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  06. June 1999
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Dear users,

Due to difficulties caused by overnight NATO bombing of the Serbian electric power grid, Glas Javnosti news reports on Internet may be somewhat delayed. We shall appreciate your understanding.

New NATO Strikes on Civilian Targets in Kosovo

PRISTINA - On Saturday afternoon, from 3:45 to 3:57 p.m., NATO planes fired four missiles at solely civilian facilities in Kosovo and Metohija, the Kosovo provincial Civil Defense Information Center said.

The villages of Zoic, in the Prizren municipality, and Prelez in the Urosevac municipality, as well as its outer areas, and Mt. Goles in the Lipljan municipality were hit by one missile each. There were no reports of possible damage or casualties from the attacks up to now.

Vuk Draskovic, Serbian Renewal Party Leader, Believes

No Single Reason for Serbs to Flee Kosovo

True, a peace plan contains many painful provisions

JAGODINA - Serbian Renewal Party (SPO) leader Vuk Draskovic said in a televised interview there was no single reason for any Serb to flee Kosovo following Belgrade's acceptance of an international peace plan for the southern Serbian province.

"We adopted a document guaranteeing that Kosovo and Metohija remain within Serbia and Yugoslavia, stipulating a temporary deployment of peacekeeping forces there under the UN mandate and ending the hardships and evil that beset Serbia and Kosovo. However, I am not going to praise the document Serbian Parliament accepted - it contains many deeply painful provisions for us, but the country was brought into a situation where it had to accept it for the sake of the nation and the state. If Serbia succeeds to recover and takes a new road, Kosovo will be as strongly reintegrated into Serbia as ever. UN peacekeeping forces will realize within a month to whom Kosovo belongs, so not a single Serb will have any reason to doubt the protection provided by UN peacekeepers," Draskovic told Palma Plus television station in Jagodina.

International Community Demands Should Have Been Accepted Earlier

PODGORICA - "It could have been seen from the very start that demands (of the international community) were such that they had had to be met," the Serbian Orthodox Church head, Patriarch Pavle was quoted by Montenegrin MontenaFax news agency as saying.

"True, there is still a dilemma: had we accepted (the terms) immediately, at the very start (of the bombing), all would have said: "This is treason". And now, as we had to accept (them) and as we signed it all, some people are saying: "Why didn't you sign it earlier to spare us all these hardships"," MontenaFax quoted Patriarch Pavle as saying in an interview published in Saturday's Podgorica daily Pobjeda.

"Some would say it is easy to be smart now," the Patriarch said and added: "However, we should have thought it all through earlier."

G8 Ministerial Meeting Postponed Until Early Next Week

BONN - Foreign ministers from Russia and seven Western powers have postponed talks on Yugoslavia from Sunday until later in the week, the German Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

A diplomatic source told Reuters that the meeting, in Bonn, could now go ahead on Monday afternoon.

The German hosts, who announced the talks only on Friday to apparent surprise in Washington and Moscow, said the delay would let the Group of Eight weigh up results of Saturday's meeting between NATO and Yugoslav commanders, at which Serb forces were being given instructions on how to withdraw from Kosovo.

"The G8 foreign ministers' meeting planned for tomorrow at the Petersberg (the Bonn government guest house) has at short notice been put back to the beginning of the coming week," the German Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

A precise date for the talks would be set in due course.

Most Towns Enjoy Quiet Night, Kosovo and Metohija under Attack Again

According to reports up to now, a NATO air force entered the 74th night of its bombing campaign against Yugoslavia with strikes across Kosovo and Metohija, while other parts of the country finally enjoyed a calm night. In much of Serbia's cities and towns, air raid sirens blared early on Saturday, shortly after midnight, while the all-clear sounded at about 6:30 a.m.

Shortly after midnight, NATO planes struck the wider area around Prizren. Two powerful detonations rocked the Kosovo capital Pristina, coming from the direction of the Lipljan municipality to the east.

Early on Saturday, at about 7:15 a.m., missiles struck the area of Lukare in Kosovo, as well as the surroundings of Pristina. Around 7:35 a.m., NATO planes pounded the village of Pirane on the Prizren-Djakovica motorway, dropping five cluster bombs on it.

NATO planes also fired two missiles at the southern part of Vrsac in the Vojvodina province early on Saturday, around 8:30 a.m. The missiles landed about 300 meters away from the first row of houses in the town near the Agrovrsac agricultural company. There were no casualties from the attack. In a renewed attack on facilities in the southern part of the town, a 44-year-old Tibor Peter, who was ejected from the tractor cockpit by a detonation, suffered serious wounds.

Costs of War Higher Than Estimated

WASHINGTON - The Kosovo war will cost the neighboring countries several billion dollars this year alone, more than it was estimated even under the worst case scenario, international creditors said.

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank estimates, humanitarian costs, caused by the Kosovo refugee flood and accompanied with disruptions in trade in the region, will require about 2.2 billion dollars to fund six most adversely affected countries.

They include Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Romania.

In late April, the IMF and World Bank estimated that, at worst, about 1.8 billion dollars would be required for this purpose. Out of a total of 2.2 billion dollars, 760 million dollars would be allotted as humanitarian aid for these six countries.

The joint report by the IMF and World Bank said that at best, if the refugees returned to Kosovo by the next autumn, total costs would amount to 1.3 billion dollars, but they said this scenario was highly unlikely. The estimates did not include costs of the reconstruction of Yugoslavia.

Damage to Vojvodina Totals over Six Billion Deutsche Marks

BELGRADE - The damage done to the Serbian northern province of Vojvodina by NATO air strikes totals more than six billion Deutsche marks, the provincial authorities said on Saturday.

A total of 3,650 housing units and 82 companies were destroyed, some of them almost completely, including the oil refinery in the provincial capital Novi Sad and four major plants in Pancevo.

Across Vojvodina, NATO planes brought down many bridges, including the three over the Danube River in Novi Sad.

Seselj Favors Serbian Radical Party's Walkout from Serbian Government

BELGRADE - Serbian Radical Party (SRS) leader Vojislav Seselj suggested at the party leadership meeting on Saturday that the party officials walked out of the Serbian Government if a Kosovo peace deal, accepted by the Serbian Parliament, was implemented.

"If aggressors' troops set their foot on Kosovo, there would be no reason for us to remain in the national unity government," Seselj told the meeting of the party's Executive Committee, which is supposed to vote on the proposal by the SRS Presidential Directorate. The proposal is the only item on the meeting's agenda.

Seselj said that his party would wait for the UN Security Council to adopt a relevant resolution.

"We believe there is still a possibility for Russia and China to understand that such a precedent could be harmful for them too," SRS leader and Serbian Deputy Prime Minister told the meeting of party leadership.

Seselj added that "all 10 points of the agreement are absolutely unacceptable" for the SRS. Serbian Radical Party holds 82 out of 250 seats in the Serbian Parliament.

New NATO Strikes on Civilian Targets in Kosovo

PRISTINA - On Saturday afternoon, from 3:45 to 3:57 p.m., NATO planes fired four missiles at solely civilian facilities in Kosovo and Metohija, the Kosovo provincial Civil Defense Information Center said.

The villages of Zoic, in the Prizren municipality, and Prelez in the Urosevac municipality, as well as its outer areas, and Mt. Goles in the Lipljan municipality were hit by one missile each. There were no reports of possible damage or casualties from the attacks up to now.

Bozidar Nikolic Makes His New Feature Film "In the Name of Holy Father and Son" in Cetinje

NATO Officials Need Not Apologize Any More

The last ten eventful years in a movie story about a typical Montenegrin family. Crew of more than 50 actors

CETINJE - Cetinje, as things are, has become the Yugoslav film capital. A numerous crew, led by director Bozidar Nikolic, has been busily shooting there a movie titled "In the Name of Holy Father and Son" expected to have a premiere screening at the forthcoming film festival in Herceg Novi.

"It will be a movie about the past eventful decade in this region, a story told through the prism of a typical Montenegrin family," director Bozidar Nikolic told Glas Javnosti by telephone.

"The film will have the similar atmosphere as my previous movies such as "The Balkan Spy" and "Three Tickets for Hollywood". It will be an up-to-date movie story that will openly speak out about us and the way we are. The most important thing for me is that my people understand what I wanted to say. If it happens, the international audiences will understand it, too."

Besides Danilo Bata Stojkovic, Petar Bozovic, Sonja Jaukovic, Varja Djukic, Branimir Popovic, and Bora Stjepanovic, about 50 actors play minor roles, including a large number of Cetinje's Film Academy students.

Finally, Boza Nikolic wanted to express his special "thanks" to NATO officials: "I would like to thank them for their humanity, demonstrated by their bombing of our country -- all for the sake of humanity. And I would ask them to stop it. I would also like to thank them for their frequent gentleman-like apologies for their errors that killed so many innocent people. They need not apologize any more."

R. Kupres

Yugoslav Basketball National Team Player Thinks About Returning to NBA

Indiana Wants Danilovic

BELGRADE - Yugoslav basketball national team player Predrag Sasha Danilovic is half way to return to the NBA League! Indiana Pacers invited current Kinder's player last winter, but negotiations were postponed because Danilovic, under the contract with Bologna's club, had to play for it for another year. It is no secret that Danilovic, unhappy with the past season in Kinder as well as relationships in the club, has been interested in returning to the US.

On the other hand, Pacers' coach Larry Bird spoke highly about our basketball champion, a fact important enough for the practical Americans to contact Danilovic through their European "boy scout" Misha Ostarcevic.

Contacts have intensified in the last two weeks and if the outcome was positive, Danilovic could join Pacers as early as next July, immediately after the European Basketball Championship was over.

B. J.

Relaxed Atmosphere in Yugoslav Football Camp Ahead of Match with Weakish Rival Next Tuesday

Leisure Time Ahead of Meeting Malta

The Irish are not our concern any more. In the game against tiny Malta, we will try to improve our goal margin, says Miroslav Djukic

(From GLAS JAVNOSTI special correspondent)

SALONIKA - Since Saturday,Yugoslav football national team has been staying at the Panorama Hotel, where our basketball players used to be accomodated. Shortly, that would be the only piece of news in the Yugoslav camp. Given Salonika's midsummer heat, it is truly inappropriate to expect any further excitements. Our football players are more preoccupied with developments going on in Yugoslavia than with the Irish, who fled the football duel, hiding behind political excuses. Anyway, Malta is not a particularly interesting topic…


Stojkovic to Join Olympiakos?

Greek newspapers have been paying most attention to Yugoslav football players. Shortly after reporting at long lengths about AEK's new coach, Ljubisa Tumbakovic, Bora Milutinovic, already seen at the helm of Iraklys, became the talk of the town. The Greeks, particularly Olympikos' fans, are delighted to see Sinisa Gogic extend his contract with the club of Athens, while an interview with Dragan Stojkovic was granted a special place in local Sport Time daily. An article headlined "Yes, they invited me" shows that Piksi has already been contacted by Olympiakos, which offered a generous sum for the captain of the blue boys.

"We are waiting for UEFA to make a decision," Yugoslav Football Federation secretary general Branko Bulatovic says. "We will respect any decision, except for the one to play the game against Ireland on June 11, something the Irish are now eager to achieve."

Yugoslav A team held their regular training session late in the afternoon (from 7:30 p.m.), still without Sinisa Mihajlovic and with Dejan Savicevic only occasionally.

"Staying in Salonika turned out to be an excellent relaxation. We all had a tiresome season, so this is an opportunity of refreshing. Obviously, in the game against Malta, we plan to improve our goal margin only, since no one doubts our victory," Miroslav Djukic says.

Vladimir Vukmirovic from Salonika


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