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Russian Soldiers Welcomed in Pristina


PRISTINA - Tenths of the Russian military vehicles of the international peace forces arrived on Saturday, at 1.30 p.m. in Pristina, where around 2.000 animated inhabitants were waiting for them.

When they entranced in downtown Pristina, the Russian soldiers were welcomed with salvos from the automatic weapons and guns, while girls and women brought them flowers.


General Zavarzyn in Pristina
Russian representative in NATO, General Viktor Zavarzyn, arrived in Pristina, Itar-Tass reported, referring to the sources close to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Zavarzyn participated in negotiations with Belgrade's authorities, as well as in writing of the draft of peace agreement, made by Chernomyrdin, the Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari and Deputy of the American State Secretary Strob Talbot, which was accepted by Belgrade's authorities.

Without Panic in NATO
BRUSSELS - NATO "does not make drama" because of arrival of the Russian soldiers in Kosovo, the NATO Spokesman Jamie Shea said a press conference in Brussels.

"We are in touch with Russia", he added.

Several men with Yugoslav, Serbian, Greek and Russian flags in their hands climbed on one of the first trucks that arrived in Pristina.

Inhabitants, who did not come on the square, welcomed Russian soldiers from their windows and balconies, shouting: "Serbia, Serbia" and showing them "three fingers".

A total of 41 Russian vehicles, including 15 transporters, around ten trucks, several jeeps and cisterns arrived in Pristina. Russian vehicles have Sfor or Kfor marks.

International peace forces for Kosovo - Kfor - should arrive in Pristina until Saturday evening, the high official of the British Army, Admiral Ian Garneth said.

New Contingent of Russian Soldiers Ready

BIJELJINA - The contingent of the Russian Sfor brigade, with more than 100 vehicles, is located near Bijeljina, expecting to be instructed from BiH to Kosovo, as a part of the international peace forces, Srna agency reported.

One British Plane Fell Down Near Kukes

KUKES - On Friday, around 11.15 p.m. one British plane fell down, during the landing, on Kukes`s airport, nearby camps for refugees.

12 soldiers were in the C-130 plane at the moment of accident, but only one was heavily injured, NATO Spokesman in Kukes, Lieutenant Colonel Hellge Erricson said.

NATO soldiers immediately came on the place of accident and there were no injured persons in nearby camps for refugees.

Five Years for Terrorist Saban Jasaraj

BELGRADE - Regional Court in Prokuplje sentenced Saban Jasaraj (37), from the village of Svetlje, near Podujevo, on the five years in prison, on the charge of terrorism.
He was arrested on May 5th, while he was trying to hide himself in the convoy of refugees.

Jasaraj entranced to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in March, this year, and with another 11 members of that organization went to the village Surdula, where they attacked policemen and Yugoslav soldiers.

He was a cooker.

According to Belgrade's daily "Politika", after the beating of KLA near Podujevo, Jasaraj went to the village of Kalabac, threw his uniform, and joined the convoy of refugees that returned in Podujevo.

Hungary and FRY Could Renew Diplomatic Relations Very Fast

BUDAPEST - Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban said that diplomatic relations between Hungary and FRY could be renewed "very fast and very easily".

In an interview to the satellite television "Danube", he underlined that, after the end of the war in FRY, Hungary "should think about common life with bled neighbor".

He concluded that the problem of Vojvodina`s Hungarians "can not be omitted from the solving of crises", in spite of the end of the conflict in FRY.

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