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"Yugopetrol" Storage Depot on Cukarica Hit

BELGRADE - On Wednesday, around 10.30 p.m. NATO warplanes pounded the "Yugopetrol" storage depot on Cukarica, near Belgrade`s picnic place Ada Ciganlija.
Radnicka Street where the "Yugopetrol" storage depot has been situated was closed for traffic.

NATO Attacked the Region of Suva Reka Again

PRISTINA - On Tuesday evening, around 9.10 p.m., NATO aviation pounded the wider area of Suva Reka, on Kosovo and Metohija.

Bombing Pause for Withdrawal of the Yugoslav Security Forces Possible

LONDON - British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook said on Tuesday "a pause in NATO's air strikes could come when Yugoslav security forces were leaving Kosovo".

There is room for us to agree to a bombing pause whilst the Serb forces withdraw from Kosovo".

Germany Suspended Flights of Unmanned Aircrafts

BONN - Germany suspended the flights of the unmanned aircrafts over Yugoslavia, because it lost the fourth instrument of that kind, German Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

According to the Ministry's Spokesman, "missions of these aircrafts will be renewed when the experts find the cause of their losses".

Area of Obrenovac Hit

BELGRADE- Information Center from Belgrade denied that the region of Surcin was bombed on Tuesday, around 4.00 p.m. and reported that it was the area of Obrenovac.

One missile exploded in the village of Stubline. There were no victims in that attack, but enormous material damage was done.

Three Persons More Injured in Valjevo

VALJEVO - The number of persons injured in NATO's attack on Valjevo and nearest villages on Tuesday, increased from 12 to 15 persons.

Marija Markovic (1983), Mila Peric and Radmila Nestorovic were injured in that attack. Milka Krunic (70) from the village of Jasenica was killed, while her son Miroljub was heavily injured.

The following are the names of heavily injured persons: Slavko Simic (55), Vladimir Milutinovic (22), Dragan Krunic (47) and Jovanka Vujic (63). Milica Maksimovic (71), Zlatija Djordjević (41), Darko Krcic (21), Miodrag Tufegdzic (36), Petar Minic (72), Veselinka Simic (70) and Milena Ilic (47) were easily injured in that attack.

Two Yugoslav Soldiers Arrived in FRY

SUBOTICA - Two Yugoslav soldiers, Boban Milenkovic and Sefko Dairovic, who were captured last month on the border with Albania, arrived from Hungary to Yugoslavia, on Tuesday, around 2.30 p.m.

The representatives of the International Red Cross and Hungarian border army units escorted Yugoslav soldiers to the border station, where they were handed over to Yugoslav authorities.

They were captured by ethnic Albanian guerrillas last month and were handed over to the NATO representatives.

The Spokesman of the Yugoslav Foreign Ministry Nebojsa Vujovic welcomed release of two Yugoslav soldiers.

Sremska Mitrovica Hit By Six Missiles

SREMSKA MITROVICA - On Tuesday, between 4.00 p.m. and 4.10 p.m. NATO aviation, hit by six missiles the targets in the northern part of Sremska Mitrovica`s wider region, Civil Defense Headquarters information center reported.

There were no victims in that attack.

Army Barracks in Sabac Downtown Bombed

SABAC - On Tuesday, around 4.00 p.m., NATO aviation hit by at least three missiles the army barracks "Mika Mitrovic" in the wider area of Sabac's downtown. A densely populated quarter Trkaliste is situated only 100 meters from the barracks.

Two detonations were heard from the direction of Mt. Cer, 20 kilometers from Sabac.

Area of Mt. Fruska Gora Pounded

NOVI SAD - On Tuesday, between 3.55 p.m. and 4.05 p.m. NATO aviation pounded with several missiles the southern slopes of Mt. Fruska Gora. After the attack, the roar of the planes was heard in Novi Sad.

The Members of UN Mission Injured

PANCEVO - Two members of the UN mission were easily injured on Tuesday, in the car accident on the road between Pancevo and Zrenjanin.

The members of the UN were in the mission of damages caused by NATO bombing. The accident happened when their driver, in order to escape the collision, made a sharp turn. Their car turned over and fell into trench.

One Person Killed, 12 Injured in NATO Bombing of Valjevo

Krusik Bombed Again in Broad Daylight

Factory power station hit. Medical Center damaged

VALJEVO - On Tuesday, at 0:42 p.m., only two minutes after the air raid sirens sounded in Valjevo, NATO warplanes blasted Krusik pipe manufacturing factory for the tenth time since the air strikes began on March 24. Initially, two powerful detonations were heard, followed by a third one. According to early reports, the factory's thermo-power station was hit. Local electronic media reported that some of the missiles landed in farmsteads of Radisav Simeunovic, Mile Krunic and Slobodan Djurovic, all from the nearby village of Donja Grabovica.


Village Household Flattened

A househould of farmer Mileta Krunic from the village of Jasenica was razed to the ground. His wife, Milka (70), was killed, while his son, Miroljub (33), suffred serious injuries. Slavko Simic (1949), Vladimir Milutinovic (1977), Draga Krunic (1952) and Jovanka Vujic (1936) were seriously wounded during the attack, while Milica Maksimovic (1928), Zlatija Djordjevic (1957), Darko Krstic (1978), Miodrag Tufegdzic (1963), Petar Ninic (1927), Veselinka Simic (1929) and Milena Ilic (1952) suffered minor injuries.

Twelve persons were injured during the attack and one of them had to have an emergency surgery performed in the Valjevo hospital. At the moment of the attack, the injured were in a residential settlement Kolubara-2, outside the Krusik factory area. They probably suffered injuries from missile fragments that flew all around.

According to unofficial reports, Milka Krunic (70) from Donja Grabovica was killed.

The hospital in Valjevo suffered considerable damage, with two X-ray devices thrown out of operation, Dr Miroslav Sreckovic, director of Medical Center, said.

Valjevo-based District Civil Defense Center imposed a ban on car traffic in the town during air raid danger, except for special purpose vehicles.

Civilian Facilities Suffered Enormous Damage

Vranje and Presevo On NATO Target

VRANJE, PRESEVO - Late on Monday, at 11:05 p.m., NATO hit by three missiles southern fringes of Vranje. Fortunately, no deaths were reported.

The DIV tobacco factory, Nova Jugoslavija printing company, Jedinstvo bus station and many residential buildings in Proleterskih Brigada, Kolubarska and Viktora Bubnja streets suffered considerable material damage.

From midnight till 2:00 a.m., NATO warplanes fired several missiles at the area around Presevo. Solely civilian facilities were targeted and enormous material damage was done.

50 Missiles Rain Down On Kosovo-Metohija

PRISTINA - Between late Monday night and early Tuesday, NATO warplanes targeted solely civilian facilities across Kosovo and Metohija. According to Kosovo provincial Civil Defense Center, there were no casualties from the attacks.

NATO bombed the villages across the Srbica municipality, in the provincial district of Drenica. Ethnic Albanian-populated villages of Donje Obrinje and Likovac were hit by two missiles each. The area around Prizren was targeted from 7:00 to 7:58 p.m. NATO warplanes fired four missiles at the area near the ethnic Albanian-populated village of Zur. The Batalaj private petrol station on the road linking Prizren and Zur was blasted, as well as the bridge near the village of Vlasnje. At about 9:00 p.m., the wider area of the Djakovica municiplaity was hit by a missile.

Late on Monday, at about 11:15 p.m., NATO warplanes hit by three missiles the wider, southern area of the Kosovo provincial capital Pristina. The area around Pec was also blasted. On Monday alone, a total of about 50 missiles rained down on solely civilian facilties across Kosovo and Metohija.

Bridges Over Brvenica and Ibar Rivers Blasted

RASKA - The Ibar River valley found itself on NATO target between late Monday and early Tuesday. NATO warplanes first hit by four missiles the peak of Gobelja on Mt. Kopaonik, then zeroed in on the bridge over the Brvenica River on the Raska-Kraljevo road, firing at it four missiles. The bridge was blasted for the fourth time since NATO aggression against Yugoslavia began eight weeks ago and was finally rendered useless for traffic.

Three missiles were fired at the hamlet of Sasevo near Biljanovac, where the bridge over the Ibar River was probably the intended target. However, the missiles landed in nearby fields. During NATO bombing of the bridge over the Brvenica River, one person suffered minor injuries but no deaths were reported even though vehicles and pedestrians were crossing it at the moment of attack.

Russia's Balkan Special Envoy to Visit Belgrade on Wednesday

Chernomyrdin Arrives

HELSINKI - Russia's presidential special envoy for Yugoslavia, Viktor Chernomyrdin, on Tuesday announced his plans to visit Belgrade on Wednesday to resume talks on ending the Kosovo crisis.

"We are here to try to prepare ground for talks in Belgrade," Chernomyrdin said in a brief statement at the international airport in Helsinki, Finland, before meeting US Undersecretary of State Strobe Talbott and Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari.

NATO Air Raids Killed Several Thousand Civilians

BELGRADE - Yugoslav federal Foreign Ministry spokesman Nebojsa Vujovic said on Tuesday that "several thousands of civilians were killed" up to now in NATO aggression against Yugoslavia.

However, Vujovic noted that over 1,000 killed civilians had been identified so far, adding that accurate statistics of victims would be made public as soon as expert teams completed their investigations.

"We have to warn the world public about the fact that the number of victims has dramatically increased," Vujovic told a news conference, adding that a large number of bodies have not been identified yet, such as those of the passengers killed during NATO bombing of the train in the gorge of Grdelica.

Foreign Ministry spokesman said that a total of 87 people killed in the village of Korisa was not final, since, according to Prizren hospital doctors, eight out of 61 injured civilians were in critical condition. Vujovic also denied NATO reports that the civilians killed in the vilage of Korisa had been used as human shields.

Yugoslav Foreign Ministry spokesman reitarated that Yugoslavia welcomes all peace initiatives, stressing that a halt in NATO bombing is a precondition for making any political progress. Referring to existing initiatives for solving the crisis, Vujovic said that "G-8 principles are an element of a peace process".

Foreign Journalists Visit Destroyed Zastava Car Factory

Destruction of Zastava Affects Entire Sumadija Region

KRAGUJEVAC - The April 9 and 12 NATO bombings of the Zastava car factory of Kragujevac resulted in a humanitarian disaster, since 38,000 factory workers, who also supported their families, were thrown out of work, leaving jobless another 160,000 people who worked for companies that had close cooperation with the Serbian car manufacturer, Zastava Executive Board vice president Dragan Srejovic told foreign journalists who arrived in Kragujevac on Tuesday for a guided tour of the ruins of the factory.

Vice president Srejovic said that the Western military alliance had destroyed the work of many a generation of Zastava workers within a few minutes only, stressing that a 146-year long tradition of the factory was older than some NATO nations and countries.

"The city, as well as Sumadija region as a whole, were destroyed together with the factory. We are left without any prospects, while workers, their families and children have no future, since they are now on the dole amounting to 15-20 Deutsche marks a month or they survive thanks to humanitarian aid deliveries," concluded Zastava vice president Dragan Srejovic.

Pancevo Petrochemical Industry Expert Report on Consequences of NATO Air Strikes on Its Facilities

Dangerous Substances End Up In Danube River

Some of the toxic substances remain in soil. Vinyl-chloride monomer hovered over the town for several hours

PANCEVO - Pancevo Petrochemical Industry management board has recently submitted to the Serbian Ministry for Environment and other government agencies its report on consequences of last month's (April 15 and 18) NATO bombing of the factory facilities.

About 20 tons of fluid chloride from the destroyed and damaged tanks of the Chloride-alkali electrolyze plant were unleashed and ended up in the atmosphere, while about 3,000 tons of alkaline from another damaged 6,000-ton tank flew into the Danube River, said the report.

Apart from this, a large amount of mercury spilt out and flew into the Danube River from the plant's tanks, which contained 100 tons of this highly dangerous substance at the moment of the attack.

As for the Vinyl-Chloride Monomer plant, about 1,400 tons of ethylene-chloride and 800 tons of a 33-percent chloride-hydrogen acid spilt out from the damaged tanks and flew into the Danube River. A cloud of vinyl-chloride monomer, a colorless and tasteless cancerous substance, had hovered above the town and its surroundings for several hours before disappearing in the atmosphere, the report warned.

At one of 10 measuring sites in Pancevo, only three to four kilometers away from the Petrochemical Industry, the local Health Protection Institute measuring equipment recorded an enormous concentration of this poisonous gas at 8:00 a.m., seven hours after NATO bombed the factory. The concentration was as much as 10,600 times above the so-called technologically tolerated limit value, the report concluded.

Wartime Atelier in ULUS Gallery, Day 49th

Paintings Devoted to Yugoslavia

On Tuesday, in the Serbian Painters' Association (ULUS) Wartime Atelier, a Sofia artist Dijana Stavreva (1962), who came to our country as the Bulgarian television reporter and Moscow newspaper correspondent, worked on a painting devoted to Yugoslavia. The young artist graduated from the Moscow Art Academy, after studying in Sofia and Frankfurt. Mrs. Stavreva is the president of a Munich-based Eastern Europe Painters' Association. As a war reporter, she came to Yugoslavia on May 4, touring many destroyed towns and cities across Serbia.

"I was in Nis and I saw what cluster bombs had done to innocent civilians there. I also visited the Belgrade Military Hospital (VMA) and the wounded who were treated there. I made a 30-minute footage from Serbia for the Bulgarian television. I pray to God that all this be stopped as soon as possible, " says Dijana Stavreva.

Nikita Milivojevic on His "Midsummer Night's Dream" and Our Reality

I Feel A Dumpling in My Throat

Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream", directed by Nikita Milivojevic, a co-production of the Budva Town Theater and Belgrade's National Theater, the winner of numerous prizes, has celebrated a fine anniversary - the 60th performance.

"Any director is flattered by his play's anniversary, so am I. It is even more so given the fact that such a number of performances is not easily achieved on the scene of the National Theater due to its unique repertoire, which involves ballet and opera. Actually, 60 performances here equal 100 performances at other theaters. "Midsummer Night's Dream", however, is enough even for me. Looking back, both the play and the time we worked on it look like a dream now. The first time I watched the play in this brand new reality of ours, at high noon, I was deeply moved to see a packed theater and to spot in the audience a lot of smart people, particularly ladies in ball gowns as if they attended the premiere. For I feel like I have a dumpling in my throat all the time," says director Nikita Milivojevic.

Lazzio and Mallorca Decide Cup of Cups Winner in Birmingham on Wednesday

Yugoslav-Style Finals

Dejan Stankovic and Sinisa Mihajlovic look for comfort because of Lazzio's failure in the Italian championship, while Jovan Stankovic and Veljko Paunovic want to see the Spanish seal on their European diploma

Instead of celebrating the championship title, Lazzio are forced to seek comfort in Europe. Draw in Florence saddened Dejan Stankovic and Sinisa Mihajlovic, but they cannot afford any crying time since in the Cup of Cups Winners in Birmingham, Lazzio is scheduled to play "our" another team, Mallorca, whose colors will defend Jovan Stankovic and Veljko Paunovic.

Mallorca have already been "measured", so the Rome team should not face any difficulties in winning the match, but...

"Spanish island teams play tough, in a very disciplined way, so it is not easy to score a goal against them," says Dejan Stankovic, Lazzio's leading striker (4) in the Cup of Cups Winners. "They are well trained in terms of tactics. Besides, they are good at counterattacking, and we must remember that the creator of the their game, Jovan Stankovic, pulls all the strings. Veljko Paunovic has also performed well and their center forward Danny is a very dangerous player. Shortly, we aren't going to have an easy time at all."

Yugoslav Basketball National Team Forced to Change Its Preparation Schedule

Adios, Espagna!

Spain has denied hospitality to the Yugoslav basketball national team, which was scheduled to participate in two tournaments and play two friendly matches in the Iberian peninsula from June 2 through 20.

"Last weekend, at the FIBA European Zone meeting in Malta, I talked with Spanish Basketball Federation president Seguro de Luna. He told me that the Spanish government had ordered the national Ministry of Sports to deny access to Spain to our athletes. De Luna said that such a decision had nothing to do with basketball, describing it as politically motivated," Yugoslav Basketball Federation (KSJ) secretary general Zoran Radovic said.

An expected outcome requires fast response of our basketball expert team, which will work out a new preparation schedule by the end of this week.

Some members of our basketball national team, after completing the first stage of preparations in Belgrade, arrived in Salonika via Budapest late on Tuesday. Some expert team members, namely condition coach Sead Krdzalic and physician Dmitar Martinovski, could not travel to Greece because they were denied visas. Our basketball national team coach Zeljko Obradovic is in Salonika, while his assistant Miroslav Nikolic is expected to arrive on Wednesday.


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