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Italian government confirmed on Wednesday

Rugova in Italy

ROME - Ethnic Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova arrived on Wednesday in Italy with approval of Yugoslav authorities, Italian government confirmed.

"Ibrahim Rugova and his family arrived in Rome on special plane, as a guests of Italian government", stated in report and added that USA and members of NATO and EU have been informed about this visit.

Visit to Belgrade Needs Time to be Prepared

MOSCOW - After his arrival to Moscow, Chernomirdin said that besides informing President, he intend to consult with leaders of Russian regions, who shown willingness to send humanitarian help to FRY, and to take in refugees from Yugoslavia.

- I planed to visit Belgrade just after talks in USA, but I thought that it needs a time to be prepared and negotiations with the other European leaders, - Chernomirdin said.

- Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic did not refuse anything. It is about international presence, which should make possible safe return of refugees and their life in Kosovo. Further negotiations will show what kind of international presence it will be - Chernomirdin said.

Hague Tribunal has Mandate to examine NATO Actions

NATO before Justice?

HAGUE - Graham Bluit, Deputy of Chief Prosecutor of International Tribunel for war crimes in Hague said on Wednesday that this court is competent for eventual offences of international humanitarian law, which 19 NATO members have allegedly done in their actions in FRY.

- It is international conflict and Chief Prosecutor reminds authorities of Western countries that they must respect war law and Geneva Convention - Bluit said a press conference.

Bluit said that prosecution would not accept petitions for indictment any more, because they do not serve as a legal proof. "We need proofs, not signatures", Bluit explained journalists why they did not accept petition with more than 10.000 signatures for indictment US President, US State Secretary, Defense Minister and NATO Secretary General and Supreme Commander, for genocide and war crimes committed during the bombing of FRY.

"Mediciens sans frontiers" on Safe

PRISTINA - Humanitarian convoy of French organization "Mediciens sans frontiers" was attacked on Tuesday, on the road between Kacanik and Urosevac, in Kosovo. There were no victims in this accident, Reuters reported.

- We received an alarming call from doctor who led the mission, that they were attacked. Later, we got information from Pristina that they have arrived safely - a representative of "Mediciens sans frontiers" in Athens said.

- The place of explosion was only few meters far from our jeep and we heard a plane over our heads. There were no other people beside us. No other targets - Doctor Lakis Nicolau, who led convoy told to Greece television.


A Girl Dies After NATO bombing of Vracar

BELGRADE - Sofija Jovanovic, 23, died on Tuesday in the Serbian University Clinic intensive care unit. The young girl was injured late on April 30, when two missiles struck the densely populated residential area of Vracar. Sofija's mother, Zivka, who was also injured in the attack, was dismissed from hospital to attend her daughter's funeral.

NATO Targets Serbia' Heart

BAJINA BASTA - Early on Wednesday, an hour after midnight, near Bajina Basta, Yugoslav Army air defense shot down a NATO aircraft that flew in from the direction of Visegrad.

UZICE - On Tuesday night, a woman was lightly injured in NATO air raid on the wider area of Uzice. The aerial attack, performed in three rounds, began shortly after midnight and lasted for a half an hour. Nine missiles rained down on the area northwest of Uzice, while a number of them exploded in the surroundings of Kadinjaca.

On Wednesday, around noon, several detonations sounded on Mt. Zlatibor. The most powerful blasts were heard in the area of Tornik and Cigota.

PRISTINA - Between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, NATO targeted the wider area of Pristina. Early on Wednesday, at about 2:50 a.m., two missiles were fired at the area between the Grmija picnic grounds and Mramor settlement, northeast of Pristina. Ten minutes later, two missiles hit the surroundings of Mt. Goles, southeast of Pristina.

KRALJEVO - Early on Wednesday afternoon, NATO aircraft flew repeatedly over the wider area of Kraljevo. Two missiles were launched over the village of Obrva, fortunately, without casualties.

Belgrade In Dark Due To Wind

BELGRADE - Early on Wednesday, at 8:10 a.m., a unit of the power transfer facility Drmno near Kostolac went out of operation, causing a partial breakup of the Serbian electrical power system, a Serbian Electrical Power Industry Media Center said.

Strong wind in the River Morava valley blew special substances, which NATO aircraft dropped two days ago, onto previously damaged power facilities and a high-voltage network, short-circuiting the systems and taking out of operation a long distance power line leading from the hydro electrical power plant Djerdap towards Belgrade, within the Drmno transfer facility.

NATO Bombs Greek Convoy Near Urosevac

BELGRADE - On Wednesday, at 1:35 p.m., NATO aircraft bombed the Greek humanitarian convoy near the Kosovo town of Urosevac. Humanitarian truck convoy was visibly marked so it became NATO's clear target.

Yugoslav federal Foreign Ministry informed the Greek embassy in Belgrade about the attack.

Another Nis Express Bus Passenger Dies

PRISTINA - Adem Uka, 30, is another victim of a massacre committed by NATO on May 1, when the alliance's aircraft blasted a Nis Express bus near Luzane, on the Pristina-Podujevo road.

Following bombing of the bus full of passengers of all ages and different sexes, 39 charred and massacred bodies were found on the site of the crime.

Ten injured bus passengers are in a stable condition, while another five passengers are going through a normal post-surgery recovery and their lives are out of danger, a Pristina hospital official said.

Bedzet Podvorica and Jusuf Mehmeti are in an intensive care unit and their lives are out of danger. Aljbuljenr and Djevahira Behljulji, Milosav Krstic and an unidentified girl are in a stable condition, too.

Ismailj Visoka, Ismad Kapoli and Jakup Nesret, who are at the Orthopedic Department, and Slavisa Stoiljkoic, who was received at the Oculist Department, are all recovering successfully, Dr Grbic said.

Three employees of the Pristina ambulance, who hurried to the site of the crime to help the injured passengers only to be targeted, together with the passengers, in the second NATO raid on the bus, were lightly injured and dismissed from hospital.

Jesse Jackson, following his talks with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Fear From Greater Albania

NEW YORK - U.S. political and religious leader Rev. Jesse Jackson said on Wednesday that Yugoslav President should be given guarantees that the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) would not take advantage of possible withdrawal of the Yugoslav Army forces from Kosovo.

Rev. Jackson said that Milosevic "fears the possible creation of the Greater Albania that is advocated by the terrorist KLA".

"U.S. President Bill Clinton does not support the project of Greater Albania, arming of the KLA, independence or secession (of Kosovo)," Rev. Jackson told reporters, following his meeting with the U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Wesley Clark Denies Wall Street Journal Report

No Plans For Ground Troops

SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany - NATO denied on Wednesday a Wall Street Journal report that the Western military alliance plans to deploy its ground troops in Kosovo.

"There is not a bit of truth in it," NATO Supreme Commander Europe General Wesley Clark told a news briefing at NATO headquarters in Brussels, referring to a newspaper report.

According to the Wall Street Journal, NATO military strategists are working on a plan under which, if it was carried out, about 60,000 NATO ground troops would enter Kosovo before the end of July. The plan does not envision a combat land invasion force on Kosovo, but a "half-legitimate" deployment, and only when the allied bombing diminishes "Belgrade's political will to continue the war," Wall Street Journal said.

Clinton Meets Solana

BRUSSELS - U.S. President Bill Clinton arrived on Wednesday at NATO headquarters in Brussels where he met Western alliance's Secretary General Javier Solana. U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, national security adviser Sandy Berger, Defense Secretary William Cohen and U.S. Chief-of-Staffs chairman Hugh Shelton also attended the meeting. No participant of the meeting commented on it.

Before leaving Washington, Clinton expressed his readiness to consider any diplomatic option to end the conflict over Kosovo, but he reiterated that Yugoslavia was still expected to meet NATO's key demands.

However, U.S. President added that Yugoslav authorities should withdraw its military forces from Kosovo and agree to the deployment of an international peacekeeping force with "NATO at its core".

France Ready to Increase Its Contribution to NATO

More French Aircraft Over Yugoslavia

PARIS - French Defense Minister Alain Richard announced on Wednesday a 25 per cent increase in France's contribution to NATO campaign against Yugoslavia.

"The idea is to increase France's contribution by 25 per cent," Richard told reporters via video-link, at a joint press conference with his British counterpart George Robertson.

Sixty French aircraft, which have performed about 1,000 sorties so far, take part in NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia, French military officials said.

Wartime Instructions On How To Maintain Your Mental Health: Interview With Anja Susa, Theater Director

We Listen to One Another More Carefully

Bertolt Brecht's "Tales About Mister Keuner". To laugh both at yourself and other people is an act of bravery

Poetry or prose...
Prose, definitely, as well as Bertolt Brecht's "Tales about Mister Keuner", because they are absolutely appropriate for the times we are living in.

Is it true that every evil has its good?
Probably it is, but from my current perspective I cannot see any good in what is now happening to us. I think a sort of time distance is needed to answer that question. I may be able to answer it perhaps in ten years time. However, if it is possible to talk about any good these days, it is certainly some closeness among people affected by a common hardship. It seems to me that people see and listen to one another more often and more carefully, that their mutual relationships are much better than they used to be. Besides, as good and evil are concerned, I deeply believe in a famous motto saying that in hard times "the good get better, while the bad get even worse".

What words are to be avoided these days?

Hatred, queuing, impatience, and particularly grumbling.

Is laughter now a manifestation of frivolousness or health?

I absolutely opt for laughter! I think laughter is now a manifestation of a perfect mindset and an invincible spirit. Numerous new jokes are a living proof of it because they are normal people's response to what is happening to us. There is nothing sick about laughter at all - it heals. On the contrary, to laugh both at yourself and other people is an act of bravery.

Aiden White Opens War Photo Exhibition in Media Center

Journalists - Their Honesty and Solidarity

Last Thursday, at the Belgrade Media Center, in "appropriate" wartime conditions (under air raid danger and without water supplies), International Press Federation Secretary General Aiden White opened an exhibition of moving photographs shot by Serbia's FoNet news agency photojournalists in the past 40 days of war.

Paying a one-minute tribute to journalists and other innocent victims of the war, Mr. White said in an opening address:

"I congratulate you on the high quality of these extraordinary photographs, which are a proof of journalists' honest work. I came here to be with my colleagues, members of the Serbian Independent Journalists Association (NUNS) and Serbian Journalists Association (UNS), striving for solidarity of all journalists in their common honest mission. I came here to tell journalists of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Kosovo and in the region that they are not abandoned, that their colleagues around the world are with them. The media should not take part in this war. Journalists should be enabled to report impartially and work freely and professionally. By telling a hard, tragic story, without pressures from any side, they give an enormous contribution to democracy. I don't know what else is necessary to be shot by photojournalists for the war to end."

Zeljko Obradovic, Yugoslav National Basketball Team Coach, Selected 24 Candidates for European Championships in France

Reality of Dream Team

Among others, Divac, Stojakovic, Gurovic, Tarlac, Jaric... will defend our gold medal

Yugoslav national basketball team coach Zeljko Obradovic selected 24 players that will compete to defend Yugoslavia's European championship title in France from June 21 through July 3. Breaking news is certainly the return of Vlade Divac under the "blue basketball flag". Along with Predrag Stojakovic, he will join his playmates immediately following the NBA League play-off.

"I talked with Divac and the only unknown thing is the date when he would join us," Yugoslav Basketball Federation Secretary General Zoran Radovic told Glas Javnosti.

Good news is also that Stojakovic and Gurovic will finally play for the national team because the Greek Basketball Federation cannot prevent them from doing it. However, there is still such a possibility, but they decided to play for Yugoslavia even at the price of losing their Greek citizenship.

As for the preparations, they are already in full swing.

In the next few days, the blue boys will improve their physical condition in Belgrade, at the Kosutnjak picnic grounds and in the Pionir sports hall. On May 16, candidates will be short-listed, since only 16 players are due to leave for the Greek port city of Salonika for further preparations. There, in the Panorama Hotel, our national team will gather. The players will train at the Iraklys sports hall till June 2, and then leave for Spain where they are scheduled to take part in a tournament in Juelva on June 4-5, with national basketball teams of Spain, Croatia and Slovenia as participants. Needless to say, what they expect there is - victory.


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