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Two Gypsy Houses Set Ablaze

PRISTINA - At least two houses were set ablaze in the Kosovo capital Pristina on Saturday in apparent revenge by ethnic Albanians against local Gypsies whom they accuse of collaborating with the Serbs.

"It's only the beginning," a young Albanian told Reuters in front of a luxury four-storey house, which was sending flames into the dark skies. "You'll have a busy night."

A British paratrooper guarding the site said: "It looks like arson, the fire took only 10 minutes to take hold."

Dozens of reporters reached the scene well before the only fire brigade operating in Pristina, and little could be saved from the blaze. Nearby, fire was raging in another house.

Many Gypsies fled Kosovo when Yugoslav forces withdrew and ethnic Albanian refugees started to return along with NATO troops. A number of abandoned Gypsy districts have been looted and burned.

Archbishop Amfilohije toured Serb-populated villages in the area around Pec

Only One Serb Village Not Deserted

PRISTINA - Archbishop Amfilohije of Montenegro and Coastline toured on Saturday the Serb-populated villages and churches in the area around Pec, Serbian Orthodox Church priest Radomir Nikcevic of Pristina said.

Rev. Nikcevic, who accompanied Archbishop Amfilohije, told Svetigora radio station that there were food shortages in the area around Pec, adding that Italian KFOR troops were distributing bread to the Serbs.

According to him, Archbishop Amfilohije visited the village of Nako, which used to have 35 Serb houses. The Orthodox church in the village was desecrated and plundered.

"The church is fully unprotected and if something is not done immediately, it will be burnt," the priest warned.

Archbishop Amfilohije also toured the village of Gorazdevac, where members of the separatist KLA burnt the houses of the Ristovic family two days ago.

"Houses of the Dakic family were also burnt, while the Gypsy houses at the edge of the village were plundered," Rev. Nikcevic said.

Out of 360 Serb households in Gorazdevac, 186 families decided to stay in their homes, making it the only remaining compact Serb-populated village in Metohija as a whole, Rev. Nikcevic concluded.

Ivashev Demands Lifting of Sanctions against FRY

MOSCOW - Russian Defense Ministry's Department for International Cooperation head General Leonid Ivashev said on Saturday all necessary conditions existed to lift the sanctions imposed against Yugoslavia.

NATO ended its air strikes against Yugoslavia, while the FRY abolished the state of war, Ivashev told a news conference.

"Now all necessary conditions exist to lift the sanctions against Yugoslavia so the UN Security Council should demonstrate its good will," Ivashev concluded.

British KFOR Troops Arrest Two Suspects

LONDON - On Saturday, British contingent as part of the international peacekeeping forces in Kosovo arrested a suspect who is believed to be responsible for deaths of 56 people in Kosovo, Reuters reported.

Reuters did not disclose the name or nationality of the detainee, stressing only that it was a former policeman from Lipljan.

British KFOR troops arrested in the village of Slovinj on Wednesday a man suspected of committing war crimes. Both suspects are in custody, where they are waiting for the finding of investigation and decision by the Hague-based International War Crimes Tribunal on further procedure.

Chairman of Yugoslav Committee for Cooperation with UN Mission Nebojsa Vujovic Announces

Safe Conditions Are Being Created in Kosmet

BELGRADE - Chairman of the Yugoslav federal Committee in charge of cooperation with the UN mission in Kosovo and Metohija Nebojsa Vujovic said in a TV program that safe and secure environment for the Serbs, Montenegrins and other non-Albanians was being created in the province and that terrorists of the so-called KLA and plunderers were expected to be practically disarmed by midnight on Sunday with the act of their entering the assembly centers that had been determined for them.

"We have been in direct contact with members of the UN international security mission, Gen. Jackson and his close aides. We have insisted that all Serbs and Montenegrins who live in Kosovo be granted absolute security and protection and that all necessary security conditions be created for those who are temporarily displaced to return to their homes," Vujovic said in a talk-show program broadcast by Pristina television station.

KLA will be disarmed in 90 days, but it (the disarming) will be practically achieved at midnight on Sunday, as those who enter the assembly centers will not be able to leave them wearing uniforms and carrying weapons, " Vujovic said.

There is still no peace in Kosovo and Metohija, terrorists continue to kidnap and plunder

KFOR Powerless

US troops failed to protect the Serb-populated village of Zegra. More than 30 Serb houses burnt.

PRISTINA - Following decision by residents of Kosovo Polje to stay in their homes, Serbs from Pristina are now waiting for the response of the local University employees, who announced they would leave the province. Pristina University Professors are expected to make a final decision at noon on Monday.

On Saturday, a bigger group of Serbs left Pristina. Albanian national flags are hoisted on all major building in the town, except for the headquarters of the Provisional provincial government.

US KFOR troops, according to Center for Peace and Tolerance, failed to protect the Serb-populated village of Zegra in the Gnjilane area on Saturday. The attack, which was launched on Wednesday, ended in terrorist raid into the village. They plundered all Serb households, then burnt more than 30 Serb houses. Three days ago, Albanian terrorists broke into a provisional provincial government garage and stole 11 cars. The same night, they burglarized over 50 Serb apartments. Steva Srdic from Pristina was reported missing.


Residents of Three Villages Leave for Montenegro
All residents of three villages in the Pec area - Gorazdevac, Bijelo Polje and Vitomirica - fled and headed for Rozaje in Montenegro, Pravoslavlje Press, the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church, said on Saturday.
Archbishop Amfilohije went to Vitomirica and suggested that the Serbs stay in their village. The villagers, who had earlier criticized residents of surrounding villages for fleeing, refused even to listen to the words of Archbishop Amfilohije on this occasion, staying in the convoy ready to leave, said a statement.

Not a single post office in Pristina is working as the terrorists occupied them all on Thursday.

Trepca Mining company director general Novak Bijelic invited all 15,000 workers to report to work on Monday. French KFOR soldiers promised the management that they would made the terrorists, who occupied the mine and other facilities, leave by Monday.

Milka Milovanovic

KFOR Commander British General Michael Jackson and UN Representative De Mello Succeeded to Persuade the Serbs to Stay in Kosovo at a rally in Kosovo Polje

Serbs to Stay on Their Land

Gen. Jackson: Kosovo without its Serb population is not Kosovo

KOSOVO POLJE - Serb people must stay and survive in Kosovo and Metohija, is a unanimous decision the Serbs, Montenegrins and Gypsies made at a rally in Kosovo Polje.

KFOR Commander British Lieutenant General Michael Jackson and UN civil affairs representative Sergio Vieira de Mello also attended the rally, which was supposed to decide whether the Serbs would leave their ancestral homes or stay on the Serb land.

Gen. Jackson expressed his understanding for the concern of the Serbs and Montenegrins, stressing at the same time KFOR's determination to secure peace and safety and urging the Serbs to trust him and not to leave Kosovo.

"I've got the program of demilitarization of the KLA and it is KFOR's duty to implement it to the end. The process will start soon and as of Monday the KLA members will be massed at certain places that will be under control of KFOR. Trust me and stay in Kosovo. I am here to help you and I have a responsibility towards you. Kosovo without its Serb population is not Kosovo," Gen. Jackson said.

UN representative Sergio Viera de Mello said that the international police force would start to pour in Kosovo soon, announcing the arrival of 3,000 policemen, who would secure safety for all citizens of Kosovo and Metohija.

"Kosovo without the Serbs is not a Kosovo we need. We came here to work on your safety and we shall do it. I ask you to take our advice, which is also the advice of your leaders, and stay on your land. I ask you once again to be brave and stay," De Mello said.

Milka Milovanovic

NATO Supreme Commander Europe Wesley Clark Asks for Help

Not Enough Soldiers, Lack of Policemen

BELGRADE - NATO Supreme Commander Europe Wesley Clark asked for the deployment of the international police forces in Kosovo, admitting that he did not have enough soldiers to prevent killings, plunders and harassment, the London Guardian said.

"The criminals, who claim to be the KLA members, are coming from northern Albania, contributing additionally to a widely spread anarchy. Despite an urgent need for the deployment of police forces, Western governments do not want to send their policemen in as long as their precise mandate is made clear, something that has to be decided yet at the UN headquarters in New York," the Guardian said.

Famous British Violinist Nigel Kennedy in Belgrade on Sunday

Music Brings About Harmony

He plays for his "neighbors" in all parts of the world. Program performed out of intellect and heart

British violinist Nigel Kennedy, the classical music superstar, will perform together with the Belgrade philharmonic orchestra and soloist Biljana Kitanovic, under conductor's baton of Bojan Sudjic, at the Sava Center Great Hall at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday. Belgrade's concert audience, on two earlier occasions, has had an opportunity of meeting this outstanding virtuoso with an eccentric image.

The concert program includes works of Bach, Brooke, Monty and Massenet. "It wasn't easy for me to decide what I should play now in Belgrade. I had no idea whether I should play out of intellect or heart. Bach is a perfect master of harmony so I opted for his works, as harmony is something people here certainly need at long last. On the other hand, Brooke paints the most concise picture of human emotions," Kennedy told a news conference.

Kennedy is the first star of such a big format that has come to our country since the war ended, making it very clear that he does not accept simplistic patterns of demonizing a whole nation. He said that he had even wanted to come to Belgrade while the war was still raging here.

Asked whether he would go and play in Pristina, where people are hungry for harmony, too, Kennedy, with a disarming, boyish smile on his face, replied that he would play for his "neighbors" all over the world.


Nigel Kennedy's Exclusive Interview to Glas Javnosti

Freelance Music Agent

Politicians Deceive the Media, the Media Deceive Ordinary People

How did people who are close to you react to your decision to perform in Belgrade now?
"There are few who approved of it. Simply, people are influenced by the media, which project a distorted picture of reality. I would say, actually, that the Western media were deceived by the Western politicians. That is why I always try to read between the lines. So, it could be said that this decision of mine was unilateral. How could I not decide so when so many people I made so nice friendships with, people I was concerned about all this time, have been living in this city? Ordinary people neither start wars nor are asked about anything. It is their governments who do it. As a musician, I am a kind of a freelance agent, who can tour the world and offer people what he has - namely, music.

Last time you were in Belgrade you handed out soccer sports dresses at your concert. Did you bring them this time again?
"Oh, no, I didn't. I forgot to do it, probably because I was very depressed due to bad performances of my favorite club, Aston Villa, recently. But I hope the things will soon change to the better."

R. Kupres

Red Star Outmaneuvers Partizan in the Yugoslav Cup Final 4:2 (2:2)

Cup of Joy Goes to Red Star

By winning their 17th trophy in our most prestigeous tournament, the red-and-whites made it even with Partizan as it had won the Yugoslav Championship title

Who says legs are hurting? Who mentions a three-month-long pause, fatigue from semifinal or all other trivialities when Red Star and Partizan, as bitter enemies as ever, meet each other? Like rivals, like soccer game: tough, dynamic, exciting, wonderful. Shortly, game to be remembered.

Red Star deserved the victory thanks to its better performance, winning its 17th Cup award up to now. Partizan was an excellent rival, open and brave, but it lost the trophy to its "neighbor" due to unacceptable falls in concentration in defense stages.

A first-class match opened with real fireworks in the first minutes of the play. Pjanovic followed Skoric closely and the ball found its way to the goal, behind the back of inexperienced goalkeeper Radisa Ilic - 1:0. Less than two minutes later, smart Pjanovic took advantage of an indecisive duel between Krstajic and Drulic and doubled Red Star's advantage. Then Drulic missed something that should have been a sure score. In 38th minute, Rasovic kicks penalty after Kocic made foul over Bjekovic and thus narrows the advantage of the home team. In the last seconds of the first-half, Kezman strikes a fantastic score for Partizan, so both teams leave for a break with a draw.

In the second half, Vojin Lazarevic's selected team changed the tactics - they organized a flexible defense line 30-35 meters from their own goal and thus stopped all offense attempts by the rival.

It was the 61st minute when Pjanovic assisted to Drulic, who finished his duel with Ivic on the ground. Referee Filipovic pointed to the white spot and Skoric again brought about advantage to the Red Star. Gojkovic sealed the victory for the home team in 84th minute, marking that joy and celebration of the red-and-whites may start.

G. Brankovic

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