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 15. June 1999
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Touring Novi Sad and Bridge Near Beska, Yugoslav President Announces

Reconstruction Begins

NOVI SAD - On Monday, only four days after NATO suspended air strikes against Yugoslavia, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic marked the beginning of reconstruction of a war-destroyed country as he opened works on repairing a brought down bridge over the Danube River near Beska.

"It is not a coincidence that we chose to start the reconstruction with Vojvodina's bridges, since there is much symbolism in it. These bridges link the northern province with the rest of Serbia and symbolize connections among people, something that has been an invaluable quality of multinational Vojvodina," President Milosevic told the rally attended by over ten thousands people, including almost complete Yugoslav political and military leaderships.

As builders promised to the Yugoslav President, one of the biggest concrete bridges in the world would be operational in no more than 40 days thanks to the fact that even during the bombing campaign components that were supposed to be built in in place of a brought down section of the access construction had been prepared in advance.

Yugoslav President also visited Novi Sad, promising to its residents that the Vojvodina capital would "get new bridges at the earliest possible date".

Serbian Radical Party Back in Opposition Again


15 Ministers Resign

On Monday, two Serbian Government vice-presidents and 13 cabinet ministers resigned. They are as follows: vice presidents Dr Vojislav Seselj and Tomislav Nikolic, minister without portfolio Maja Gojkovic, minister for local self-rule Gordana Pop-Lazic, minister for economic and ownership transformation Jorgovanka Tabakovic, minister of information Aleksandar Vucic, minister of industry Luka Mitrovic, minister for environment Branislav Blazic, minister of commerce Zoran Krasic, minister for transportation and communications Dragan Todorovic, minister for religious affairs Milovan Radovanovic, minister for contacts with the Serbs outside Serbia Milorad Mircic, minister for family planning Miroslav Nedeljkovic, minister without portfolio Cedomir Vasiljevic and minister without portfolio Paja Momcilov.

BELGRADE - The Serbian Radical Party (SRS) leadership on Monday voted unanimously in favor of a move to leave the coalition government it formed with the Socialist Party (SPS) and the Yugoslav Left (JUL), including a decision that its ministers walk out the Serbian Government.

"The SRS central national directorate decided at its last session to leave the Government as soon as NATO troops set foot in Kosovo," SRS head Vojislav Seselj told the party leadership meeting.

Seselj said that the only reason his party entered the SPS-JUL coalition government on March 24, 1998 was to protect Kosovo and Metohija.

"Now we have no reason to remain in Government," the SRS leader told the leadership meeting, which was also attended by all SRS ministers in the Serbian Government.

"I joined the government with as much dignity as I am leaving it now," SRS vice president Tomislav Nikolic said, adding that it would be an act of honor for the whole cabinet to resign. "When I took my oath in the Serbian Parliament, I did not undertake an obligation to serve to the occupier."

Outgoing Minister of Transportation and Communications Dragan Todorovic said that the SRS would continue its political struggle to regain the Serb Krajina Republic (in Croatia) as well as lost Serb territories in the Bosnian Serb Republic and prevent the new exodus of the Serbs that befell them for the third time in a decade.

All SRS ministers in the Serbian government submitted their written resignations to the Serbian Parliament early on Monday.

N. Mijuskovic

Bogoljub Pejcic, the Serbian Renewal Movement top official, an editor-in-chief of the "Srpska Rec" weekly, announces

We Are Not Entering Serbian Government!

BELGRADE - As Radical Party decided to leave the Serbian Government, Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) officials, as may have been expected, are not going to replace them in the cabinet. Sources said that the Socialist Party was doing its best to talk the SPO into joining the government of Prime Minister Marjanovic, unsuccessfully up to now. SPO head Vuk Draskovic conditions his party's entry into the coalition government on speedy and profound democratic reforms of political and economic systems.

"Our position has always been well-known. We are not going to join any government that is unwilling to make a definite break with the past! SPO has never been nor it intends to become anyone's stilt. Power is the last thing we may be interested in now. Our people need first and foremost an honest government that can secure prospects for them…" said Bogoljub Pejcic, member of the SPO leadership, an editor-in-chief of party organ, the "Srpska Rec" weekly.

Unofficial but reliable sources said that a major stumbling block in negotiations (with Socialists) was Draskovic's insistence on full "reconciliation" between the Serbian and Montenegrin authorities. According to some, the SPO president conditions his entry into the Serbian Government on appointing a member of the Montenegrin ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) as the Yugoslav Prime Minister.

D. J. V.

KFOR Opens Fire on KLA

Three KLA Terrorists Killed in Prizren

PRISTINA (Tanjug) - UN peacekeepers killed in Prizren late on Sunday three KLA terrorists, who opened fire on them, Pristina-based Media Center said on Monday.

A large group of armed Albanian terrorists, wearing military uniforms of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), entered Prizren late on Sunday in cars with license plates of Kukes and Tirana.

Serb representatives and Serbian Orthodox Church leaders met with commanders of peacekeeping forces that entered Prizren and, according to sources, they undertook responsibility for the safety of all residents of the town.

British Troops Disarm 70 KLA Fighters

PRISTINA (Beta-Reuters) - British troops as part of the international peacekeeping forces in Kosovo (KFOR) disarmed 70 Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) fighters, a British military spokesman said on Monday.

According to him, all KLA fighters were disarmed in the area around Kacanik, some 50 kilometers south of Pristina.

The spokesman said that the KLA late on Saturday had surrounded the building it believed accommodated the Serbs and opened fire at it. On Gurkhas' demand, separatist KLA fighters called off the raid and, without offering resistance, handed their arms in, including automatic machineguns, the spokesman said.

Pristina Enjoys Quiet Sunday Night and Monday Morning

SAS Maintains Public Order


Gibbson Meets Andjelkovic

Commander of British troops in Pristina Lieutenant Paul Gibbson late on Sunday met with Kosovo provisional government president Zoran Andjelkovic. Lt. Gibbson gave his reassurances that the way his troops were going to patrol the city would encourage the Serbs, adding that the cooperation with the police would make it possible to avert any danger for the population.

PRISTINA (Tanjug) - Sunday night and early Monday in Pristina were peaceful, without the tension that prevailed as British peacekeepers were being deployed throughout the city. On Monday, British armored personnel carriers patrolled Pristina streets, some of them stationed at key crossroads in the city. Apart from carriers, the British soldiers, mainly the SAS paratroopers, were also stationed in the city but largely out of sight of local residents, namely in parts of the Kosovo capital leading from the city center to residential settlements on its outskirts. British command on Monday issued a proclamation to all residents of Pristina, calling on them to restrain from shootings, abductions and plunder, an appeal obviously complied with if the last night was anything to go by.

War Crimes Tribunal Indicts Drina Corps Army Officers

THE HAGUE (Beta) - Bosnian Serb Republic Army (VRS) General Radislav Krstic, along with some of his subordinated officers of the VRS Drina Corps, were indicted by the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague, a Tribunal Chief Prosecutor's Office announced at the request of the main defendant's attorney.

On November 2, 1998, Gen. Krstic was charged with genocide in Srebrenica where, according to the indictment, Serb soldiers under Gen. Ratko Mladic killed thousands of Muslim civilians, then buried them in mass graves only to transfer them to secondary burial sites in order to cover up tracks of their attrocities.

SFOR troops arrested Gen. Krstic near Bijeljina on December 2, 1998, under a sealed (the so-called clandestine) indictment. Gen. Krstic dismissed the accusations.

At the request of Gen. Krstic's attorney, Belgrade lawyer Nenad Petrusic, the Tribunal ordered the Chief Prosecutor to specify the defendant's responsibility by naming his posts and positions as distinguished from other indicted officers but without disclosing their identities.

The Prosecutor's memorandum showed that condefendants were the Drina Corps military officers at the time attrocities in Srebrenica were allegedly committed.

As chief of staff and deputy commander of the Drina Corps, Gen. Krstic was superior to indicted officers.

Chief Prosecutor Louise Arbour did not name military ranks of codefendants, believing it would disclose their identities given that the Drina Corps had a number of senior officers.

Prosecutor's memorandum said that Gen. Krstic, as the Corps commander, was directly subordinated to the Bosnian Serb Army Commander, Gen. Ratko Mladic, also an indicted war criminal.

Alleged systematic killings of Muslim men from Srebrenica, according to indictments, lasted from July 11 through 18, 1995.

The trial to Gen. Krstic on charges of genocide in Srebrenica may start this year.

District Court in Belgrade Reaches Verdict

Two Years in Prison for Killing Friend

BELGRADE - District Court in Belgrade on Monday sentenced Dusan Pavlovic (44) from Belgrade to a two-year term in prison on charges of committing a grave act of endangering public safety. On September 7, 1997, the accused killed his friend Dejan Milojkovic in Belgrade's Dno Zivota café bar in 26 Luja Adamica Street.

On the fatal date, Pavlovic and Milojkovic, together with another three acquaintances, sat at the same table in the café. Milojkovic asked the accused to take a look at his pistol, inquiring how the Russian roulette was played.

Pavlovic took a Magnum 357 pistol out his bag, emptied five out of six bullets from the magazine, putting them away on the table only to rotate the barrel with the remaining bullet in it. Holding his finger on the trigger, he aimed the tube at Milojkovic's right temple. At that moment, the victim grabbed the hand in which Pavlovic held the pistol. Pavlovic pulled the trigger and shot dead his friend.


EPS Teams Work Round-the-Clock to Repair Damage Inflicted to Electric Facilities

BELGRADE - Street lights were finally turned on across Serbia on Monday, but due to unstable systems and technical problems in some residential areas of Belgrade and Novi Sad, public lighting was expected to be restored in the next few days only, Serbian Electric Power Industry (EPS) officials told Glas Javnosti.

Following NATO's bombing of Serbian electric power facilities, electricity supplies to Belgrade and parts of Vojvodina, especially towns between Novi Sad and the Yugoslav capital, are still in a critical condition. Unlike other parts of Belgrade, New Belgrade, Zemun and the Srem area of the capital still suffer frequent outages but EPS's crews work round-the-clock to repair the damage done by NATO bombing.

"We are trying to stabilize the system and provide to all consumers power supplies sufficient for this season of the year. As the EPS system lacks the necessary level of electricity and its transmission to consumers has been made more difficult, we are forced to ration power supplies to some parts of the most affected cities and towns, switching off lights for three hours," EPS said.


Nis-Belgrade Railway Line Operational Again

NIS - Railway tracks along the Nis-Belgrade highway have been operational again early this week. The Partizanski Put construction company removed parts of a brought down highway overpass near Trupale, while experts teams worked on repairing an electric power network over the weekend. Once the section of the railway under another overpass near Velika Plana is repaired, the railway traffic may resume according to a peacetime timetable. Yugoslav Railways also announced that traffic between Central Europe in the direction of Bulgaria would be restored soon, while passenger traffic to Macedonia and Greece would have to wait for a while until the bridge in the gorge of Grdelica was repaired.

Nis-Express, the biggest bus carrier in southeastern Serbia, said that, besides regular lines to major centers in Serbia and abroad it maintained even during the war, another six departures would be reintroduced. By introducing a new daily departure at 9:20 a.m., Nis-Express will have a total of 9 lines with the Yugoslav capital. The line to Kragujevac via Blace, Krusevac and Kraljevo, with buses leaving the station at 5:00 a.m., has been restored too.

D. S.

JAT Postpones Flight to Tivat

BELGRADE - Yugoslav airline JAT, which was supposed to resume flights on the Tivat-Belgrade and Belgrade-Podgorica via Tivat lines on Monday, postponed the flights for a day because the appropriate ministry failed to issue to JAT the necessary licenses in due time.

"We expect to arrange all formalities today so that the resumption of air traffic between Belgrade and Tivat is not questioned," JAT said.

As reported earlier, due to the damage done to Podgorica airport, flights on the Belgrade-Podgorica line will be performed via Tivat, with passengers bussed to and from the Montenegrin capital. According to first announcements, JAT's Boeing-727, which can carry 158 passengers, will operate on the Belgrade-Tivat line.

As of Monday, new air ticket fares went into effect. One-way ticket on the Belgrade-Tivat line costs 650 dinars and a round-trip ticket double the price (1,300 dinars). Our national airline carrier offers a wide range of discounts on ticket fares.

Z. G.

Director Zdravko Sotra Makes New Comedy Series "At Small Siren's"

Let's Have Some Fun While the Worst Lasts

Recently, in a destroyed Radovic Club near Serbian television building, director Zdravko Sotra has finished the shooting of seven 15-minute-long episodes of a comedy series titled "At Little Siren's". Besides Sotra, directors Milan Knezevic and Vlada Aleksic worked on the series, adapted from a story written by Stevan Koprivica. According to director Sotra, "a numerous crew had a real good fun while the worst lasted".

"The crew volunteered during the war. It is better to work for free than to sit idle for free. We tried to show all things that happened to us during the war in a humorist way. The idea was to put the series in a Belgrade restaurant, named symbolically "At Little (Air Raid) Siren's", with regular guests as key characters. For them, "At Little Siren's" became their shelter, too," Sotra said.

But the environment in which you made the series was not a cozy one, to put it mildly…

"We started the shootings at the Radovic club only a few days after the television building was blasted. Working conditions were unfavorable. We shot in between air raid sirens because some actors, the very moment sirens wailed, simply disappeared. It was a reasonable thing to do since we all expected the television building to be bombed again. That is exactly what the characters went through.

Roles in "Little Siren" went to actors Vlastimir Velisavljevic, Bata Paskaljevic, Jelisaveta Sabljic, Goran Sultanovic, Boda Ninkovic, Bojana Maljevic, Jelica Sretenovic, Vladan Zivkovic...

The series is produced by "Monte Royal", but even though it is completed, the director says he does not know yet which television station it would be broadcast on.

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