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Dear users,

Due to difficulties caused by overnight NATO bombing of the Serbian electric power grid, Glas Javnosti news reports on Internet may be somewhat delayed. We shall appreciate your understanding.

In New Terrorist Attack near Prizren

Five Medical Workers Killed

BELGRADE - Five employees of Medical center in Prizren were killed on Saturday, when mortar grenade, fired from Albania hit the first aid car of that center.

Killed medical workers, four men and one woman, were going to the village of Planeja, to help people in danger in that village.

The names of killed persons are not stated yet.

There will not be Division of Kosovo

WASHINGTON - NATO Secretary General Javier Solana said on Sunday that division of Kosovo is unacceptable and underlined that the province will stay "undivided entity".

In an interview to the "Fox news", Solana refused speculations that deployment of Russian troops in the north part of Kosovo means division of that province.

"There will not be division of Kosovo. The province will stay as undivided entity", Solana said.

According to his words, eventual division would be prevented by united command of NATO generals.
"It is very important that one commandant will be responsible for that entire zone", Solana said and added that it will probably be British General Michael Jackson.

Vicinity of Kursumlija Attacked

BELGRADE - On Sunday, at 5.24 p.m. NATO aviation attacked the vicinity of Kursumlija. Three NATO missiles hit village of Markovici in that municipality.

Talks Would Fail, VJ Does not Want NATO in Kosovo

KUMANOVO - It is possible the talks between the representatives of Yugoslav Army (VJ) and NATO, about withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo, to fail because "Belgrade's generals were still opposed to NATO's presence in Kosovo despite an agreement reached last week", Reuters agency stated, referring to a source close to negotiators.

"We are not hopeful that they (the Yugoslav delegation) will sign the agreement tonight," the source told reporters on Sunday.

Asked what the main problem was, he said: "Despite the ratification (by the Yugoslav parliament of a peace plan) Yugoslav generals have come here and say they don't want NATO there."

The source said, "you cannot take away" one of the three key points at the core of the accord Belgrade accepted on Thursday

The talks between, VJ delegation and NATO in Kumanovo were to resume on Sunday at 7.00 p.m. and discussion should be continue around 9.00 p.m.

President of the Krusevac Industry "Zupa" Union Died

BELGRADE - The president of the Krusevac industry "Zupa" union Dragutin Todorovic, who was wounded in the attack of KLA terrorists, died in Pec hospital on Sunday, Belgrade's media stated.

On Saturday, KLA terrorists attacked the van of Rasinski region Union, which was carrying humanitarian aid to Kosovo.

Calm Night in Serbi


Nothing in finished

LONDON - British Defense Secretary George Robertson on Sunday warned that NATO bombing would intensify if Serb forces did not pull out of Kosovo.

Robertson told the daily military briefing in London that "overnight there were artillery attacks not just inside Kosovo but from Kosovo into Albania as well. He concluded "it is still possible that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic will resort to trickery, seeking to divide the international community and slow down the exit of his troops".

BELGRADE - During the night between Saturday and Sunday, NATO aviation did not pound targets in Serbia, for the first time from the beginning of the aggression, on March 24th.
It was the third night without air raid sirens in Belgrade.

PEC - On Sunday, around 1.00 after midnight, NATO warplanes pounded the wider area of Pec, by two missiles.

On Friday, at 11.30 p.m. NATO planes fired four flash bombs at village of Zjum, in Prizren municipality.

On Sunday, at 7.10 a.m. air raid sirens were heard in Pristina.

More than 30 missiles hit the area of Kosovo over the past 24 hours in 14 separate attacks, media stated.

BIJELO POLJE - On Sunday, around noon, three powerful detonations were heard in Bijelo Polje, from the direction of village of Cerovo. Two explosions were heard at 11.55 a.m., while the third was heard at 12.16 p.m.

Five Persons Wounded in Attack of Albanian Terrorists on Travel-Bus

PRISTINA- Five persons were wounded on Saturday evening, when Albanian terrorists attacked "Kosmet Tours" bus, near the place of Besinje, on Podujevo - Pristina road.

Dojcin Kapetanovic and Djindji Ergimen were heavily injured, while Gavra Budimir and Kasim Salihi were lightly injured in the attack.

According to the same source, all of them are hospitalized in Pristina`s medical center and their lives are out of danger.

According to Media center "the terrorist closely opened fire from automatic weapons on bus, which traveled from Belgrade to Pristina on it's usual rout".

Yugoslav Army and NATO continued talks on Sunday

Disscusion on Deadline for the Troop`s Withdrawal

KUMANOVO - The talks between Yugoslav delegation and NATO's representatives were continued in the middle of a French NATO base in Kumanovo on Sunday, around 9.00 a.m.

NATO Spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Robin Clifford told that the talks would last all day, but that he believes that "Yugoslav delegation will sign the plan about withdrawal of it's troops from Kosovo.


Bombing along with talks

VASHINGTON - Spokesman of the US National Security Council David Lewy said that NATO's military representatives and the Yugoslav officials in Kumanovo talks about details of time schedule and other conditions for withdrawal of the Yugoslav forces from Kosovo.

"Obviously, these things are extremely complicated and they require an awful lot of detail to get right", Lewy answered a journalist's question why the talks entered the second day.

He added that the bombing of FRY" will be continued in the meantime".

According to NATO sources in Skopje, the Yugoslav delegation proposes the time to withdraw from Kosovo to be two weeks instead of seven days.

A high level delegation of Yugoslav military officials is led by the deputy chief of stuff of the Yugoslav army, General Svetozar Marjanovic. General Marjanovic did not participate in negotiations, which took place in Blace, a border post between Yugoslavia and Macedonia, on Saturday.

According to NATO sources, Yugoslav delegation consists of 13 representatives. Ten of them are the representatives of the Yugoslav army, including General Blagoje Kovacevic, deputy chief of stuff of the Yugoslav army, high officer of the Serbian Interior Ministry General Obrad Stevanovic and assistant of the Yugoslav Foreign Minister and the spokesman of the Federal Foreign Ministry Nebojsa Vujovic.

According to Reuters, The talks took place in a large camouflaged tent in the middle of a French NATO base in Kumanovo, northeast of the capital Skopje. The meeting hold at a roadside restaurant "Europe 93", near Blace, a border post between Macedonia and Yugoslavia, on Saturday, around noon, was ended on demand of the Yugoslav delegation, which needed additional consultations with the Belgrade's authorities.

Three Years for Troops

HAMBURG - German Defense Minister Rudolph Scharping concluded that international peace forces should stay in Kosovo at least three years.
- On my opinion, three years are absolute minimum, but, really, I think it will last longer - Scharping said. He added that it would be necessary structure and the number of that forces to be ordinarily re-check, and maybe

First Signs of Withdrawal

BRUSSELS - NATO on Sunday stated that there are the first signs of preparations for withdrawal of Yugoslav Army (VJ) from Kosovo, as well as reduction of military actions on the north and in the central part of that province. NATO stated that one train with outfit and military staff started from Urosevac, on the south of Kosovo, to the north of province and pass through Lipljan, NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said a press conference in NATO base in Brussels.

- It seems that VJ brought over some outfit and staff in one train on the north of Kosovo. It could mean the start of the preparations for withdrawal, but we

Viktor Černomirdin o eventualnoj komandi KFOR

Rusi neće pod komandu NATO

MOSKVA - Specijalni ruski izaslanik za Balkan, Viktor Černomirdin odbacio je mogućnost da ruske trupe na Kosovu budu pod komandom NATO.

- Ako u trupama NATO na Kosovu budu prisutne zemlje koje učestvuju u agresiji na SRJ zajedno sa onima koje ne učestvuju, onda će taj savez komandovati svojim trupama. Što se tiče ruskog prisustva, nikada nećemo biti pod NATO. To ne dolazi u obzir. I nikada nismo čak ni razmatrali to pitanje - rekao je Černomirdin u nedelju u televizijskom programu "Vesti", i dodao:

"Došli smo blizu rešenja problema, do mira. Morate videti ono što se dešava u SRJ. Morate videti ljude tamo. Oni su na izmaku snaga, bez struje i vode

G -8 in Bonn on Monday

BONN - Foreign ministers from seven Western powers and Russia - Group 8, will meet in Bonn on Monday afternoon, German Foreign Ministry stated. The meeting, which was scheduled for Sunday, will be focused to Kosovo crises.

The members of G-8 will discuss the next steps to be taken in the Yugoslav peace process, a ministry spokesman said.

The fifth review of the alternative theatre (INFANT) in Novi Sad

In the sign of "Point zero"

NOVI SAD - The Fifth International review of the alternative and new theatre (INFANT) will be held from the Jun 25th to Jul 4th, in Novi Sad. "Plavo pozoriste" and "Dah teatar" from Belgrade, Dramatic studio of KUD "Sonja Marinkovic" from Novi Sad, Ivana Indjin with "Tera 021" group, Boris Caksiran and Ivana Vujic will realize theirs projects, while the authors of music and plastic installations are Andrej Acin, Sasa Jovanovic and Ljubomir Vucinic.

Experimental theatrical troop from Georgia will participate in this year's INFANT. Artists from Greece, China and Russia will probably come to Novi Sad, too. "Point zero" is chosen for traditional round table.


Yugoslavia Defeats South Korea at the man's handball Word Championship

Yugoslav handball selection defeated South Korea (28:25) at the game of World Championship in Egypt. Korean players turned out to be very hard rivals, while the selection of Zoran Zivkovic made many mistakes in offense and defense and hade a large oscilations in game.

From the beginning of the match, South Korean players took advantage of "tepid" play of Yugoslav selection. During the larger part of the match South Koreans kept advantage of three - four goals, while our players scored only ten goals in the first 30 minutes.

In the second part of the match our players gave much better and effectual play. Young goalkeeper Arpad Sterbik was brilliant.

Our best handball players will play their last match in their group against Sweden, on Monday, at 3.00 p.m. If Yugoslavia defeats Sweden, it would take the second place, while, on the contrary, they would secure the third position in its group.

Yugoslavia - South Korea 28:25 (10:13)

"Mubarak hall" in Port Side. Visitors: 150

YUGOSLAVIA: Peric, Nikolic, Kokir, Jovanovic 2, Perunicic 2 (1), Maksic 6, Lapcević 3, Matic 1, Milosavljevic 3, Lisicic 5, Skrbic 6, Sterbik.

SOUTH KOREA: Jung Ti Han, Kang Vu Chung 2, Bum Jon Cho 3, Sung Hon Kim 2, Sung Li Park, Jung Su Park, Min Chul Park, Kung Shin Jon 8 (1), Jung Ho Li 3, Kung Min Jon, Von Chul Paek 7, Chang Ho Shin.

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