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  14. 05. 1999
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14/05/99 01:00 (GMT +01:50)

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Dear visitors, we have just received an information from BeoNET, that American government ordered the owners of satellites for Internet transmission, to disconnect Yugoslav users from their net. According to BeoNET, they are going to unplug us either tonight on May 12th, or on May 13th at the latest.

This act heavily violates signed agreements with Yugoslav Internet users and directly attacks the freedom of speech on Internet. BeoNET will organize web site to protest against this decision. In the meantime, we are asking you to inform as many people as possible.

We are shocked with possibility that in the protection of Western democracy, someone can possibly think of such shameless way to disconnect the world wide exchange of information. This act surely does not show power. It shows weakness of those who announced themselves for absolute owners of truth. Who will believe them in the future?! Hoping that this will not happen, we ask you to fight for the truth.

Milan Becejic,
Editor-in-Chief of "Glas javnosti"

NATO Hit Targets in Vranje and Djakovica

BELGRADE - NATO air forces hit on Thursday, targets in the regions of Vranje and Djakovica, while one detonation was heard in Belgrade, around 3.55 p.m.

According to Belgrade's Information Center, TV transmitter on Jastrebac was hit around 2.45 p.m. while one missile downed behind church in the village of Zitoradja.

On Thursday, around 8.30 a.m., NATO planes, with eight missiles hit area of villages Srpska Kuca and Karadin, northwestern of Vranje.

On Thursday, around 8.00 a.m. NATO hit villages in northeastern part of Djakovica, with cluster bombs. Town Glogovo, near border was hit with one cluster bomb around 8.30. a.m.

Civil Facilities in Nis on the Target Again

NIS - On Thursday, around 2.45 p.m. NATO aviation started their attack on Nis, which lasted for 20 minutes, with hitting civil facilities in northwestern zone and wider area of Nis. Several detonations were heard from that direction.

With two missiles NATO planes hit bridge in the Southern part of highway Nis - Skoplje, near Trupalska forest.

The same source said that area of mountain Jastrebac was hit with four missiles, as well as the bridge near the village of Batusinci, Western of Nis.

NATO Bombed Sinkovac and Arapova Dolina

LESKOVAC - On Thursday, around 3.00 p.m. NATO aviation, with two missiles, hit region of Sinkovac, which have been bombed several times from the beginning of NATO aggression.

At the same time, NATO planes targeted Arapova Dolina, where one missile downed.

Jovanovic Met Robinson

BELGRADE - Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic talked on Thursday with UN High Commissioner for human rights Mary Robinson, during her visit to Yugoslavia.

According to Belgrade's electronic media, Jovanovic and Robinson talked about "brutal aggression NATO on FRY, as the rudest violating of UN Charter and all UN conventions and declarations of human rights."

G-8 Meeting Postponed

LONDON - Group of seven the most developed countries and Russia (G-8) meeting, where base for resolution for solving Kosovo crises should have been made, was postponed for next week.

Meeting of political directors of Foreign Ministries should have been held in Bon on Friday.

Extraordinary session of German Green party assembly

With red paint on Fischer

BONN - German Foreign Minister Joshka Fischer talked on Thursday about NATO operations on Yugoslavia, at the beginning of the extraordinary session of German Green party assembly in Bielefeld. His speech was often interrupted with calls: "murderer", "hypocrite" and "war inciter".

Fischer heavily came to platform with help of his bodyguards who protected him from physical attacks of opponents of NATO aggression on Yugoslavia. Very excited, with traces of fresh, red color on his suit and neck, Fischer said to his opponents:

- If you adopt radical demand for stoppage of air strikes, I will not realize such conclusion.


With eggs on police

Around thousand protestors in front of congress hall threw eggs, bottles and red color on policemen, who stroke back with their batons. 60 demonstrators were arrested.

He talked about plan of resolution made by left wing of that party, leading with deputy in Bundestag Hans Schtrebele and Minister for Northern Rajna -Vestfalija district, Berbel Hen. In that document they demand "urgent, one-sided and unconditional cease of NATO attacks" and returning to serious political negotiations.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, NATO Pounds Kosovo, Pancevo, Batajnica and Novi Sad

Airfields, Railway Stations and Television Center on Target

BELGRADE, PANCEVO - Early on Thursday, at about 4:25 a.m., NATO blasted the area of Batajnica, an outer Belgrade suburbs. At the same time, several detonations sounded in Belgrade, coming from the wider area of the city. Radio Novosti reported that a NATO warplane was shot down over the Batajnica area.

Early on Thursday, at 4:10 and again at 4:27 a.m., two detonations were heard in the area of Deliblatska Pescara, east of Pancevo.

NOVI SAD - Early on Thursday, between 4:15 and 4:30 a.m., NATO aircraft blasted again the Novi Sad television complex. First, a group of four missiles were fired at it at 4:15 a.m., followed by another two five minutes later. In the third raid, at 4:35 a.m., another two detonations sounded in the Serbian second largest city.

PRISTINA - Between late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, NATO bombed a large number of civilian targets in Kosovo-Metohija.

On Wednesday, at about 7:30 p.m., NATO fired several missiles at the areas of Srbica and Decani, as well as at the Pristina airport of Slatina. Early on Thursday, at about 1:00 a.m., several missiles rained down on the mountain zone between Djakovica and Decani close to the border with Albania.

NATO also dropped cluster bombs between the Kosovo capital Pristina and Urosevac in the southeast, with several of them landing near the mining community of Stari Trg and a TV transmitter on the hill of Kutlovac.

Early on Thursday, at about 2:00 a.m., five missiles were fired at the town of Prizren, ending up near the local railway station and a hotel. Surrounding buildings were set ablaze, but there have been no reports of casualties or material damage yet.

Targets on Mt. Goles, just south of Pristina, were bombed in five overnight raids, lasting from 1:35 to 2:57 a.m.

NATO aviation has continued its raids well into Thursday. At 7:40 a.m., two missiles hit the hill of Kutlovac near Stari Trg. One missile landed near the village of Crnoljevo in the Stimlje municipality at 10:02 a.m., while eight minutes later another one exploded near the village Petrovic.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Henry Shelton Warns

Yugoslav Army Can Resist For Long Time

WASHINGTON - US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Henry Shelton told a news conference in Washington on Thursday that the Yugoslav army (VJ) could endure NATO air strikes "for quite a long time", adding that the end to the conflict in Yugoslavia might still be far away.

Shelton, however, did not specify how long that period could be.

Speaking at the joint news conference, US Secretary of Defense William Cohen warned that, if Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic did not "cave in", NATO would continue its air strikes against Yugoslav forces in Kosovo until it degraded them to the point that the separatist KLA could take over the initiative.

UN Security Council Fails Again to Denounce Chinese Embassy Bombing

China Does Not Give Up

NEW YORK - UN Security Council on Thursday failed again to adopt an official resolution denouncing NATO's bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, because NATO member states, for the second day in a row, objected to Beijing's modified draft.

Meanwhile, Chinese representatives threatened that China would veto a humanitarian resolution related to the Kosovo crisis until the UN Security Council denounced the bombing of its embassy in Belgrade.

Prague and Athens Prepare New Peace Initiative

Albright Opposes Czech-Greek Peace Plan

PRAGUE - Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kavan briefed the national Parliament about a new Balkan peace initiative to be submitted jointly by Greece and the Czech Republic to the UN, NATO and other international organizations next Monday.

The project includes, first and foremost, the right of refugees to return to and live in a multiethnic and multicultural autonomous Kosovo within the FR Yugoslavia; new mechanisms of protecting minority rights, based on the inviolability of the current borders; and a detailed "Marshal Plan" for the economic recovery of the Balkan region as a whole.

Foreign Minister Kavan presented the peace plan two days ago but, according to sources close to the Czech Parliament lower house, it was already opposed by the US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.

Human Rights Watch Asks Javier Solana a Question

If You Protect Civilians, Then Why Do You Kill Them?

NEW YORK - Human Rights Watch, a non-government human rights organization, on Thursday sent a letter to NATO Secretary General Javier Solana, expressing its concern about an increasing number of civilian victims of the aggression against Yugoslavia.

"NATO claims it wages the war to protect human rights. If it is true, it is vital that NATO, without exception, respects human rights in the war it wages. NATO has to do its best to avoid targeting the civilians," Human Rights Watch executive manager Kenneth Roth wrote in the letter.

The letter to Solana expresses the organization's concern about NATO's destroying of factories, striking of the country's electrical power system, blasting of several Yugoslav television and radio stations, assaults on civilian facilities such as hospitals and embassies, as well as targeting of civilian vehicles.

World Premiere of "White Suit" By Lazar Ristovski in Cannes on Friday

Road to Top

BELGRADE - "A White Suit", the only Yugoslav film participating in the 52nd International Film Festival in Cannes and a directing debut of renowned actor Lazar Ristovski, will have its world premiere on Friday.

"A White Suit" will be shown in the program titled "Review Week", and vie for awards in three categories - international film reviewers' award, Mercedes Benz award for best film and Golden Camera award for best debutante film of the festival in Cannes.

Jean Roix, French Liberation daily film reviewer and selector of Festival's "Review Week" program, in an article headlined "Yugoslav film will lead us to the top", pointed out that "A White Suit" was a movie worth paying special attention to.

Harold Pinter's "Counterattack"

BELGRADE - An antiwar program titled "Counterattack" by Harold Pinter, one of the most prominent contemporary world playwrights, will have its exclusive screening in Belgrade's Youth Center on Friday at 3:00 p.m.

The program dealing with the political situation in Yugoslavia was broadcast on BBC television on May 3. The network distanced itself officially from the program, stressing that it represented Harold Pinter's personal views only.

Yugoslav Basketball Players Will Defend Gold Medal in France

FIBA Protects Blue Boys

"FIBA will not expel Yugoslavia from the next World Championship in France, unless the UN made a decision in this respect," FIBA spokesman Florian Wanninger said.

What will happen to our basketball clubs who placed in European competitions?

"It is still early to say because FIBA has had no comment yet. We don't want to make any guesses now, since the lots will be drawn in Munich on July 11," said Wanninger. "FIBA has always had a position that clubs that qualified for a competition should participate in it."

However, in case Yugoslav basketball clubs were prevented from participating, new candidates have already expressed their wish to "jump into" the European League, first and foremost Italy's Kinder and Croatia's Zadar.

Water-polo Club Becej, By Playing a Draw with Vashutash in Budapest (7:7), Secured Its Participation in Final-Four

From Naples to Europe's Peak!

Becej is in Final-Four! Our water-polo champion confirmed its great success by scoring a point in a decisive match with Vashutash in Hungary. Final score 7:7 (2:2, 2:2, 1:1, 2:2) was enough for Becej to secure a place among the four best water-polo clubs in Europe.

"We all believed we would achieve a good score," says Nesha Sefik, one of key players of the match. "Now we set a new goal for ourselves. We are going to Italy to win the League of Champions!"

Final-Four competition will be played in Naples, Italy, on June 4-5. Becej's rival is Moscow's Dinamo, an excellent team that placed first in the second semi-finals group. Dinamo secured the leading position in its group by winning over Catalania (9:7). The other water-polo pair includes Possilypo and Splitska Banka.


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