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Serbia in the dark!

BELGRADE - On Sunday, from 10.15 p.m. Belgrade and vicinity are completely in the dark. According to our readers from Obrenovac, where main electric power plant was settled, four flashes were seen on the sky just before the black out. There is still no official explanation of the cause.

According to information we got from our readers, whole Vojvodina is in dark, as same as Valjevo, Smederevo and Velika Plana.

Released Soldiers Arrived in Ramstein

RAMSTEIN - Three released American soldiers, who were captured in FRY, arrived in American military base Ramstein in Germany on Sunday, around 4.50 p.m.

They were transported to the American hospital in Landstule, where they will be examined in next three to four days.

Special Representative of Russian President for the Balkans goes to Washington

Chernomirdin Meets Clinton and Annan on Monday

MOSCOW - Special representative of Russian President for the Balkans Victor Chernomirdin will deliver a Russian President's letter on Kosovo crisis to American President Bill Clinton in Washington, on Monday.

Yeltsin and Clinton arranged this visit on Sunday when Russian President telephoned Bill Clinton, says the official Kremlin's statement.

During his visit to Washington, Chernomirdin should meet UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, too.

Civilians killed in the attack on Kosovska Mitrovica

Kosovska Mitrovica Downtown Hit - two Persons Killed

PRISTINA - On Sunday morning, around 9.00 a.m. NATO aviation, with at least four missiles, hit Kosovska Mitrovica downtown, Media Center from Pristina reported.

According to the first information, at least two persons were killed, while 35 were injured in this attack. One woman, who was in her house in the time of attack, was killed by the pieces of the bomb. Injured people, with children among them, were hospitalized. The same sources reported that all buildings in the vicinity were heavily damaged while more than 50 cars were destroyed.

NATO planes, with two missiles, totally destroyed two buildings of Ministry of Interior Affairs. According to unofficial information, Milomir Aksentijevic from Leposavici and Hasim Mesehrani from Kosovska Mitrovica were killed in that attack.

520 persons killed in aggression on FRY

BELGRADE - From April 26, NATO aggressors have been attacking exclusively civilians, and that can not be excused, Serb Health Minister Leposava Milicevic and Spokesman of Foreign Minstry Nebojsa Vujovic said a press conference, held in the Yugoslav Army Central club, on Sunday.

From April 26 to May 2, seventy-six people were killed in NATO aggression, while another 47 passengers of "Nis express" were killed when NATO aviation attacked bridge near Luzani. Sixteen people were heavily injured in that accident.

Leposava Milicevic said that 520 persons were killed and 400 were seriously injured, from the beginning of aggression, and added:

"Unfortunately, the list of victims is not final, because many bodies have been massacred, so they are not identified yet".

Novi Sad

In the night between Saturday and Sunday, NATO aviation attacked civilian facilities in Novi Sad, Krusevac, Kraljevo, Pozega, Cacak, Sombor and Belgrade

Two Bridges Completely Destroyed

Two bridges in Krusevac - on the River Sava, near the village of Bivolje and on the River Juzna Morava in the village of Djunis, were destroyed in NATO attack in the night between Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday, around 1.50 a.m. eleven missiles were fired on Oil Refinery in Novi Sad.

The villages of Zdravcici and Glumac, in the vicinity of Pozega were on target, too. Two missiles hit an already destroyed storage of "Jugopetrol" in Zdravcici, while one missile hit family house of Zarko Djokic in Glumac.


NATO confessed the crime

BRUSSELES - NATO officials took the responsibility for an attack on "Nis ekspres" bus, when at least 34 persons were killed. NATO officials stated that target was bridge, while the bus was hit unintentionally.

Five persons were lightly injured when the village of Vitanovac near Kraljevo was bombed.

On Sunday, around 2.00 a.m. four detonations were heard in Sombor. One missile hit the area between Surcin and Jakovo, around 2.10 a.m. At the same time, strong detonations were heard in the region of village Simanovci in Srem.

Two detonations near Nis were heard around 2.00 a.m.

In the village of Nakucani near Sabac

Yugoslav Army Downed NATO Helicopter

BELGRADE - Serbian Television (RTS) broadcast on Sunday, snapshot of American plane F-16, which was downed in the village of Nakucani, near Sabac, on Saturday evening.

According to RTS report, Yugoslav Army has blocked that area. Our soldiers have been seeking for the pilot, who, according to witnesses, catapulted himself when plane was hit.

Referring to unofficial sources, RTS reported that at least one helicopter with 20 commandos was downed, during the rescuing of pilot.

Harrier Fell in the Waters of the Adriatic Sea

BRUSSELES - NATO aviation, in only 24 hours lost two of its planes. Harrier plane, which fell in the Adriatic Sea, too.

Jamie Shea, NATO Spokesman said that Harrier fell on Friday, around 2.15 p.m. in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, some 40 kilometers from Italian port Brindizi.

Freed American Soldiers Left Yugoslavia

BELGRADE - Three American soldiers, who were captured in FRY and released on Sunday morning, went to Zagreb. There they will be transported to Germany.

Former prisoners of war repeated that their treatment in Yugoslavia was "very good".

Christopher Stone, one of the prisoners said:

"Guards were very correct and kind. When we left them, we were all sad, because we knew that this war would be continued. They (guards) were very good with us, but now they must stay there."

Stone explained that he was injured only while resisting the capture.

"After that, there were no more harassment", Stone said.

"When I was captured I thought that the first thing I would do if they ever release me, would be to drink Coca-Colla. But we drank it here ", Andry Ramirez said.

The third soldier Steven Gonsales did not give any statement.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, who came to Belgrade on Thursday, as a head of American religious leaders, came with soldiers to Press-center of Yugoslav Army, on Sunday.

"Happiness caused by release of American soldiers is limited by sad reality. Many innocent people were killed in NATO campaign. We strongly support peaceful solution of conflict", states American delegation.

American delegation thanked to the Serbian Orthodox Church, Serb Patriarch Pavle and other religious representatives in FRY for the efforts they made to release American soldiers.

NATO Spokesman Jamie Shea said

Campaign Will be Continued

BRUSSELS - NATO hails the releasment of three American soldiers who were captured in Yugoslavia, but we will not stop our campaign of bombing as long as Belgrade does not fulfill all demands set by International Community, NATO Spokesman Jamie Shea said on Sunday.

Macedonian Teritorry Must not be Used for Offensive

SKOPLJE - Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov said on Sunday, during the meeting with a group of American Congressmans, that territory of this country must not be used for offensivePredsednik Republike Makedonije Kiro Gligorov rekao je u nedelju, prilikom susreta sa grupom američkih kongresmena, da se teritorija ove države ne može koristiti za ofanzivna dejstva protiv bilo kog suseda, uključujući i Jugoslaviju.

Gligorov je potvrdio stav ove države da se, u traženju rešenja kosmetske krize, ne smeju menjati ni postojeće granice na Balkanu, jer to bi proširilo sukobe u regionu.

Pope Prays for Peace in the Balkans

VATICAN - Pope John Paul II called all Catholics in the world to pray this month, for peace in the Balkans, in Africa and every place where violence rules, foreign media reported on Sunday.

Parliamentary delegations of Russian Federation and USA agreed

The way out should be found with the UN's assistance

VIENNA - At the meeting held in Vienna, Russian and USA parliamentary delegations stated that solution for Kosovo crises should be find "within the UN Charter and that leading role should be given to the UN Security Council and it's five permanent members".

- After our discussion, around 2 a.m. we sent a document to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. His representative told us that there was no reason why Yugoslavia would not want to accept our basic plan, - American Congressman Kurt Voladan said.

Yugoslav businessman Dragomir Karic participated in talks, as a councilor of Russian parliamentary delegation. Vladimir Riskov, Victor Chernomirdin, Vladimir Lukin and Aleksandar Sabanov were present at talks, too.

Cartoons Strike Back

VALJEVO - Dusan Arsenic, well known caricaturist from Valjevo makes his little media war every day. On the best way he knows. With his cartoons, Arsenic unmasks the real face of aggressor. Advertising agency "Valjevac" presents his work on the most visited Internet sites in the world.



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