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  03. June 1999
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Dear users,

Due to difficulties caused by overnight NATO bombing of the Serbian electric power grid, Glas Javnosti news reports on Internet may be somewhat delayed. We shall appreciate your understanding.

NATO Zeroes In On TV Relay Facilities and Fuel Depots

NATO air force entered the 70th night of strikes, striking a wide range of targets across Serbia. Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Cuprija, Mt. Tara, Ruma, Kursumlija, Pristina, Pec and Prizren came under attack.

UZICE - On Wednesday, around noon, NATO planes fired several missiles at the areas around Ljubovija, Uzice and Kraljevo.

At 0:04 p.m., three missiles struck a TV relay facility on the hill of Nemic above Ljubovija. From 0:05 to 0:11 p.m., four or five missiles blasted the Ponikve airport near Uzice. At 0:11 p.m., three missiles rained down on the hill of Borca above Kraljevo.

SOMBOR - In overnight strikes, NATO planes zeroed in again on the Naftagas Promet fuel depots, about ten kilometers from Sombor.

Two missiles completely destroyed the depots that had been turned into rubble in previous attacks, also damaging the houses in the nearby village of Conoplja.

VRANJE - A Serbian television relay on Mt. Besna Kobila above Vranje, even though damaged in previous strikes, was hit by five missiles on Wednesday between 1:20 and 1:27 p.m.

KRALJEVO - NATO planes pounded a local Kraljevo television transmitter on the hill of Borca on Wednesday at 0:20 p.m.

JAGODINA, CUPRIJA - At 11:25 a.m., two missiles hit a television transmitter on the hill of Crni Vrh in the Jagodina area. Around 11:30 a.m., planes fired missiles on the agricultural farm Dobricevo in the municipality of Cuprija.

KURSUMLIJA - Early on Wednesday, from 2:50 to 3:15 a.m. several missiles struck the residential settlement of Markovici on the outskirts of Kursumlija.

PRISTINA - Late on Tuesday and early Wednesday, NATO force pounded the areas around Prizren, Lipljan, Pec and Pristina. Warplanes, which have continuously been flying over Pristina since 7:00 a.m., fired two missiles at the Grmija picnic grounds, several kilometers from central Pristina, shortly after 9:00 a.m. At about 10:00 a.m., three missiles struck the area in the vicinity of Pristina. At 10:20 a.m., a missile hit the hill of Bogutovacki Breg. A total of eight missiles rained down on the area around Pec, destroying completely the Karagac sports center.

PRIZREN - Late on Tuesday, at 11:22 p.m., NATO warplanes fired 28 flash bombs above the areas of Prizren, Has, Orahovac, Suva Reka and Dragas.

BAJINA BASTA - Late on Tuesday, at 10:35 p.m., a missile fell on Mt. Tara, in Kaludjerske Bare near the Beli Bor Hotel.

BELGRADE - According to the Serbian Civil Defense Center, in a NATO strike on Pancevo early on Wednesday, a woman Djeva Limanovic from the Gypsy settlement called Mali London was injured.

On Tuesday, around 9:35, two missiles struck the area around Velika Mostanica. At about the same time, three missiles were fired at the forest in Ostruznica and four at Lipovicka forest. A total of seven missiles rained down on the area around Obrenovac.

PIROT - On Wednesday, from 1:25 to 1:35 p.m., NATO planes, in two separate attacks, struck with seven missiles a TV transmitter and a relay facility on the hill of Kozarica above Dimitrovgrad.

NOVI SAD - Three missiles hit and destroyed a Serbian television transmitter on Iriski Venac, near Novi Sad. During the attack, two of the missiles blasted the Elektrovojvodina motel.

KRAGUJEVAC - On Wednesday, at 11:25 a.m., warplanes hit by two missiles a TV relay on Crni Vrh, the Kragujevac Corps of the Yugoslav Army said in a statement. Five minutes later, seven missiles were fired at the village of Vinoraca.

World Court Turns Down Yugoslavia's Bid To Stop NATO Bombing

THE HAGUE - The International Court of Justice on Wednesday dismissed a Yugoslav request for an emergency order, known as "provisional measures", to halt NATO air strikes on its territory and cast doubt on Belgrade's argument that the bombing was tantamount to genocide.

"The loss of human life, the physical destruction of our people and the mental harm inflicted prove that our requests for provisional measures were justified," Rodoljub Etinski, chief legal adviser to Yugoslavia's foreign ministry, told reporters.

The World Court turned down Yugoslavia's bid to stop the bombing by eight NATO states, including Britain, France and Germany, because it felt it lacked prima facie jurisdiction over the case -- a prerequisite for emergency measures.

It completely threw out Yugoslavia's complaint against two other NATO members, the United States and Spain, because they had opted out of a key clause in the Genocide Convention on which Belgrade lawyers were basing their case.

Legal experts said the 15 permanent and five ad hoc judges at the World Court were treading a cautious path by rejecting Yugoslavia's application and reminding all sides of their responsibility to resolve disputes by peaceful means.

"The parties should take great care not to aggravate or extend the dispute," said Presiding Judge Christopher Weeramantry, who expressed "deep concern" at the loss of life and human suffering in all parts of Yugoslavia.

He also said the court was troubled about the legal basis for NATO's action. "The court is profoundly concerned about the use of force in Yugoslavia. Under the present circumstances such use raises very serious issues of international law," he said.

Papandreou To Visit Belgrade Soon

ATHENS - Greek Foreign Minister Georgios Papandreou may visit Belgrade in the next few days, Greek MPA news agency reported on Wednesday.

According to MPA, Papandreou is expected to travel to Belgrade in the next few days, "depending on the progress of talks about the negotiated settlement of the Kosovo crisis".

On Tuesday, Papandreou spoke by telephone with US Secretary of State Madleine Albright and Serbian President Milan Milutinovic.

Symitis Anticipates End Of War By June 13

ATHENS - Greek Prime Minister Costas Symitis said the end to the war in Yugoslavia might be expected by June 13, the date European parliamentary elections were scheduled.

In an interview with the Greek state television NET, Symitis, who left on Wednesday for Cologne to attend the EU summit due next Thursday, was critical of the EU attitude.

Symitis said that the EU could have been "the other pole", but due to its weaknesses, the US took advantage of the vacuum and took over the primacy in the world.

Symitis disclosed that US President Bill Clinton, during the celebration of NATO's 50th anniversary in Washington in late April, had suggested a possible redrawing of the borders in the Balkans, something that, according to him, demonstrated the US position on the region.

Greek Prime Minister stressed that a large majority of heads of state or government who attended the celebration had rejected the idea of redrawing the borders, the reason it had not been adopted by NATO.

After Splitting With Barcelona, Sasha Djordjevic Announces

I Am Going To Real Madrid!

Yugoslav national basketball team captain Sasha Djordjevic is about to join the Spanish "royal" club. After an unexpected outcome of his negotiations with Barcelona, Spain's most famous sports club, Real, offered to Djordjevic excellent conditions, in an attempt to talk him into moving from the Catalonian capital to Madrid.

"Real's offer is the most attractive. If Sergio Sccariollo, my friend and former coach of Fortitudo, cuts a deal with the Madrid club on Thursday, it is highly likely that I will sign a contract with Real. I would like to stay in Spain, because I got used to this country and I find the mentality of local people very agreeable," says the number one Europe basketball player for whom Kinder, Teamsystem, Olympiakos all vie...

When can we expect you to join the training sessions of our national team?

"I have some minor family problems. I have been trying to obtain a Spanish visa for my mother, who wants to come to Barcelona to see her newly born granddaughter. I will join the national team training session by the end of this week, next Saturday or Sunday," concluded Djordjevic.

Yugoslav Football Players Still Waiting in Salonika For Irish Visas

Crisis Over Visas

UEFA wants the match to go ahead, but it is possible that it will be put off as a compromise

(From our special correspondent)

SALONIKA - Increasing political pressures began to show on the Yugoslav national football team. The atmosphere of great, tormenting uncertainty over whether the match against the Republic of Ireland will be played or not hangs in the air, spoiling the harmony that prevailed among our players in Salonika.


UEFA Warns Ireland
Irish Minister for Sport James McDaid urged UEFA on Wednesday to cancel the match with Yugoslavia due in Dublin on June 5. However, UEFA made it clear that there were no reasons for such a decision. Recalling that games are also being played in Skopje or Tirana, UEFA's top officials informed the Irish in written that they could be disqualified or the match could be awarded to Yugoslavia if they denied visas to Yugoslav football players or failed to turn up for the game.

"Blue Boys" agency official Jovan Burmaz has been in Athens for two days, waiting for the Irish visas to be issued. Time for maneuver is running out, since the departure of our national team for Ireland was originally scheduled for Wednesday.

According to unofficial reports, UEFA wants the match to go ahead, while the Irish refuse to issue visas, so a compromise, involving the postponement of the game, is in sight. However, if the game was put off, it would not affect the match against Malta that will certainly take place in Salonika on June 8.

Vladimir Vukmirovic from Salonika

Yugoslavia Wins Over China In First Round of World Handball Championship (43:25)

China As Easy Hurdle


Yugoslavia - China 43:25 (23:12)

Venue: Port Said, Mubarak Sports Hall. Audience: 1,700. Referees: Volcan and Heit (the Czech Republic). Penalties: Yugoslavia 3(3), China 4(4). Red cards: Yugoslavia 16th minute, China 12th minute.

Yugoslav national handball team won a landslide victory over the Chinese selection with 43:25 (23:12) result in Port Said. As was expected, the first game in Group D of the World Handball Championship held in Egypt offered the Yugoslav handball players an opportunity of an extra exercise in coordinating the team play. During the match in which the Chinese turned out to be a solid sparring partner only, selector Zoran Zivkovic took advantage of testing the competitive capabilities of the entire team, introducing all players into the game. The most successful and efficient were Maksic and Matic, who scored eight and seven points, respectively.

"We were aware of the fact that China's best team would not be a headache for us, so we used the match for the purpose of coordinating the team play, offering a chance to all players," says selector Zivkovic. "We can expect the same outcome in the match against Australia. The real test is yet come, when we meet France's and Sweden's national handball teams. It is these games that would decide the top rankings."

The blue boys are due to play their next match against Australia on Thursday, at 4:30 p.m.

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