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  02. June 1999
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Dear users,

Due to difficulties caused by overnight NATO bombing of the Serbian electric power grid, Glas Javnosti news reports on Internet may be somewhat delayed. We shall appreciate your understanding.

Detonation in Belgrade

BELGRADE - One powerful detonation was heard in Belgrade, on Tuesday, at 9.30 p.m.

Inhabitants of Banovo Brdo reported that the detonation was very load in that part of Belgrade.

Air raid sirens were heard in Belgrade at 8.05 p.m.

General Ljubisa Velickovic Killed

BELGRADE - Lieutenant-General Ljubisa Velickovic, a pilot, deputy Chief of Staff in charge of Air Defense, has been killed "on the first line of defense", Information Service of the Yugoslav Army Headquarters (VJ) stated.

It is stated that General Velickovic has been killed while he was on duty to visit units on the first line of the defense of the fatherland.

It did not elaborate on the place, circumstances or time of Velickovic's death.

General Ljubisa Velickovic will be buried on Jun the 3rd, in his native village of Crljinac, near Pozarevac.

The Village of Markovici Attacked

BELGRADE - On Tuesday, around 6.30 NATO aviation bombed the village of Markovici, near Kursumlija, in two separate attacks.

There are no reports about consequences of the attack on that village which was attacked for several times until now.

Thaqi Calls NATO Not To Make Compromise With Belgrade

BRUSSELES - KLA leader Hashim Thaqi called on Tuesday international peace envoys not to make any compromise with Belgrade's authorities.

He express his hope that International Community will not accept anything but NATO's demands - withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo, deployment of peace-keeping forces within NATO mandate and returning of all refugees to Kosovo.

Thaqi said that he suggested NATO to make neutral zone in administrative border between Kosovo and Serbia.

He concluded that disarmament of KLA will not be problem if the conflict stops by NATO's conditions and insisted on "free expression of political will" for Kosovo`s inhabitants, after three years of transitional period.

NATO Admits: Bomb Misses Its Target In Novi Pazar

BRUSSELS - NATO admitted on Tuesday that one bomb went astray and missed its target during the attack on Novi Pazar. One bomb "went astray and hit the residential area", NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said.

Twenty Three Persons Killed in Novi Pazar

BELGRADE - Twenty three persons were killed when NATO aviation struck the residential area of Novi Pazar, Goran Matic, Yugoslav minister without portfolio, told a press conference in Belgrade on Tuesday.

Matic said that more than 60 persons were killed and more than a hundred heavily or lightly injured during the bombing over the last weekend.

Overnight Strikes On Serbian Electric Power Grid

Lights Out In Belgrade Again

NATO raids overnight and early on Tuesday blacked out much of Belgrade and hit other targets across Serbia. Pancevo, Mladenovac, Kikinda, Vranje and Kosovo and Metohija came under attack.

BELGRADE - Late on Monday, at 9:25 p.m., electric power transformer stations in Bezanijska Kosa and Lestani, targets of NATO strikes last Thursday, were hit by three missiles each, plunging into darkness the Yugoslav capital and much of Vojvodina.

SMEDEREVO - Shortly after midnight, NATO planes struck with seven missiles a Jugopetrol fuel depot in Smederevo in their eighth raid on the storage since the aggression against Yugoslavia began on March 24. One person suffered minor injuries from the attack.

KIKINDA - Early on Tuesday, only 15 minutes after midnight, four missiles were fired at the area around the town of Kikinda, near the Romanian border. Belgrade media reported that two missiles had fallen near a military barracks and another two landed southeast of the town. The Kikinda-Timisoara railway line near the village of Veliko Selo in the Banat region also came under NATO attack.

VRANJE - Serbian state television transmission tower on Mt. Plackovica near Vranje was hit by four missiles on Monday, between 7:46 and 7:50 p.m.

PRISTINA - More than 50 missiles rained down on targets across Kosovo and Metohija in raids overnight and early on Tuesday. According to Kosovo provincial Civil Defense Center, the municipality of Prizren came under the most ferocious attack, with 34 missiles launched at it and 20 of them landing in the area around the Gorozup watchtower.

Five powerful blasts rocked Pristina late on Monday, shortly before midnight. Belgrade media reported that two missiles struck the outskirts of the Kosovo provincial capital in the direction of Kosovo Polje, while three exploded near the monument in Gazimestan and in the area between the Orthodox cemetery and a Jugopetrol fuel depot.

The Pristina-based Media Center said that NATO blasted, in several separate attacks, the area around the villages of Gorozup and Pirane near the Yugoslav-Albanian border, west of Prizren, as well as the village of Rades, near Dragas. In the space of seven hours, between 5:00 p.m. and midnight, a total of 30 missiles rained down on the area. Early on Tuesday, at about 3:00 a.m., two missiles struck the area of Decani.

PRIZREN - NATO aircraft began the bombardment of the villages around Prizren, in the Yugoslav-Albanian border area of Has, on Tuesday morning, around 8:00 a.m.

NOVI SAD - Serbia's second city, Novi Sad in the north, was shaken by seven powerful detonations early on Tuesday, around 2:00 a.m., but it was not clear what had been hit. The blasts were heard from the direction of suburban settlements of Cenej and Pejicevi Salasi.

PANCEVO - Eight powerful detonations rocked downtown Pancevo early on Tuesday, shortly after midnight, causing small-scale material damage to houses in Stevana Supljikca Street and the residential settlement of Kudeljevski Nasip. At about the same time, NATO planes pounded the area around the village of Omoljica, south of Pancevo.

Two-Year-Old Boy Killed In Strike On Novi Pazar

NOVI PAZAR - NATO strike on Novi Pazar killed a two-year-old boy Marko Simic and at least another nine residents of the town. Apart from the boy, bodies of the following residents have been identified so far: Vladan Simic, the boy's father, Zvezdan Jojic, Dragan Simovic, Miodrag Nikic, Djordje Pantovic, Golub Ratkovic and Dragomirka Bijorac. NATO planes fired 20 missiles at Novi Pazar on Monday, hitting directly a residential building in the town.

On Tuesday, the names of 23 victims of NATO's attack on Novi Pazar were made public. They are as follows:

Elvir Habibovic, Dzafer Dzankovic, Meira Dupljak, Ismet Turkovic, Danijela Kulundzic, Sasha Kulundzic, Filip Pajovic, Mico Jankovic, Tiovilka Lukovic, Mirko Drmanic, Novko Pajovic, Blazo Zivkovic, Stanka Nesovic, Hava Kadrovic, Kover Durevic, Azra Karahmetovic, Desanka Jeumovic, Ivanka Balsic, Ljubomir Sretenovic, Katarina Jovanovic and Radomir Milanovic. Almir Htemovic and Bojana Aleksic, the two people who had been seriously wounded, were taken to hospitals in Belgrade.

Yugoslav Foreign Minister Writes Letter To His German Counterpart

FRY Accepts G8 Principles

BELGRADE, June 1 (Beta) - Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic sent a letter to his German counterpart Joschka Fischer, saying that the FRY accepts the G8 principles for solving the Kosovo crisis, Belgrade media reported on Monday.

"Yugoslavia has accepted G8 principles including a United Nations presence, mandate and other elements to be decided by a UN Security Council resolution," Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic wrote to German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer.

"In order to achieve a successful solution, it is necessary immediately to end the NATO aerial bombardment and to concentrate on a political agenda."

Jovanovic also noted that governments of the FRY and Serbia were "firmly committed to a lasting peaceful settlement in Kosovo and Metohija, based on principles of equality of all citizens and national communities, within a wide autonomy and with full respect for the territorial integrity of Yugoslavia".

"In spite of the peace efforts by Yugoslavia and other countries and factors, NATO resorts to a systematic killing of civilians and civilian destruction resulting in the present escalation of the conflict," Jovanovic wrote.

Jovanovic also wrote that "the FRY as a European country expects the EU Council ministerial meeting to denounce the senseless aggression and demand that it be immediately stopped in order to achieve a political settlement for Kosovo and Metohija".

Solution To Kosovo Conflict In Sight

PRISTINA - Yugoslav General Nebojsa Pavkovic, commander of the Third Army, said in Pristina on Tuesday a political solution to the Kosovo conflict was "in sight" and that "diplomatic and political efforts gathered pace".

"A few days ago, I met with President (Slobodan Milosevic), the Supreme Commander. Great efforts are being made on the diplomatic and political fronts now. We think the practical solution of that problem is in sight," Gen. Pavkovic said.

"We accepted all the principles of a peace deal as set out by the G8, of course modified in only two key points: regarding the withdrawal of army and police from Kosovo and presence of international peacekeeping forces. That's where the crucial diplomatic battle is being fought."

Gen. Pavkovic said that Yugoslavia wanted to keep the amount of forces it had in the province before the aggression started and added that no troops from countries participating in the aggression could enter Kosovo.

"Notwithstanding an unprecedented aggression from air, we succeeded to rout the remaining terrorist ethnic Albanian gangs and practically create conditions to carry out all the preparations for the defense against the ground aggression," Gen. Pavkovic said.

According to him, NATO failed to support the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and "mobilize and incite the ethnic Albanian population to a mass armed rebellion".

Yugoslav Air Defense Brings Down NATO Plane A-10 and Unmanned Aircraft

BELGRADE - Yugoslav air defense brought down a NATO plane as well as an unmanned aircraft over Kosovo and Metohija on Tuesday, Radio Belgrade reported.

The Yugoslav anti-aircraft artillery hit the plane A-10, which crashed on the airport of Petrovac in the Macedonian capital Skopje.

Due to the damage caused by the plane crash, the Petrovac airport was temporarily closed for air traffic, Radio Belgrade said.

Predrag Mijatovic Eagerly Awaits Match In Dublin and Warns Irish Football Team From Preparations In Salonika

We Will Play Out Of Spiteful Disdain!

Threats to cancel the match gather pace. It is likely that the blue boys will be denied Irish visas

(From our special correspondent)

SALONIKA - Amid true mid-summer heat and a caressing breeze in Salonika even though it is early June only, Yugoslav national football team has been finally preparing in full line-up for the two forthcoming matches against the Republic of Ireland and Malta. However, threats to cancel the game are getting louder and louder as it is possible that the blue boys will be denied Irish visas. Our players, however, put up with all this with rare stoicism…


From Irish Embassy in Athens

Hot Visas

Greek media have not paid much attention to preparations of our national football team. The coverage comes down to minor news items at the bottom of a sports page, but rumors abound about a possible cancellation of the match and strong pressures from the EU and the Irish government to ban the sporting fixtures involving Yugoslav athletes.
Jovan Burmaz of the Yugoslav Football Federation (FSJ) agency "Blue Boys" left for Athens on Tuesday to try to obtain Irish visas. The entire day went by in expectation of good news to come. Up to now Yugoslav players refuse to talk about the embarrassing situation in which we all found ourselves.

Vladimir Vukmirovic from Salonika

"We are well aware of the situation," says the blue boys' star, Predrag Mijatovic. "Then there is that strong pressure from Dublin. They want to transfer the whole thing to a political track, but we have previously had similar experiences so we will not let be affected by it. The only thing we are thinking about now is the six points we must score in the next two matches. We will play on the Island out of spiteful disdain!"

Pedja is particularly concerned about the game against Ireland.

"The first 15 minutes will be crucial. It will be a "to be or not to be" period for the Irish, who will enjoy the frenetic support from the stands as it was during the match against Croatia. However, we have had some experience in it and we will know how to fight back."

Selector Zivadinovic, unfortunately, could not work with a complete team because our sports physician had to spare Dejan Stankovic and Sinisa Mihajlovic from training due to fatigue and pain in muscles.

Yugoslav Basketball National Team Coach Probably To Lead Greek Champion

Zeljko Obradovic Ante Portas

SALONIKA - The Yugoslavs prevail even in the Greek basketball scene. Breaking news is that the coach of our national team, Zeljko Obradovic, will almost certainly take over the wheel of the Greek champion Panatinaikos (PAO). It took a while for PAO's owner Yanakopoulos to decide on who will succeed Slobodan Subotic, with Yanis Yoannidis figuring as a major pretender, even though the names of Bogdan Tanjevic, Bozidar Maljkovic and Svetislav Pesic have also been repeatedly mentioned. However, the final choice fell on current Benetton's and blue boys' coach Obradovic. Apart from him, Panatinaikos will be reinforced with some new players. In the next few days, the signing of contracts with Russia's Mikhailov, Italy's Fuchka and Croatia's Stojko Vrankovic is expected.

On the other hand, Subotic packed the things immediately after his team had won the champion title. He will probably join Spain's Tauceramica.

Djordjevic To Take Part In European Championship

Alexander Djordjevic is still in Barcelona. True, he is having some problems with his sinew, but that is an old story. What is new is the word about a more serious injury, rumors that, fortunately, turned out to be false. It means that the blue boys' captain will certainly take part in the European Championship, but he will join the national team in five or six days only, as he decides which club he will play for in the next season.

An outstanding creator of the game, Djordjevic held a news conference in Barcelona, saying in his opening speech in part:

"I did not expect that Barcelona would decide not to count on me in the next season. If I may say, the Catalans made a mistake. However, all I have to say I said in the field. I don't think it is necessary to recall that Barcelona won both the Spanish Championship and the Radivoje Korac Cup. As a professional, I will accept any decision of the club. Such is the fate of us players. However, I will forever stay Barca's fan.


How Was Djordjevic "Expelled" From European Championship

Greeks Determine Who Plays For Our Team!

Greek media have expelled Sasha Djordjevic from the European Championship due in France! Due to the sinew injury, the blue boys' captain will arrive in Salonika as late as next Saturday, but according to Greek newspapers, he will not join the training process and is highly unlikely to take part in the Championship.

"I would like to express my thanks to my ex-playmates, to Salvador Alemana, the former president of the club who brought me to Barca, as well as to referees who encouraged me in the field when I went through hard times due to the war in my country.

"Ahead of a semifinal against Estudiantes, I flew in to Barcelona, stayed there to see the birth of my baby girl called Tara and then went back to Madrid," said Djordjevic.

Sometimes it is hard to make a choice and Sale had to make up his mind fast. He is in high demand, with Olympiakos, Panatinaikos, TeamSystem and Kinder all showing interest in him. And then there is also Barca's archrival, Real Madrid. The royal club wants to strengthen its standings and has already struck an agreement in principle with Tauceramica's coach Sergio Sccariolla, who headed TeamSystem before. Italy's Sccariolla has not signed yet because he wants the club's top officials to endorse his program and list of reinforcements. Djordjevic tops the list and preliminary negotiations have already been held. And since it is known that Sasha would not like to leave Spain...

J. Sekulic

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