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  21. May 1999
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Rakovica Attacked Again

BELGRADE - NATO aviation pounded on Friday the area of Belgrade's settlement Rakovica. Four missiles hit Strazevica hill, near Rakovica.

Series of Detonations in Sombor

SOMBOR - On Friday, around midnight, series of very powerful detonations were heard in Sombor. NATO aviation pounded "Naftagas" oil storage depot, in the eastern industrial zone of that town, where a dense pillar of smoke was seen.

One house in Vuka Karadzica Street, only one kilometer far from downtown Sombor, was hit in that attack. According to the first reports, there were injured persons in the attack.

In NATO's Attack on the "Yugopetrol" Oil Depot

Residence of Swiss Ambassador Damaged

BELGRADE - Residence of Swiss Ambassador, located in vicinity of the "Yugopetrol" oil depot, was damaged in NATO's attack on that storage, on Thursday.

During the dinner, prepared on the occasion of Swiss national holiday, Independence Day, which was attended by members of diplomatic core and the representatives of public life, all windows that were facing the storage broke into pieces. There were no injured persons in that accident.

Swiss Ambassador Matts Stefanson, whose residence was damaged night before, in NATO's attack on Dedinje, was present at dinner, too. In the attack on Dedinje, the residence of Pakistani Ambassador was demolished, while buildings of Israeli and Hungarian embassies were partially damaged.

Mandela Mediates in Releaseof Two Humanitarians Captured in FRY

Wallace and Pratt will be Released Soon

JOHANNESBURG - South African President Nelson Mandela said on Thursday he had spoken to the presidents of Russia and Yugoslavia about the plight of Australian aid workers held in Yugoslavia.

Workers of Australian humanitarian organization "CARE" Steve Pratt and Peter Wallace were arrested on March 31st, on Yugoslavia's border with Croatia, on charges of spying.

"Speaking to both presidents, the hope was raised that this matter would be resolved in a day or two," Mandela said.

Mandela said that former Australian Prime Minister and the president of "KER" Malcolm Fraser had asked him to help win the release of two aid workers held in Yugoslavia.

"Yugopetrol" Oil Storage Depot Bombed Again

BELGRADE - On Thursday, NATO aviation bombed "Yugopetrol" oil storage depot in Radnicka Street on Cukarica again, witnesses said. Two strong detonations were heard in that part of Belgrade around 10.00 p.m.

Irena dinić with her baby

Babies Born under the Bombs

BELGRADE - Four babies, who were born in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, in attacked maternity hospital of Medical Center "Dr Dragisa Misovic" were moved to the gynaecological section of "Narodni front" hospital, and are in good condition, Nikola Antic, director of that clinic said a journalists on Thursday.

According to his words, 42 women, (including 26 women in childbed and their babies), were evacuated. Beside Irena Dinic (33) whose face was cut by glass, another women were not injured in that attack.

Aleksandra Roncic (27) gave birth to her baby ten minutes before the missiles hit the hospital, while Ivana Kostic (33) and Aleksandra Tomic (25) gave birth two hours earlier.

Great Britain Withdraws Carrier from the Adriatic Sea

LONDON - British carrier "Invisible", which was included in air strikes on Yugoslavia, will be pulled back from waters of the Adriatic Sea, British Defense Minister George Robertson said on Thursday.

"I decided the carrier to be returned to the United Kingdom. The carrier will not be directly exchanged with others, because the number of warplanes at disposal is constantly being increased", Robertson explained a press conference.

More Than 923 Thousands Civilians Left Kosovo Since March 1998

GENEVE - The UN High Commission for refugees (UNHCR) stated on Thursday that more than 923 thousands civilians have left Kosovo, since the beginning of the clashes, in March 1998.

From the beginning of the aggression on FRY, on March 24th till today, 753 thousands civilians have left Kosovo, while the number of people who had left that area before the air strikes have begun was 170 thousands, UNHCR officials said.

According to this organization, 744.900 persons have moved to the neighboring countries: Albania, Bosnia, FYROM and Montenegro, since March 1998.

Overnight Strikes Against Belgrade, Sombor, Subotica, Baric

NATO Hits Hospital, Bridges, TV Relay Towers


Bomb Dropped on Belgrade Misses Target

BRUSSELS - NATO confirmed on Thursday that one of seven bombs aimed at an army barracks in Belgrade missed its target but refused to say that the building it hit was a hospital and that three persons were killed

BELGRADE - Between late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, NATO warplanes struck Belgrade, where a missile blasted a Neurology department of the "Dragisa Misovic" hospital, as well as the area of Baric, Mt. Cer and Mt. Fruska Gora, the town of Sombor, and the Kosovo capital Pristina as usual.

An overnight strike on the Belgrade hospital Dragica Misovic early on Thursday, at about 0:45 a.m., killed three patients who had been hospitalized at the Neurology department and also injured some hospital staff.

Early on Thursday, at about 0:15 a.m., NATO warplanes hit military facilities in the Rakovica suburbs, as well as the Batajnica military airport, which was targeted again at about 3:00 a.m.

Two missiles hit the old building of the Iskra plant in Baric. There was no fire or casualties from the attack. About ten minutes after midnight, NATO also blasted the hangar on the old road to Obrenovac.

NATO warplanes fired 18 missiles at a TV relay facility on Mt. Cer. Six powerful blasts, followed by blinding flashes, could be also seen on the slopes of Mt. Fruska Gora.

Early on Thursday, at about 1:30 a.m., NATO aircraft struck a Naftagas fuel storage in the industrial zone of Sombor. Four powerful detonations from the direction of the industrial zone were heard in the town. After the attack, flames and a dense cloud of smoke could be seen over the hit fuel storage.

At about the same time, NATO warplanes blasted a weather station in Palic near Subotica. The areas around Vrbas and Srbobran were bombed from different directions and in several separate attacks. Novi Sad radio relay, near Srbobran, was hit by five missiles. Radio Vrbas short-wave radio relay was also destroyed in the attack, while due to powerful explosions, about 20 houses in the Klas workers' settlement and facilities on a farm belonging to the Sava Kovacevic agricultural complex suffered severe damage.

Early on Thursday, at about 1:00 a.m., NATO planes hit by three missiles the bridge over the Stari Begej river on the Zrenjanin-Timisoara international motorway near Banatski Dvor.

Telecommunication network was destroyed in the attack, severing telephone links with Romania.

In overnight raids, NATO also struck the central area of Zabalj, but it is still unclear what was the intended target.

NATO Bombs Dr Dragisa Misovic Hospital Neurology Department

Three Patients Killed, About 10 Injured

BELGRADE - In NATO air raid on the Yugoslav capital early on Thursday, a few minutes before 1:00 a.m., two laser-guided bombs hit the Neurology department of Clinic Hospital Dr Dragisa Misovic in the exclusive Dedinje residential area.

Three patients were killed, while another 10 suffered minor or serious injuries. Yugoslav Army and Serbian police rescue teams have succeeded to pull out two victims by early Thursday morning, but a 82-year old woman called Zora remained under the rubble.


Names of Killed Patients Announced

BELGRADE - Zora Brkic, 82, Branka Boskovic, 75, and Radoslav Novakovic, 47, were killed in NATO's overnight strike on the Clinic Hospital (KBC) Dr Dragisa Misovic in Belgrade, Neurology department head Dr Dejan Sumrak said.

Dr Sumrak told a news conference that patients Zora Brkic and Branka Boskovic had been treated in the hospital after suffering strokes, while Novakovic was admitted for medical examinations and tests

Due to powerful detonations, pediatric clinic and gynecology ward buildings, the hospital's administrative and accounting offices and nearby Partizanski Put construction company shacks suffered severe damage. All survivors have been evacuated from the destroyed facilities by early Thursday morning and taken to other Belgrade hospitals.

"As an ordinary man, I cannot understand an attack on a hospital. Only ten minutes before the strike, we performed a cesarean section on a woman in labor. It was really horrible last night. We did not imagine that bombs would land in our courtyard. This raid cannot be justified," says Dr Miodrag Lazic, an urologist at the neurology department of Dr Dragisa Misovic hospital.

The bomb that landed only two meters away from the clinic building, which had been recently reconstructed, left a 7-meter wide and 2-meter deep crater. A ground floor room, which accommodated immobile patients, was completely demolished in the explosion. Beds, mattresses and clothes are scattered all around. Two shacks belonging to the Partizanski Put construction company were also flattened, while a half of the administration building was demolished.

The blast smashed the windows and took out doors of the pediatric clinic. An iron fence was twisted and taken out, and the hospital courtyard is covered with leaves, rubbles, planks and branches of trees that were split into halves in the nearby Jovana Marinovica Street.

Peacekeeping Force Possible Only After Halt to NATO Strikes

LONDON - Officials from the Group of Eight countries are drafting a so-called "Kosovo road map" to be implemented on settlement of the conflict, British news agency Reuters reported.

British officials claim majority authorship of the map, which remains a work in progress and is yet to be endorsed by Russia, a member of the Group of Eight along with the Group of Seven countries -- the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Japan.

Substantial modifications are expected, not least over the makeup of any peacekeeping force for the region.

Following are the key points, according to British sources:

- Implementation of the road map would only begin once Belgrade accepted in its entirety a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the violence and ending the conflict.

-A halt to NATO air strikes once "Belgrade stopped all violence in Kosovo and demonstrably started withdrawing" its troops.

- A seven-day pause in the air campaign to allow a full pullout.

- Possible return of a "small" number of Serb forces to protect Serb monuments and a "very limited presence at major border crossings".

- Simultaneous suspension of offensive actions by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

-Deployment of an international security force as soon as possible after suspension of the air campaign, with military and civilian duties. It would aim to deter renewed hostilities, maintain a ceasefire, establish a safe environment for the return of refugees and start removing mines. On the civilian side, the force would start organising provisional institutions and eventually oversee the transfer of responsibility to local administrations.

-A prompt and complete investigation of atrocities, including full cooperation with a war crimes tribunal.

-Establishment of a new policing structure, training local people to look after public order issues.

Belgrade Residents Mark Ascension Day, Yugoslav Capital's Feast

Religious Procession For Peace and Health

BELGRADE - Tens of thousands of Belgrade residents marked the Yugoslav capital Belgrade's religious feast, Ascension Day, with holy liturgy held at the Ascension Church followed by a religious procession in central Belgrade streets.

A traditional religious ritual was performed by the Serbian Orthodox Church head, Patriarch Pavle, after which the procession passed through central city streets only to return the Ascension Church, where a memorial service for all people killed in Kosovo from 1389 up to now was held.

As the procession was passing silently and with dignity through downtown Belgrade, many passers-by hailed the religious leaders and joined them

International Photo Exhibition on Internet

Prize For the Site of the Day

International photo exhibition on Internet, as part of the Serbian Applied Art Association (ULUPUDS) antiwar action realized by Aleksandar Antic, has been declared the Site of the Day on Internet.

Users have been informed about this by Mike Wendland of NBC Newschannel. The competition will remain open until a month after the aggression against Yugoslavia ends and all interested photographers can contribute their works to stopwar net.yu.

The site also displays photographs taken by Glas Javnosti photojournalists. All interested can visit the site on the address htpp://

Ashen Atalyanc Again In Belgrade

Dalilah Comes From Berlin

Ashen Atalyanc, former prima ballerina of the Belgrade Ballet, now the Berlin Stadts Opera, will dance in Belgrade again.

Ashen is expected to dance two performances (on May 27 and 28) of "Samson and Delilah" by Camille Saint-Saens, directed and coreographed by Lidija Pilipenko. Denis Kasatkin, Nenad Jeremic, Milica Bezmarevic, Maja Kovacevic and Svetozar Adamovic will appear in solo roles, as Ashen's partners. The Orchestra is conducted by maestro Angel Surev.

European Karate Championship Opens on Friday

"Blue" Karatists Defend Eight Medals

European Karate Championship opens on the island of Evia, in the town having the same name, 60 kilometers from the Greek capital Athens, on Friday. Amid national men and women karate teams from across the Old World, the Yugoslav karatists will take part too.

Needless to say, Yugoslav karatists won as many as eight gold medals at the previous European championship in Belgrade. This time, present karate champions Teodor Rajic, Sladjana Mitic and Roksanda Lazarevic will face a major challenge to defend their gold medals. However, vice-champions Predrag Stojadinov and Drasko Stojanovic will not have much easier tasks. The European Karate Championship is scheduled from May 21 through 23.

Obradovic to Return to Crvena Zvezda?

Yugoslav basketball national team and Rome's Pompeii playmaker Sasha Obradovic has been in Berlin for the last few days for family reasons. After the defeat in the Italian play-off quarterfinal, Obradovic has become a "freelancer".

"I brought the season in Pompeii to the end and now I am free. I may not sound shy, but I've got a large number of offers, including some of the best European clubs, namely from Greece, Italy, Turkey... I will have to chose one of the options in the near future," said Obradovic by telephone from Berlin, where he spent three starry seasons playing for Alba.

We learn from Sasha that Stefanel, Aris, Ulker, Real, Olympiakos - all of them compete for his "affection"... However, Yugoslav national team member gives priority to Crvena Zvezda, his biggest basketball love ever.

"It is highly likely that I will soon wear the red-and-white sports dress. Unfortunately, the war spoilt the plans. If the situation improves within next ten days, I will complete my contract with Crvena Zvezda. Otherwise, I will have to take a different road," concluded Obradovic, who leaves for Salonika next Saturday for Yugoslav national basketball team preparations there.

Yugoslav Basketball Team Adapts Successfully To New Environment

Yugoslav basketball national team members have adapted quickly to the new environment. Working conditions in Salonika are excellent, all players agree. The number of players our coach Zeljko Obradovic works with increases on a daily basis. On Thursday, Nikola Loncar and Zeljko Rebraca joined their playmates in the training process.

Predrag Drobnjak called by phone from Istanbul, confirming his arrival in Salonika on Sunday, while Dejan Bodioroga, Dragan Tarlac and Duda Ivkovic are expected to come by early next week.

The rate at which the "blue boys" camp augments depends on their responsibilities in clubs they play for, meaning that they will keep arriving in Salonika for some time to come.


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