situation in the last few days has been very complex, steps forward are visible," Vujovic said. "We have been in constant touch with Gen. Jackson and representatives of the international security forces who make great efforts to protect safety of the Serbs and Montenegrins living in Kosmet, as well as to create conditions for their safe and unhindered return to Kosovo and Metohija", Vujovic stressed.

Zoran Lilic Addresses Rally in Kostunici

Reforms and Reconstruction to Start as Soon as Possible

BELGRADE (Beta) - Yugoslav federal Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Lilic said that reforms, resumption of production and joining all international trends are top priorities for the Yugoslav federal Government.

After laying a foundation for the Serb-Greek house to be built in the village of Kostunici, Lilic told a rally that the most important tasks for the FRY were the rebuilding of the country and creating jobs for all workers who had been thrown out of work during NATO's aggression against Yugoslavia.

"Agriculture must become our top economic priority," Lilic assessed.

Curfew in Prizren

PRIZREN - German KFOR troops imposed a curfew in Prizren to prevent looting and crimes that endanger their efforts to establish peace and order in this sector in Kosovo, Reuters reported.

"We want to make it easier to cope with criminals who are stealing and looting. It is easier if people are not allowed to move in the town," German Brigadier General Fritz von Korff told BBC television.

Curfew will be in force from midnight till 5:00 a.m. and will apply to all residents of Prizren, except for emergency services.

Sunday in Pristina: Day as Usual, Full of Uncertainty, Fear, Worries and Looting

KLA Purges Serbs from Suncani Breg Residential Area

Nedzad Djeljadini of Gora nationality killed. Fear of electricity shortages. No bread for the Serbs. 17 dinars paid for one German mark. Looting of a kindergarten averted.

PRISTINA - This Sunday in Kosovo and Metohija was a day as usual, full of worry, uncertainty, fear, and looting. Albanian terrorists set a deadline for the Serb residents of Pristina's residential area of Suncani Breg to move out of their apartments by early next morning. After that deadline, as they threaten, all Serb who stay in their homes will be slaughtered. Nine Serb families from this residential block spent the night in Pristina's Center for Peace and Tolerance, based in the Kosovo provisional government building, the only remaining institution terrorists had not occupied.

An Albanian gang tried to loot and to destroy a kindergarten in Suncani Breg area on Saturday. Thanks to the fast intervention by the British KFOR troops, who were called in by residents of nearby buildings, this act of vandalism was prevented. In the same area, Albanian terrorists killed Nedzad Djeljadini, of Gora nationality, the former employee of the private Intekom construction company, from which members of the terrorist KLA looted 100,000 German marks.

On Sunday, five ethnic Turk doctors were expelled from the premises of Pristina Clinic Hospital.

However, there are some who are returning. They are being accommodated in assembly centers in Leposavic, Kosovo Polje, Strpce and Zubin Potok, where they will wait until conditions for safe return to their homes are created. The Trepca mine workers are also expected to report on duty on Monday, as the management of the Kosovo mining giant got reassurances that French KFOR troops would make terrorists leave mine shafts and other facilities belonging to the Mining, Metal Processing and Chemical plant.

As soon as water supplies got more or less steady in Pristina, the management of the local Electricity Company (EPS) issued an alarming statement, warning it could not guarantee regular power supplies to households across Kosovo and Metohija. The reason for possible electricity shortages lies in the fact that its workers of Serb nationality have been prevented from coming to work regularly. EPS's management demanded a meeting with KFOR representatives and former Albanian workers, who voluntarily quitted their jobs in 1991. The Albanians did not show up for the meeting, which was due on Saturday. New meeting was arranged for Monday.

Another problem is city and intercity bus transportation that does not function. Besides, it is impossible to buy gasoline as Albanian gangs looted Jugopetrol and Beopetrol gasoline stations a few days ago.

Private bakeries began to make bread, but, as all other things, it is sold for German marks or Albanian leks only. Bakers charge 40 pfenigs for a two-pound loaf of bread. However, they refuse to sell goods to the Serbs. One German mark equals 17 dinars, while 30 eggs cost 10 marks or 170 dinars.

On Sunday, Serb peasants, who came to sell cheese, were expelled from marketplace in Pristina.

The Albanians burglarize apartments even in broad daylight, boasting how they procured the goods in the so-called "Serb-shops". Both former neighbors and Albanians from Albania go "shopping", taking stolen goods across the border afterwards.

On Monday, it is St. Vitus's Day. A major Serb religious holiday is marked by expectations of further developments in Kosovo and Metohija. Decision of the Pristina University professors is being expected with fear as their departure may influence a handful of the remaining Serbs to leave Kosovo. If it happens, about ten Serb journalists, who could or did not want to flee Kosovo, would stay as the last "warriors". They would have a regrettable "honor" to report on the occasion of the 610th anniversary of the Kosovo battle that the cradle of Serbia stayed without Serbs.

There are speculations among the Albanians that the "Republic of Kosovo" may be declared on that day. Ibrahim Rugova is expected to come to Pristina, but rumors also abound about disagreements among Albanian leaders, who are struggling for power.

Milka Milosavljevic


Kosovo Is Being Protected in Kosovo

Serbian Resistance Movement head Momcilo Trajkovic appealed to Serbs and Montenegrins to return to Kosovo and Metohija.

"The Serbs are going to stay in Kosovo. That is why I appeal to all Serbs who have roots here to return to their homes. I also appeal to the leaders of Serbian opposition parties, Draskovic, Djindjic, Kostunica, and Vasic, and particularly to officials from Kosovo such as Vukasin Jokanovic, Jorgovanka Tabakovic and Radivoje Papovic, to return because Kosovo is being protected in Kosovo," Momcilo Trajkovic told Glas Javnosti from his office in central Pristina.

At Least Three Persons Killed in Kosovo

PRISTINA - At least three persons were killed in Kosovo late on Saturday and on Monday, KFOR said.

Italian KFOR troops on Sunday found a lifeless body of a woman in the village of Belo Polje, which was looted and burned by the Albanians. According to the victim's mother, Albanians wearing uniforms raped and killed her daughter. Her mother was wounded, too, as she was still bleeding when KFOR troops found her.

KFOR spokesman Louis Garnot said another two persons were killed under still unknown circumstances in Pristina late on Saturday. The victims had badges of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on them, but the OSCE later explained that the badges were old and that the victims did not work for the organization.

According to unofficial reports, one of the victims was a Serb, while the nationality of the second one was still unclear.

Faik Jashari Leaves Kosovo

PRISTINA - Faik Jashari, the head of the Kosovo Democratic Initiative, a junior political party in Kosovo and Metohija, left the province.

All 30,000 members of the party left together with Jashari, Kosovo provisional government sources told Glas Javnosti.

Kosovo Democratic Initiative members paid the price for supporting resistance to aggressors and terrorists. Their only guilt was the fact that they remained loyal citizens of the state of Serbia.

Special UN Representative for Kosovo Announces

Civilian Police to Arrive Soon

PRISTINA - Special UN representative in charge of civilian affairs in Kosovo and Metohija Sergio Viera de Mello announced that over 1,000 civilian peacekeeping forces, whose task would be control of roads, law enforcement and maintenance of public order, would arrive in Kosmet on Monday.

During Saturday night, peacekeepers, in the presence of the UN police, established guards in most parts of Pristina, as well as in nearby towns such as Kosovo Polje, Lipljan and Obilic. It is already visible that there are fewer persons in uniforms with the KLA insignia in the streets.

General Michael Jackson

It Was Even Worse in Bosnia

LONDON - KFOR Commander British Lieutenant General Michael Jackson assessed on Sunday that the destruction in Kosovo was of smaller scale than he had expected, Reuters reported.

"An extent of destruction is smaller than I feared," Reuters quoted Gen. Jackson as saying in an interview to BBC television.

According to him, scenes he witnessed as UN peacekeeping forces commander in Bosnia in 1995 were much worse. "In Kosovo, most houses have roofs left. It seems much better here than in Bosnia," Gen. Jackson said.

Gen. Jackson added that KFOR's major task would be to disarm the separatist KLA and that he would not be surprised to hear there were groups within the KLA that had not heard of a demilitarization agreement. Referring to violence taking place in the province, Gen. Jackson said he "had an impression that some old accounts were being settled" there and that he was particularly concerned about the Serb minority.

Two Russian Military Transport Planes on Their Way to Pristina

Russians in Kosovo Polje

PRISTINA - KFOR spokesman French Captain Louis Garnot said on Sunday that one Russian unit established its logistics base in Kosovo Polje.

"Stationing of a part of Russian forces in Kosovo Polje, one of the sites at which Russian troops will be deployed in the future, represents a joint decision by Russia and NATO," Garnot told a news conference in Pristina.

Currently, there are about 700 Russian soldiers at Pristina's airport of Slatina, as part of their contingent that will number 3,616 personnel.

Two Russian military transport planes "Ilyushin-76", with technical personnel aboard and carrying equipment for Slatina airport, are on their way to Yugoslavia, a Russian Defense Ministry statement said. Deployment of Russian specialists, who will take part in the UN peacekeeping mission in Kosmet, will start "soon", said a statement, again without specifying precise deadlines.

According to unofficial reports carried by some Moscow television stations, the first plane with airborne troops could take off as early as on Monday morning.


Protection in Malisevo

PRIZREN - A group of 750 Russian troops, who are expected to arrive to the German sector of responsibility in Kosovo in the next few days, will be probably deployed in the area around Malisevo, German KFOR contingent headquarters said.

On Tuesday, the first group of Russian soldiers will arrive in Prizren, where German troops headquarters is based, commander of the German forces stationed there General Fritz von Korff said.

Yugoslav National Basketball Team Wins a Landslide Victory over Spain in the European Championship Fifth Round - 77:63 (38:35)

Taming the Shrew

Our national team the only undefeated selection at the Championship

Yugoslav national basketball team continues at a confident pace to make its way to the endgame of the 31st European Basketball Championship held in France. In a tournament fifth round, it beat Spain with an advantage of 14 points - 77:63 (38:35), securing at least the second place in quarterfinal ahead of the last match in Group E.

If the blue boys force Russia to capitulate on Monday, they will rank first in their group, meaning they would meet a fourth-placed team in Group F in quarterfinal due in Paris on Wednesday.

The most important thing in the game against Spain was excellent performances by Milan Gurovic and Milenko Topic, players who gave only symbolic contributions to the team up to now due to their injuries. It will make it easier for national team coach Zeljko Obradovic to implement all his tactical ideas now and unburden our key players such as Danilovic and Bodiroga.

In the first 20 minutes of the match, Yugoslavia had both starry moments and dramatic falls. Lots of lost balls, weak jumps in defense - all that kept Spain in game. From a 12-point advantage in the 11th minute (23:11), Yugoslavia preserved advantage of only three points in first-half finish (38:35). In the second half, Yugoslavia pressed the gear, intensified defense, punishing the rival for every mistake with recognizable, furious counterattacks. Exalted Danilovic and Obradovic were joined by Divac and Gurovic, contributing to the quality of our offense. The match was sealed by Red Star captain Milenko Topic, who scored three points and put a symbolic end to the match in which Yugoslavia reaffirmed its strength that sometimes looks like powerful supremacy.

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