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  20. May 1999
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Foto: Z. Ras

Babies and pregnant women on NATO target

BEOGRAD - At least three patients of Dedinje's hospital "Dragisa Misovic" were killed by three NATO missiles that were launched on Thursday around 01,00. It is feared that the number of killed patients is much larger.

Rescue teams are still searching the hospital wreckages, where four women were giving birth at the very moment of explosion. Their faces and bodies were bruised and cut by the broken glass that scattered around the operating theatres. According to the hospital's officials, "the evacuation of mothers and newborns is still underway".

Dr Moma Jakovljevic, of the neurological department, said the operating theatres of the maternity ward of the Dragisa Misovic Hospital, severely damaged and that mothers and babies were being evacuated. Dr. Jakovljevic confirmed that two or three bodies of killed patients were found so far.

"We are now moving the babies and the mothers-to-be. This is terrible, terrible, terrible," he kept repeating, adding that other patients had been cut by flying glass and that almost all the hospital's windows had been blown out.

Yugoslavia's official Tanjug news agency said NATO warplanes had fired three missiles at buildings of the hospital and a nearby petrol station.

Makis, Batajnica and Baric on NATO target

BEOGRAD - Early on Thursday, between 00.10 and 00.20, NATO warplanes have targeted regions of Baric and Makis. The old industrial facilities of "Prva Iskra" in Baric were hit by two missiles, while the building of Sport club "Milicionar" and autocompany "Sumadija" in Makis were hit by three missiles.

According to the first reports, there were injured civilians in this attacks.

Strong detonations were heard over night in Batajnica, Zemun Polje and Rakovica, but there were no reports on possible casualities.

Six detonations were heard on Thursday on Mt. Cer, as well as from Mt. Fruska Gora.

Raska Attacked on Wednesday Afternoon

RASKA - On Wednesday, from 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. NATO aviation pounded Raska, three times running. Several buildings were damaged and transmitter of the Serbian Radio Television was demolished in those attacks.

Downtown Raska and suburbs Supan and Nikoljaca were hit by totally 21 missiles, but there were no victims or injured persons.

Around 3.00 p.m. NATO aggressor attacked the area of Sjenica municipality, near the villages of Dubinje and Jadovik. There were no victims in that attack.

The Members of G - 8 Group Accepted the Initiative?

USA officials announced part of peace proposals, which has been mostly accepted by all G-8 members.

1.A force of 50,000 troops occupying Kosovo comprised of U.S., British, French and Russian troops; Nordic troops, Orthodox troops and Muslim troops may also be part of the force; no time limit would be placed on the mission.

2. No decision was made on whom - NATO, the United Nations or some other body - would be in command. The U.S. insists on a British commander, while the Russians want a Finnish UN officer in command.

3. The division of Kosovo into several sectors controlled by each of the major powers, with the Russians controlling the north, where the industrial and religious sites that Serbia most values are located.

4. Recognition by NATO of Yugoslavia's sovereign borders and a pledge that no vote on Kosovo independence would be held.

In NATO Attack on Prison in Istok

Two Prisoners Killed, Another two and a Keeper Injured

PRISTINA- Two prisoners were killed and one keeper and another two prisoners were injured, when NATO aviation hit the prison in Istok, on Wednesday afternoon, Pristina Media center reported.

Main building and two pavilions of the prison "Dubrava", near Istok was hit around 1.15 p.m. by three missiles.

Negotiations Will Continue Even in Case of an Air Raid Alert

MOSCOW - Special Representative of the Russian President for Yugoslavia Victor Chernomyrdin and the President of FRY Slobodan Milosevic will continue their negotiations in spite of information that NATO aviation will attack vicinity of Belgrade on Wednesday evening, Valentin Sergejev, adviser to Victor Chernomyrdin said.

"We would not like the matter of Russia stepping out of the negotiations to be solved by NATO command, and in such radical way", Sergejev said.

No Information About the Killing of Three French Soldiers

PARIS - French Defense Ministry denied on Wednesday information published in the Belgrade's daily "Vecernje novosti", that three French soldiers were killed in a clash between Albanian terrorists and Yugoslav army, which occurred on the Yugoslav - Albanian border.

The Spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry Ann Gazeau - Secret said that there are no information that three French soldiers who, according to "Vecernje novosti", were fighting together with KLA, were killed.

Employees of Belgrade's Brewery in Pec Injured

PRISTINA - Four persons were heavily injured when NATO aviation hit abandoned Hotel "Park" in downtown Pec.
Injured persons have been employees of Belgrade's Brewery representation, which building, placed near the hotel, was heavily damaged.

Belgrade and Southern Serbia on Target As NATO Enters 58th Night of Air Strikes Against Yugoslavia

Civilians On Target Again

BUJANOVAC - On Wednesday, NATO warplanes hit by 16 missiles the southeastern area of the Bujanovac municipality in southern Serbia. The attack lasted from 9:20 do 10:17 a.m., Belgrade media reported.

Detonations were also heard in Vranje, about 30 kilometers from Bujanovac.

BELGRADE - Late on Tuesday, at about 10:35 p.m., NATO struck a Jugopetrol fuel depot and a sugar factory in Belgrade's southern suburb of Cukarica, near the Ada Ciganlija picnic grounds. There were no casualties from the attack.

There was a small-scale fire at the bombing site and windows were smashed on several buildings in the nearby residential area of Banovo Brdo. Traffic was briefly diverted from the district, particularly in the Radnicka Street, the site of the depot, for safety reasons.

SUVA REKA - A missile struck the wider area of Suva Reka in the west of Serbia's southern province on Tuesday evening, at about 9:10 p.m.

PRISTINA - On Wednesday, NATO continued daylight air raids across Kosovo and Metohija. NATO warplanes hit by three missiles the outer suburbs of Pec briefly before 1:00 p.m. At about the same time, a missile was fired at an emptied Park Hotel in downtown Pec.

Two missiles struck the Belacevac residential area in the Kosovo Polje municipality briefly before 1:00 p.m., while the Pomazetin area in the same municipality was hit by four missiles ten minutes later.

At 1:00 p.m., two missiles rained down on the area around the village of Ljubizda near Prizren.


Names of People Killed in Attack on Gnjilane

GNJILANE - Ademi Dzevad, the Binacka Morava worker, as well as Gorica Ciprijanovic, Djurdja Savic and Vesna Cvetanovic, all three female employees of the Mladost agricultural complex, died from wounds suffered during NATO bombing of Gnjilane.

Sava Mitrovic, a worker, has had a surgery performed and is treated in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Gnjilane. Lives of other persons who were injured during the attack are out of danger, Dr Dragan Mihajlovic, Gnjilane hospital director, said

PRIZREN - Early on Wednesday, NATO warplanes, in two separate attacks, targeted civilian facilities in the area of Prizren.

From 9:23 to 9:36 a.m., NATO aircraft hit by seven missiles the solely ethnic Albanian-populated village of Zagradska Hoca near Prizren.

In a renewed attack that lasted from 9:55 to 10:20 a.m., NATO fired five missiles at the area around the livestock fair on the outskirts of Prizren. The fair itself was empty at the moment of attack, but nearby civilian facilities suffered considerable damage.

GNJILANE - Early on Wednesday, at 10:20 a.m., inner industrial zone in Gnjilane found itself on NATO's target for the sixth time since the aggression against Yugoslavia began eight weeks ago.

Three extremely destructive missiles struck the Binacka Morava, Mladost and Kosmet Prevoz facilities that had been repeatedly hit in previous attacks. Three women were killed and a man suffered serious injuries during the attack on Gnjilane.

Talks in Helsinki Close, Chernomyrdin Arrives in Belgrade

Halt in Bombing Campaign Possible

HELSINKI - Talks between Russia and the United States in Helsinki on forging a joint approach to halt the Kosovo conflict ended on a positive note on Wednesday, Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari said.

"Chernomyrdin will now travel to Belgrade and we agreed that upon his return the same group will meet again in Moscow," he added. He gave no further details of the talks.


Ahtisaari Does Not Travel to Belgrade

HELSINKI - Even though Viktor Chernomyrdin expressed hope that Martti Ahtisaari would travel together with him to the Yugoslav capital, Finnish President will not visit Belgrade on Wednesday, a presidential statement said

The question of a possible halt in NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia "will probably be cleared after Russian Balkans envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin meets Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic," Chernomyrdin's adviser Valentin Sergeyev said on Wednesday.

According to Sergeyev, Chernomyrdin will succeed to make a serious breakthrough in the negotiating process to settle the Kosovo crisis.

Massimo D'Alema To Meet Solana On Thursday

We Are Closer to Political Settlement

ROME - Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema said on Wednesday that he would go to NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday for talks with Secretary-General Javier Solana on the Kosovo conflict, Reuters news agency reported.

"Today the premises for a negotiated solution to the crisis in the Balkans are closer," he said, adding that "a U.N. resolution based on the G8 principles is realistic and necessary".

G8 Political Directors' Meeting on Kosovo Opens

BONN - Senior foreign ministry officials, known as political directors, from the group of seven most industrialized world nations plus Russia (G8) on Wednesday afternoon opened the meeting devoted to the Kosovo crisis. The outcome of their talks at Bonn's Petersberg government guesthouse can be expected late in the evening.

A German Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed that US deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott would join the political directors to brief them on the Helsinki talks with Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari and Russian Balkans envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Political directors want to agree the key points and set dates for the G8 principles implementation, followed by a UN Security Council resolution that would lead to the political settlement of the Kosovo conflict.

The most contentious point in talks between Russia and the Western powers is when NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia should stop.

Russia believes that NATO should end its bombing campaign during the preparation of a UN resolution, thus opening the door for the Yugoslav forces withdrawal from Kosovo. The Western alliance, however, says air raids could stop only after the UN Security Council adopted the resolution and Yugoslav troops started their withdrawal from Kosovo.

NATO Secretary General Javier Solana Announces

NATO Is Open To Idea Of Ceasefire

BONN - NATO Secretary General Javier Solana told a German newspaper on Wednesday that the Western alliance was "undoubtedly open to the idea of a ceasefire," but that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic had to send a clear signal that his security forces would be fully withdrawn from Kosovo. In an interview to Munich daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Solana said that NATO would continue air strikes against Yugoslavia as long as "Milosevic changes his present position".

NATO Secretary General stressed that NATO members reached a consensus that a UN Security Council resolution had to be the basis of further political settlement of the Kosovo problem. Stressing that diplomatic initiatives to end the Kosovo conflict are underway, Solana said he was "an optimist who believes that a solution will be found soon".

Reminded by the newspaper of the fact that NATO up to now, two months into its campaign, has not succeeded to strike a decisive blow to the Serbian army, Solana replied that the forces in point were "a highly professional army, well-trained in smaller unit missions".

Nikola Milosevic Opens Lecture Series at Serbian Writers' Association

Transparent Pretexts For Evil

BELGRADE - A man is not only a creature prone to abusing power, but a creature prone to finding any pretext for such an abuse, academician Nikola Milosevic told a protest meeting at Serbian Writers' Association (UKS) in Belgrade, opening a lecture series. Addressing the audience, Milosevic opposed Freud's anthropological pessimism, claiming, unlike the psychoanalysis founding father, that a democratic political system was the best possible obstacle to the evil done by a man.

The orator cited several illustrations of the transparency of pretexts given by NATO officials, pretexts unforgivable to a Ph.D. of philosophy such as General Wesley Clark or a Ph.D. of history such as Jamie Shea. "If Clark is as skillful in philosophy as in waging war, it tells us a lot about his honor, but I am really curious to meet the professor who was Shea's mentor when he received his degree in history," Nikola Milosevic said.

Zeljko Lucic and Dunja Simic in "Buffoons"

Soprano Dunja Simic Upon Her Performance in Frankfurt Opera

To the Edge of Breath

In September Dunja will perform again in the German opera

When Dunja Simic left for Germany last March for a month and a half to prepare for the role of Neda in Ruggiero Leoncavallo's "Buffoons", she could not imagine that the war would start here soon. She left her three years old son in Belgrade. She managed to bring her tour to the end only with superhuman efforts… Dunja starts her interview with Glas Javnosti all in tears, the only way she can talk about the days that brought her such a success and suffering at the same time.

What was the piece like when everything was over?
Giancarlo del Monaco directed it in a very modern way. Neda is supposed to be a man in a company, so in the beginning it is difficult to tell the difference between her and other men. She wears men's clothes, she has a black hat on, she walks heavily, smokes and chews a gum. The director insisted on actors' expression, often bringing us to the edge of breath.

Meanwhile, the war in Yugoslavia started. What was the Germans' reaction to you and to all that is happening here?
At a news conference before the premiere, the conductor asked me to sing an aria and introduced me with the following words: "You have all heard how Dunja performed this aria, but I am sure you do not know that her three year old son is in Belgrade now and that he spent last night in a cellar due to the bombing. I will cooperate with Dunja again in September in Rossini's "Stabat Mater"."

Coach Zeljko Obradovic Works With Six Basketball Players

To Salonika From All Corners of World


Eastern Block Meets in Hungary

On Wednesday, in organization of the BeoBasket, 15 Yugoslav basketball players left for Hungary for a scouting camp in a bid to secure contracts for playing abroad in the next season. Our northern neighbor organized the camp for the so-called Eastern Bosman, enabling the players who sign contracts to defend the colors of clubs from the former Eastern block as home players.

Dejan Vukosavljevic, Sasha Savic, Zeljko Sele Vucurovic, Milan Prekovic... -- all of them will try to secure contracts on the basis of their proven qualities and performances

Far away there, in a forcible exile, Yugoslav basketball national team continues its preparations for the major European basketball summit scheduled in France next month. Salonika, of course, is not Belgrade for nothing can substitute the Yugoslav capital, but Greece's hospitality means a strong support for our national team. Following innumerable difficulties in securing visas and travel licenses for some members of the Yugoslav national basketball team, yesterday the training process started at long last.

"The most important thing is that we are gradually gathering together. Miroslav Beric joined the five players who arrived from Yugoslavia on Monday evening, while Nikola Loncar's arrival is expected any moment. Among basketball players who were supposed to join the Salonika front early on, only Sasha Obradovic is missing (his arrival is expected on Saturday). However, due to the knee injury and ensuing surgery, Marko Jaric had to be dropped out definitely," says Yugoslav basketball national team coach Zeljko Obradovic.

What is the mood in the Blue Boys' camp?
"Despite troubles, the atmosphere is good and, I would say, recognizable. The players are aware of the situation and ready to make maximum sacrifices. We train twice a day in the sports hall and at the Iraklys stadium where we have excellent working conditions. Condition coach Sead Krdzalic and physician Dmitar Martinovski are expected to arrive here today. And we are looking forward to seeing Duda Ivkovic as soon as the Greek play-off ends," says Obradovic.


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