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  13. 05. 1999
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13/05/99 00:18 (GMT +01:50)

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Dear visitors, we have just received an information from BeoNET, that American government ordered the owners of satellites for Internet transmission, to disconnect Yugoslav users from their net. According to BeoNET, they are going to unplug us either tonight on May 12th, or on May 13th at the latest.

This act heavily violates signed agreements with Yugoslav Internet users and directly attacks the freedom of speech on Internet. BeoNET will organize web site to protest against this decision. In the meantime, we are asking you to inform as many people as possible.

We are shocked with possibility that in the protection of Western democracy, someone can possibly think of such shameless way to disconnect the world wide exchange of information. This act surely does not show power. It shows weakness of those who announced themselves for absolute owners of truth. Who will believe them in the future?! Hoping that this will not happen, we ask you to fight for the truth.

Milan Becejic,
Editor-in-Chief of "Glas javnosti"

Two persons killed, Seven Injured in Attack on Vladicin Han

VLADICIN HAN - Two persons were killed while seven were injured on Wednesday when NATO aviation attacked Vladicin Han. Milan (Dusan) Ignjatovic (19) and Gordana (Momcilo) Nikolic (18) were killed in that accident.

Dejan Taskovic (26) and Fatima Kamberovic (65) from Vladicin Han were heavily wounded while Zorica Stosic, Aleksandar Ilic (45) from Polom, Dobrila Jovic, Dusan Radic (64) and Dragan Vitas (39) from Vladicin Han were easily injured.

Cluster Bombs on Nis, Six Persons in Hospital

NIS - Dr Jasmina Vukovic, from hospital in Nis said on Wednesday that six persons were treated after the last NATO attack on Nis.

"All of them were easily injured by cluster bombs", said Jasmina Vukovic. According to her, Gojko Jovanovic (1951), Vojislav Jovanovic (1947), Zoran Bakic (1976), Sveta Uskovic (1960) and Darko Simonovic (1988) were injured.

One Plane Downed Near Kumanovo

SKOPLJE - One NATO plane downed on Wednesday afternoon, between Macedonian villages Cetirce and Tromedja, in vicinity of Yugoslav border.

According to Tromedja`s citizens, four planes flew from Yugoslavia to Macedonia when a dense smoke appeared on one of them. Some minutes later, the plain was found in fire.

Several NATO rescue helicopters flew from Skoplje to Kumanovo, just after this accident.

Nikita Mikhalkov, Russian Director,

When First Coffins Return to US, War Will Become Real

CANNES - Nikita Mikhalkov, Russian director of the film "Siberian Barber" that opened the international film festival in Cannes on Wednesday, said that the attack on Yugoslavia represented "an abstract war in an unknown country, a war that will not become real until the first coffins return to America".

"When coffins from a virtual country and a virtual war start to arrive to parents of a really killed soldier, then the abstract war will become a tragedy of concrete people," Mikhalkov said in an opening ceremony in Cannes.

The famous Russian director, who was twice rewarded with applause by a part of the audience for his emotional address, reminded that "the US have never waged war on its soil" and that the Americans "have never dug trenches".

Nis strongly attacked on Wednesday

In the hell of cluster bombs

NIS - On Wednesday, between 2.55 p.m. and 3.20 p.m. NATO aviation continually bombed Nis. NATO planes hit Northwestern, Eastern and Northeastern parts of the town, where pillars of smoke and fire were seen.

- Enterprises "Nis-elektro" and MIN were hit in this attack as well as several facilities in the vicinity of settlement Duvaniste, where high pillar of smoke was seen - said Dr Jovan Zlatic, commander of Civil Defense Headquarters in this district.

He explained that cluster bombs hit Majakovski and Branko Miljkovic streets and added that several persons were injured in that accident.

- Elevator of building in the Pariskih komuna Street was hit with cluster bomb, while one house in Majakovski Street was on fire. Several cluster bombs were found in the yard of enterprise "Feroks" where one car was burnt. Many bombs of that kind were found in vicinity of Lenjin Boulevard, Mika Mladenovic, Majakovski and Branko Miljkovic streets where traffic is blocked, Zlatic said.

He asked citizens of Nis not to leave their houses and stated that movements of citizens will be fully limited as long as Nis is cleared of cluster bombs.

Dr Dimitrije Mancic, director of Emergency Aid said for "Glas" that their teams could not come near the place of accident because of cluster bombs.

"Two easily injured persons from Majakovski Street were treated until 4.30 p.m.", said Dr Jasmina Vukovic and added that until that time they did not have any information about eventual dead or heavily injured persons.

Lj. Jovanović

NATO aviation targeted around 19 communities in more than 50 attacks

Bombs constantly over Kosmet

PRISTINA - From Tuesday evening to Wednesday noon, tenths of bombs hit around 19 communities in Kosovo and Metohija, in more than 50 attacks.

On Wednesday, at 7.45 a.m. NATO aviation continued their bombing of civil facilities on the territory of Kosovska Mitrovica. Somewhere before 8.00 a.m. a downhill Kutlovac, near Stari Trg was hit with three missiles. Attack on that area was repeated at 11.08 a.m. Before the noon, Lukare, airport Slatina and Pomazatin, in vicinity of Kosovo Polje, were on the target, too.

The bridge near the village of Milosevo, on the Pristina - Kosovska Mitrovica road was hit around 7.22 a.m. One missile downed near brickyard in Milosevo. On the same travelling direction, region of village Babin Most was hit around 11.07 a.m. Somewhere after 9 a.m. one detonation was heard in the vicinity of Gnjilane. The village of Donje Ljupce, near Podujevo was attacked around 11.10 a.m. while, at the same time, one missile hit region of Kosovska Kamenica. Primary school in Lepena, near Lipljani was hit with several missiles around 12.40 a.m.

Civilian Targets Across Serbia On NATO's Target Again

BELGRADE - Between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, NATO aviation continuously pounded civilian targets across Serbia, particularly targeting refugee residential settlements near Podujevo and Paracin.

NATO targeted both Serb- and ethnic Albanian-populated villages in municipalities of Podujevo, Novo Brdo, Kosovska Kamenica, Vucitrn, Orahovac, Stimlje and Lipljan.

In the attack on the agricultural collective farm in the village of Svetlje, where displaced persons from the area of Podujevo were accommodated, there were casualties but their number is still unclear.

The farm was hit by three missiles on Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. In the same municipality, the village of Tresnja was hit by one missile, while four missiles landed in the village of Gornje Ljupce. There were no casualties in these attacks, but civilian facilities suffered huge damage.

The village of Strezovce, in the municipality of Novo Brdo, was bombed with three missiles on Tuesday at 7:25 p.m. Twenty minutes later, NATO aircraft hit by one missile a private house in the village of Koretik, in the municipality of Kosovska Kamenica. Luckily, there were no casualties.

NATO aircraft also blasted solely civilian facilities in the village of Velika Reka in the municipality of Vucitrn. Briefly after 4:00 p.m., four missiles landed in the area between the village of Crnoljevo and the municipal center of Stimlje.

The village of Livadje in the Lipljan area was showered by cluster bombs. There are still no reports of possible casualties or damage in this Serb-populated village, some 15 kilometers south of Pristina.

Early on Wednesday, at 1:15 a.m., NATO fired at least 15 missiles at the youth residential facility "July 7th" in Paracin. In the sixth air raid on Paracin since NATO launched its aggression on Yugoslavia, the refugee settlement accommodating about 20 refugee families expelled from Bosnia and Croatia was targeted again, probably because running water tanks, supplying Paracin residents, were situated nearby.

On Tuesday, at 10:50 p.m., NATO aircraft dive-bombed the overpass above the international Subotica-Horgos-Szegedin railway line, three kilometers from the Horgos border check. The overpass is part of the road linking the town of Horgos, in the municipality of Kanjiza, with the E-75 international highway. The left lane of the overpass, as well as railway tracks beneath it, were hit and damaged.

Late on Tuesday, at 10:30 p.m., NATO aircraft fired a missile landing in the area between the weekend settlement of Grocka and village of Begaljica, about 20 kilometers east from Belgrade. The missile exploded about 10 meters away from a long distance power line, but it failed to destroy it or cause any damage.

Early on Wednesday, at 2:40 a.m., NATO fired three missiles at the "Beopetrol" oil storage depots in Bogutovac, 20 kilometers southwest of Kraljevo.

At about 1:05 a.m., two NATO missiles rained down on the area about 20 kilometers northwest of Uzice, a constant target of the criminal Western alliance force.

On Tuesday, at 9:40 p.m., in the attack on the Kursumlija area, NATO blasted for the eighth time the bridge at the confluence of the River Kostanica and River Toplica, on the Nis-Pristina highway, firing two missiles at it.

Early on Wednesday, between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m., several powerful detonations also rocked Vrnjacka Banja and Trstenik.

In NATO Bombing of Bridge in Central Vladicin Han

Young Woman and Man Killed

VRANJE - On Tuesday, at 9:35 p.m., during NATO air raid on Vladicin Han, four missiles were fired, killing two persons, injuring five and hitting the bridge in the very center of the town on two sites.

According to District Civil Defense headquarters in Vranje, Milan (Dusan) Ignjatovic, 19, and Gordana (Momcilo) Nikolic, 18, were killed during the attack.

Two missiles hit the reinforced concrete bridge over the River Juzna Morava, which served for road and pedestrian traffic.

Over 1,100 Aircraft to Take Part in NATO Aggression Against Yugoslavia

BRUSSELS - A considerable number of A-10 aircraft, developed for destroying tanks, will be added to the arsenal NATO already engaged in its air campaign against Yugoslavia, increasing the number of aircraft to over 1,100, a senior military official in NATO headquarters in Brussels told Reuters.

UN Spokesman Fred Eckhart On Appointing Special UN Envoys for Balkans

Kukan and Bildt with Belgrade's Blessing

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK - Special UN envoys for the Balkans, Eduard Kukan and Carl Bildt will closely cooperate with Russia's presidential special envoy, Viktor Chernomyrdin, UN spokesman Fred Eckhart said.

"UN Secretary General Kofi Annan learned about the attitude of the Yugoslav authorities to special UN envoys through Russian government," Eckhart added.

CIA To Blame For Bombing of Chinese Embassy

WASHINGTON - US Central Intelligence Agency may get a major increase in its budget since US legislators believe the lack of funds was one of the reasons why the Chinese embassy in Belgrade found itself on NATO's list of targets.

Senator Bob Curry, Intelligence Committee vice chairman, said that US officials had known since last summer that NATO might launch a campaign against Yugoslavia. "However, due to the lack of funds, latest information were not included in our plans," Sen. Curry said, adding that "an increase in intelligence funds was demanded long ago".

Moscow Meeting of Ivanov and Talbott

Russia Concerned About NATO's Obstinacy

Talks on composition of international forces in Kosovo continue

MOSCOW - Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov on Wednesday met US Undersecretary of State Strobe Talbott to discuss the Kosovo crisis, Russian news agencies report.

"If this course of NATO military leadership continued, all efforts aimed at searching for the political settlement might prove useless," Ivanov said.

Talbott said that he and Ivanov discussed principles for solving the Kosovo crisis that were adopted in Bonn last week, specifying that they did not examine "eight, but only five principles that NATO set for passing from a military to a diplomatic phase of settlement" of the crisis.

Asked whether they reviewed the "composition of an international presence in Kosovo," Talbott replied that "talks about that continue".

Dissatisfied with economic performance and situation in the country

Boris Yeltsin Dismisses Primakov

Russian Deputy Premier Sergei Stepashin appointed new Prime Minister

MOSCOW - Russian President Boris Yeltsin early on Wednesday signed a decree, dismissing Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov and appointing Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sergei Stepashin instead.

Yeltsin "thanked" Primakov for all he had done and, first and foremost, for the "courage he demonstrated in agreeing to head the government in such a troubled situation". Russian President also said that the Government "has completely fulfilled the tactical task facing it", but the economic situation still did not improve.

Russian foreign policy, including the Balkans, will remain unchanged following the sacking of Primakov, Interfax news agency reported, citing Russian Foreign Ministry officials.

French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine Announces

Provisional Administration for Kosovo

PARIS - French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine said that a "provisional international administration" would be established in Kosovo once the current crisis was over.

According to Vedrine, the provisional administration should last as shortly as possible, "until the establishment of autonomous institutions under the status based on the Rambouillet principles, but the one established by the UN Security Council".

"After all that took place, we cannot let either the Serbs or the KLA administrate Kosovo any more. The European Union could do that, however not alone but in coordination with the OSCE," Vedrine concluded.

Boris Yeltsin Threatens in Meeting with Russian State Leadership

We Would Walk Out If NATO Ignored Us

MOSCOW - Russian President Boris Yeltsin warned on Wednesday that Russia could abandon the Kosovo peace process if NATO did not heed its positions.

Rugova Advocates Demilitarization of Kosovo

MADRID - Kosovo Democratic Alliance (DSK) leader Ibrahim Rugova said that members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) could be transformed into a future Kosovo local police force if the province was demilitarized under the peace agreement.

In an interview with Barcelona El Periodico daily, Rugova reiterated that an international force should be deployed in Kosovo, including NATO countries, Russia and other UN member states, with the task to confirm the withdrawal of the Yugoslav army from the province.

Proposal that Harold Pinter be Declared Honorary Member of the Serbian Writers' Association

Consent From London Expected Eagerly

BELGRADE - A procedure to declare the famous British playwright Harold Pinter an honorary member of the Serbian Writers' Association (UKS) is underway, UKS Secretariat told Glas Javnosti daily.

Proposal that Pinter joins the Serbian Writers' Society has been unanimously adopted at a recent UKS convention. Under the Statute, in order to complete the procedure, a proposed candidate is also supposed to give his consent to membership so the UKS is eagerly waiting for response from London.

Yugoslav Volleyball Players Banned from Tournament in Spain

Visas As Roadblock for Blue Boys

OVIEDO - Yugoslav volleyball national team will not participate in the international tournament in Oviedo, Spain, since Spanish authorities refused to grant visas to Yugoslav athletes.

Applying the European Union recommendation to all its member states not to invite Yugoslav athletes to take part in sports competitions, Spanish embassy in Budapest denied visas to Yugoslav volleyball national team members.

Yugoslav Soccer Federation Waits for UEFA's Confirmation and Plans Preparations for Double-Match in European Qualifications

Salonika Finally!

Blue boys are expected to gather together in Salonika on May 31, then fly on a chartered plane to Dublin and return to Greece for a match against Malta

BELGRADE - UEFA, European soccer house, ordered Yugoslavia to play a home match with Malta on a neutral venue, thus obliging the Yugoslav Soccer Federation (FSJ) to accelerate the organization the qualifying match, scheduled for June 9, for the European Championship. Of course, the match with Republic of Ireland is not questioned, since it is due in Dublin on June 5.

The fact that Yugoslav national team consists mostly of our international soccer players is a blessing in disguise, since they will reach Salonika more easily from Italy and Spain than from Yugoslavia. Preparations will be held in Salonika, instead of Dublin, as originally planned.

"We believe it is the best solution," Yugoslav Soccer Federation secretary general Branko Bulatovic said, "for in Salonika we will have the best working conditions. Yugoslav national team members are scheduled to meet in Salonika on May 31, then to fly aboard a chartered plane to Dublin. Immediately after the match with the "Republicans", we will return to Salonika to play Malta there.


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