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Solana: KFOR to Stay in Kosovo For More Than Three Years

PARIS - "Kosovo will remain under the international administration "as long as it is necessary, probably for more than three years," NATO Secretary General Javier Solana said in a radio interview on Tuesday.

"We must stay there (in Kosovo) from a military point of view, as well as from the international community's point of view. It means as long as physical reconstruction of Kosovo is complete, but also a moral reconstruction," Solana told Radio France-Info.

Spanish Police Arrests Eight Kosovo Albanians

They Stole for KLA

MADRID - Spanish police said on Tuesday that it had arrested eight Kosovo Albanians in Malaga and Termollino who were accused of a series of armed robberies, burglaries and stealings, Reuters reported.

According to a police officer in Malaga, the group was organized on a "military basis" and operated across Spain.

"Their modus operandi suggested a well-organized structure and a clear goal - the financing of the Kosovo Liberation Army," a police statement said.

"They are Kosovars and we have evidence suggesting that they maintained contacts with the Albanian paramilitary groups", the police officer told Reuters in Malaga.

Over 69,000 Serbs Left Kosovo

LONDON - UNHCR said on Tuesday that 177,150 Albanian refugees had returned to Kosovo up to now, while 69,300 Serbs had fled the province out of fear of reprisals by returning refugees.

Compared to figures published the day before, the number of Albanians who returned to their homes in Kosovo rose by 42,150, while that of Serbs who left the province increased by 19,300.

According to the UNHCR figures, the Albanian refugees returned in largest numbers - 109,400 - from Albania, then from Macedonia - 67,500, and from Montenegro - 250.

KFOR Deactivates Bomb in Pristina

PRISTINA - KFOR troops deactivated an explosive device in downtown Pristina at about 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday after they had received an anonymous telephone call.

The bomb, removed by KFOR engineers, was placed under a kiosk, 30 meters from the Grand Hotel in Pristina.

KFOR Prevents Albanians From Moving into Serb Apartments

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - French KFOR troops in Kosovska Mitrovica have vehemently prevented more that 300 Albanians from moving forcibly into an 80-apartment residential building in central Kosovska Mitrovica that had been built in 1992 by Serbian Development Fund for people returning to Kosovo and Metohija.


Let Them Dream

Gen. Jackson demanded that the disarming of the KLA be speeded up, but US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright required concessions for this organization because it had earlier signed the Rambouillet agreement, the London Guardian reported. According to the Financial Times, Hashim Thaqi made it clear the KLA had not given up the idea of independence. The newspaper, however, quoted US State Department spokesman James Rubin as saying in Pristina: "The US do not support the independence of Kosovo and Mr. Thaqi is aware of it, but we are not here to dispel anyone's dreams."

Michael Jackson Angry with KLA and Albanians

They Will Ruin It All

LONDON - KFOR Commander British Lieutenant General Michael Jackson said late on Monday that the Serbs were increasingly returning to Kosovo. In an interview to BBC, he estimated that about one third of Serb population left Kosovo as Yugoslav security forces were withdrawing.

"In the last two or three days they are returning in ever increasing numbers, something that encourages me," Gen. Jackson said.

Gen. Jackson called on Kosovo Albanians not to avenge against the Serbs using their own methods such as arsons and plundering of houses, stressing that it was a "shameful behavior".

"I am angry as I see the Kosovo Albanians, as well as some isolated KLA groups, which do not act much differently from their adversaries," Gen. Jackson explained. "The are going to ruin it all, and it will be a pity."

KFOR Hardly Copes With KLA Villains and Plunderers

Terrorists Need Chaos

Militant Albanians angry at Serb who return to Kosovo, something the international community insists on

PRISTINA - As Hashim Thaqi, political representative of the KLA, returned to Pristina, security situation in Kosovo and Metohija dramatically deteriorated on Tuesday. Columns of returning Albanians keep arriving from Albania and Macedonia, with true anarchy prevailing in towns across Kosmet.

Only the motorways in the province have been safe more or less because KFOR troops have been patrolling them round-the-clock, with helicopters surveying the terrain. Peacekeepers also set up a control checkpoint at an access road to Pristina, near Veternik.

According to Pristina-based Center for Peace and Tolerance, violence and robberies prevail in the city. Names of the massacred Serbs, who had been abducted in Obilic on June 16 and found in the village of Mazgit, were made public. They are as follows: Slobodan Pavlovic (1952), his son Nenad (1985), Dimitrije Milenkovic and his son Aleksandar, as well as Moma Dimic and Dejan Prokic.

The Center has been informed by radio communication that parents of Srbislav Bisercic, the city official of Podujevo, were allegedly slaughtered, but the report has not been confirmed yet.

Krunoslav Jojanovic was kidnapped on the premises of Pristina's Batlava water company. In Pristina's residential area of Vranjevac, the apartment of an abducted Branko Djukic was set afire. Zejnel Hajdini school officials have been informed that persons captured and abducted in Vranjevac are held hostage. In Orlovic near Pristina, in the direction of Obilic, the remaining five Serb houses, whose owners had been expelled, were burnt.

After central Pristina, the plundering of Serb-owned apartments continued in its University settlement. In Suncani Breg residential area, the remaining Serb families, from which KFOR had confiscated weapons, were expelled. On Tuesday, the Albanians broke into the Institute of Archeology and hoisted the Albanian national flag. Early on Tuesday, they broke en masse into Pristina Medical Center, the city Ambulance, Provincial National Theater, while the Panorama agricultural farm, local television building and many other companies found themselves surrounded by Albanian attackers.

Anarchy rules particularly in the Podujevo area. KLA members there broke into the city hall building and set up their own self-government, appointing their own officials. There are no Serbs left in the area.

The Albanians on Tuesday appointed doctor Bujar Bukoshi, the ex-Prime Minister of Rugova's self-styled government in exile of the "Republic of Kosovo", as their own director of Medical Center in Pristina.

KFOR troops have liberated about 30 Serb-owned apartments occupied by the Albanians, but now they ask the real owners to file applications and submit documents to prove they own the property.

In Pristina on Sunday, Nebojsa Kovacevic was killed, while his son Mileta and daughter Jovana were kidnapped. Veljko Spasic had moved out his wife to Kraljevo and upon his return to Pristina he called her by telephone after which he disappeared without trace. In Pec, Miodrag Skembarevic and Milos Jevric were kidnapped. In Suva Reka, Dragoljub Bojic and Zoran Markovic were abducted. Four old men, Zivorad, Zivko, Trajan and Dimitrije Simic, were massacred in the village of Slivovo near Novo Brdo. Two days ago, the villagers of Slivovo were attacked by terrorists, who occupied their houses, after which they fled to Vranje.

In the Kosovska Kamenica area, in the village of Strezovce, Blagoje and Dobrinka Stankovic were killed. In Urosevac, Ljubinka and Miodrag Tasic were picked up from a Serb refugee column and taken away in an unknown direction.

Radojica Barjaktarevic

Terrorist Attack in Central Pristina

Elektrokosmet Employee Wounded

PRISTINA - The Elektrokosmet company worker Bozidar Jovanovic was shot with four bullets near the Dzevdet Doda secondary school in central Pristina on Tuesday morning.

Eyewitnesses said they saw two civilians shooting from a pistol at about 11.30 a.m.

Jovanovic was wounded in the arm, leg and chest.

The two civilians who, according to eyewitnesses, shot at Jovanovic, then stuck their pistols into their waists and walked away towards downtown Pristina. KFOR troops turned up only after the two suspects had left and Jovanovic had been taken to the hospital by his coworkers.

Elektrokosmet employees said they were astonished by KFOR's attitude, since one of their tanks was only 150 meters away from the scene of assault on Jovanovic, but the soldiers did nothing. After the attack, KFOR started to check and search civilians in downtown Pristina.

Rebuilding of War-Torn Cities in Yugoslavia

Reconstruction to Be Funded on Discriminate Basis

LONDON - Serbia's Democratic Party head Zoran Djindjic said on Tuesday, after his talks with British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook in London, that the world should not isolate Serbia by denying it reconstruction aid.

Djindjic said that he, during his meeting with the British foreign minister, had advocated the support to independent media and democratic opposition in Serbia and also asked for financial aid to help rebuild opposition-controlled towns and cities. Democratic Party leader added that Secretary Cook left an impression that he was willing to support his proposal.

"Opposition is in power in 30 Serbian towns. These towns are now devastated, without electricity, heating and bridges. Support to them does not mean support to the Yugoslav President," Djindjic concluded.

Kosovo in Focus of Djukanovic-Clinton Talks

Full Protection of Serbs and Montenegrins Necessary

PODGORICA - Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said in Podgorica on Tuesday that Kosovo and ways to solve the difficult crisis were the focus of his talks with US President Bill Clinton in Slovenia.

"We expressed satisfaction with the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution and our full support of a successful implementation of the peace plan for Kosovo," Djukanovic said.

Djukanovic and Clinton held talks in Brdo pri Kranju Castle in Slovenia late on Monday. The Montenegrin President expressed full readiness of his country to secure logistics support to the forces that were supposed to secure lasting stability in Kosovo and Yugoslavia.

"I also expressed my expectations that US officials would use their authority with the KFOR forces to offer full protection for the population in Kosovo, particularly the Serbs and Montenegrins, who, unfortunately, have lately been subjected to dangers of reprisals by armed Albanian extremists," Djukanovic concluded.

After Slovenia, US President Arrives in Macedonia for Official Visit

Clinton "Invisible" to Skopje Residents

SKOPJE - U.S. President Bill Clinton flew in to Skopje aboard an armed forces plane, escorted by three helicopters "Apache", on Tuesday for a six-hour visit to thank the Macedonians for their help in dealing with the Kosovo refugee crisis.

Clinton, accompanied by his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea, came to Skopje in a first official visit by a US President to Macedonia. He was welcomed at the airport by Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov, Prime Minister Ljupco Georgievski, Foreign Minister Aleksandar Dimitrov and Armed Forces Chief of Staff Trajce Krstevski. Skopje residents were prevented from seeing the US President because the streets of the Macedonian capital were blocked by strong local police and US security forces presence.

Clinton held talks with Gligorov and Georgievski in the Parliament, followed by meetings with Albanian President Rexhep Meidani and Prime Minister Pandeli Maiko, who both flew in from Tirana because Clinton refused to go there for security reasons.

Clinton also toured the refugee camp of Stenkovac close to Macedonia's border with Kosovo, appealing to Kosovo Albanians and the KLA to refrain from reprisals and repression against the Serbs, and addressed several thousand troops from NATO's Kosovo Force (KFOR) still stationed in the Macedonian capital.

Macedonian Dawn Threatens

Macedonian Dawn, the organization which on Tuesday took on responsibility for last week's blowing up of two NATO vehicles in Skopje, threatened in an anonymous telephone call that "it prepares similar actions against Clinton in Macedonia".

Clinton, who is winding up a six-day visit to Europe and the Balkans, was making a stopover at the NATO air base at Aviano, Italy, later on Friday before flying back to Washington.

EU Warns Yugoslavia Again

No EU Trade Preferential Status for Yugoslavia

LUXEMBOURG - European Union foreign ministers said in Luxembourg on Tuesday that the FR Yugoslavia, as it failed to meet the requirement of internal democratization, was still ineligible either for trade preferences for its exports to EU markets or for aid under the European program PHARE.

Reason of Death of Two British KFOR Troops Determined

Two Gurkhas Die as They Try to Detonate NATO Cluster Bombs

LONDON - As NATO troops hunt for booby traps and mines left in Kosovo by retreating Serb forces, a new generation of landmines which attack engineers seeking to clear them is raising concern among experts.

Two British soldiers died in Kosovo on Monday as they tried to detonate unexploded NATO cluster bombs, anti-landmine humanitarian organization Hallo Trust spokesman Guy Willowby said. The Defense Ministry warned that further casualties among demining engineers were likely.

Western military officials fear the Serbs have laid millions of mines and boobytraps in Kosovo.

"Two civilians also died during a demining operation in a school," a peacekeeping forces in Kosovo spokesman said.

As the end of Atelier 212 Theater season gets closer

See You in October with Premiere of "Couples"

This theater season titled "The Last Seal", which is now almost brought to an end, has had a much more long-term significance than it was expected. Apart from premiers, it was marked by the state of war and the new kind of audiences, said Svetozar Cvetkovic, the Atelier 212 director, adding that the season closes on July 2 with the "Correspondence" play.

New theater season under slogan "Post Festum 2000" opens in October with a premiere of "Couples", the play directed by Alisa Stojanovic and written by Goran Markovic.


Dragoljub Djuricic to Hold Concert

"As theater first entered my home, I decided to enter theater. This year, I will hold a concert at Atelier 212 Theater Great Hall on June 30. The concert is devoted to Djura Sanader, who is not with us any more," drummer Dragoljub Djuricic said, adding that he would donate funds raised from sold tickets to Atelier 212.

"The rehearsals started two weeks ago. Play "Couples" belongs to a comedy genre. There are nine middle-aged characters, namely people of my generation, with problems that are getting ethical and philosophical. The text is somewhat autobiographic, a sort of a confession, with all characters sharing my experiences and problems. And it happens in one day, on March 23, 1999, the fact that may not be so important, but casts special light on the story," says playwright Goran Markovic.

D. Tasic

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