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 25. April 1999
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Refugees in Gucevo on NATO target

LOZNICA - Three missiles of NATO aviation hit, on Saturday around 20.00, region of mountain Gucevo, 10 kilometers Southeast of Loznica.

According to witnesses, the missiles burst near the mountain cottage where banished Serbs from Croatia were settled. Some of them are injured.

Another four detonations were heard about 20.50 in the area of Gucevo.

Vranje on the target again

VRANJE - Six missiles of NATO aviation hit, on Saturday around 17.30, Northwest part of Vranje and wide area of that town.

According to the first information, there are no killed or injured people, but material damage is huge.

Five boys killed by cluster bomb

PRISTINA - Five boys are killed, and two are seriously injured by NATO's cluster bomb on Saturday, in village of Doganovic, 15 kilometers south of Urosevac.

Following are the names of murdered boys: Edon (3), Fisnik (9), Osman (13), Burim (14) and Vajdet (15) Kodza.

Two injured boys were taken to the hospital in Pristina.

Another four shepherd's boys were wounded when NATO cluster bomb exploded on the meadow near the village where they were guarding the cattle. Their parents think that children probably found the bomb and tried to open it.

Chernomirdin will meet NATO leadership soon

MOSCOW - Victor Chernomirdin, a Special Representative of Russian President for Yugoslavia, said that German Chancellor Gerhard Shroeder and other leaders of NATO member countries invited him to the meeting, where solutions for solving Kosovo crises would be considered.

- We will decide on Sunday where would we go and weather will we meet at all. It is a serious question - Chernomirdin said. He added that it is possible that the meeting could be held in Washington or Bonn, but in some other cities, too.

Milosevic meets Samaruga on Sunday

GENEVE - Cornelio Samaruga, the Head of the International Red Cross Committee, should meet on Sunday in Belgrade Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, to discuss the return of ICRC activists to Kosovo, Amanda Williamson, a spokesperson of the ICRC said on Saturday.

Slobodan Milosevic met with FRY leadership

Aid for the people in danger

BELGRADE - Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic met with FRY leadership on Saturday to discuss the most important questions of civil interests and defense of the country.

A special attention was paid to the measures that should be undertaken in order to moderate the consequences of NATO constant bombing of civil sites.

"Difficult humanitarian situation in Kosovo and Metohija is caused by bombing of cities and villages. Attacks initiated evacuation of people regardless to their nationality and religion", says in a statement issued after the meeting.

Yugoslav Army Headquarters dismissed NATO's allegations

FRY neither produces, nor uses chemical weapons

BEOLGRADE - Yugoslav Army Headquarters dismissed allegations that VJ uses radioactive weapons, and said that NATO is the one that is using such weapons.

- Yugoslavia does not have projects and constructions for producing war-poisons or chemical weapons, and it's army does not have or use inhuman and forbidden war means - Yugoslav Army Headquarters stated on Saturday.

Day 31st of NATO Aggression Against Yugoslavia - Novi Sad, Nis, Kraljevo, Gornji Milanovac and Novi Pazar Targeted

Nis Remains Without Water and Electricity Supplies

Eight missiles rained down on the Novi Sad area, some of them blasting oil refinery facilities that had been razed to the ground in previous raids. 26 missiles fired at the Nis area. One person was injured and a part of the city remained without water and electricity supplies.

Early on Saturday, around 3:00 a.m., a fuel storage depot in Bogutovac was hit. One of the missiles ended up in the village of Brezna near Gornji Milanovac and destroyed a residential house.

Between late Friday and early Saturday, more than 20 missiles rained down on the Novi Pazar area, causing enormous material damage. Around the same time, over 20 missiles hit the area of the Kosovo capital Pristina. Missiles were fired at the Grmija picnic grounds, northeast of the city, the Slatina airfield, the Belacevac residential area and Mt. Goles in the Lipljan area. Bombing of the region continued later on Saturday morning, when as many as 20 missiles were fired in half an hour only.

Serbs Protest Silently Against Mindless NATO Bombing of State TV Headquarters

Don't Forgive Them, Lord! They Know What They Are Doing!

BELGRADE - An endless procession of at least 30,000 people marched through downtown Belgrade on Saturday. With candles and flowers in their hands, the Serbs expressed their silent protest against and frustration with the mindless NATO bombing of the Serbian State Television (RTS) headquarters. Thousands of prayers were whispered, with one question only: Why? Why bomb the innocent?

The procession departed from the Republic Square. The concert was cancelled. Now it is not time for singing.

"As you can see, Riblja Corba band is here, but today we are not going to play or sing. Let's set out quietly to the St. Mark Church and show the world the glory of the Serbian soul," Bora Djordjevic, frontman of the popular band told protesters.

Carrying at the head of the column a banner, saying "Belgrade Is the World", people set out in silence to the site of the RTS building that was blasted early on Friday. The Belgrade City authorities officials, Yugoslav federal Information Minister Milan Komnenic, and many public figures joined the peaceful protest.

"A magnificent rally in suffering Belgrade," a British reporter speaks before the camera.

"Don't forgive them, Lord, they know what they are doing," said one of the banners. Outside the RTS building, tens of thousands of candles were lit. With their heads bent, people stood in their silent protest against the sinful, blasphemous force.

Group of About Hundred German Mothers, Whose Sons Serve in NATO Force in Macedonia, Protest in Belgrade

Bring Our Sons Back

BELGRADE - On Saturday, as thousands of Belgraders were paying tribute to Serbian Television employees killed in NATO bombing near the ruins of TV building in Aberdareva Street, on the opposite side, in Takovska Street, numerous camera crews gathered around passengers getting off the buses with the Subotica plates. However, they were not residents of the northern Serbian town. Words in German exchanged among about 100 women, men and youths reminded the cameramen that German mothers kept their promise to come to Belgrade and stop the war.

Waving back with flowers, German visitors took out their banners, saying "Friendly Convoy". They wore T-shirts with a white pigeon as their symbol, as paralleled to our "targets". "Mothers Against War" and "Peace Now" peace organizations from eastern part of Germany came to Belgrade to express their support of the Serbs and the truth.

Ilona Rothe, whose son serves in NATO forces in Macedonia, opened the protest.

"I came here as a mother to appeal to all parents not to send their sons to NATO forces. I could not prevent them take away my son," Ilona said with resolve. It is necessary, she says, that all mothers of Europe learn the truth.

A tall young man in the column of German nationals moving slowly towards Belgrade's St. Mark Church wore on his back a banner with the following message: "We came to Belgrade via Prague, Vienna, Budapest, to express our solidarity with brave people in this region."

Yugoslav Ambassador to Russia in CNN's "Larry King Live" Program

Yugoslavia Ready to Face Ground Troops

WASHINGTON - Yugoslav ambassador to Russia Borislav Milosevic, in a televised interview, said that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic did not worry about his safety and would not negotiate with NATO until air strikes on Serbia were suspended.

"Yugoslav President is not concerned about his safety, He protects interests of his country and his people, and that is his greatest concern," Ambassador Milosevic said in CNN's "Larry King Live" program.

Milosevic, when asked about NATO's possible ground operation in Yugoslavia, said:

"We are ready to face the troops."

Greek President Opposes NATO Official Policy

Air Strikes Cannot Solve Problem

WASHINGTON - Greek President Costas Simitis called on NATO member states to try harder to find a political settlement to the Kosovo problem.

"Air strikes failed to stop ethnic cleansing. Rather, they intensified it," specified Simitis.

In Washington, where he attends NATO summit, Simitis also noted that aggression against Yugoslavia did not bring about a plunge in Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's popularity in the country.

NATO Defense Ministers Endorse Oil and Arms Shipments Control to Yugoslavia

Authorization For Ship Verification

WASHINGTON - NATO defense ministers agreed in principle to authorize the West alliance's marine forces check up ships suspected of shipping oil or arms supplies to Yugoslavia.

NATO force Supreme Commander Europe Wesley Clark was instructed to work out rules of engagement for the operation that is expected to get the approval of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) in the next few days, a NATO top official told reporters.

According to the official, NATO believes such an operation is legitimate under the international law, making any relevant resolution by the UN unnecessary.

Amnesty International Demands Explanation for NATO Bombing of Serbian Television

Serbian State Television Is Not A Military Target

WASHINGTON - Amnesty International, a non-governmental human rights group, asked NATO on Saturday for an explanation why the Serbian State Television headquarters in Belgrade was targeted by the West alliance's forces.

"On the basis of available information, we do not see how the attack can be justified. We ask NATO for an urgent explanation of its reasons," an Amnesty International statement signed by Paul Miller says.

International Exhibition on Internet

Who Is Next?

BELGRADE - Serbian Applied Arts and Designers Association (ULUPUDS) calls on Yugoslav and international professional and amateur photographers to take part in the international WEB exhibition of photographs titled "Who Is Next?"

The exhibition, initiated with the aim to show to the world public a genuine truth about tragic developments in Yugoslavia and stop NATO aggression, will be on a WEB address: or

Actress Vesna Trivalic Talks About "The Canary Soup" Play

I Agreed to Be a Spice in the Soup

A peacetime story for the lonely who did not want to or dare taste a marriage

BELGRADE - Tihomir Stanic (as husband Mihajlo Medovic) and Vesna Trivalic (in a role of his wife, Jelena Stanisavljevic) starred in the first play written by a movie director Milos Radovic and directed by Vida Ognjenovic. "The Canary Soup" had its premiere on the Atelier 212 Theater Small Stage in Belgrade on Saturday.

On a stage envisioned by scenographer Darko Nedeljkovic as a "kitchen pot" with a slightly "burned-out" bottom, this completely peacetime story, despite hard times we are living in, reminded the audience of some universal values - of all emotional nuances implied by love and marriage.

- "The Canary Soup" is a play written for all the lonely who wanted to but dared not marry, as well as those who did not want it at all, - says actress Vesna Trivalic. - My case is a completely different story. I felt I wanted to marry for the first time when I was a five-year old girl. Later, however, I forgot the idea altogether. That is why this play is the only occasion in which I agreed to be a good or bad "spice" in a "soup".

50 Wartime Performances on National Theater Stage

Art Offers Comfort, Hope and Encouragement

BELGRADE - George Biset's opera "Carmen" directed by Borislav Popovic will be performed on the National Theater stage in Belgrade on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. Jelena Vlahovic sings in the main role, with the participation of Nikola Kitanovski, Visnja Pavlovic and Goran Gligoric. Bojan Sudjic conducts the Orchestra.

Jelena Vlahovic, a mezzo-soprano, says:

"It is my first role in wartime, at the same time marking 50th performance on the National Theater stage in these hard times. It is a sad anniversary, but we are all in top form, both physically and mentally. Art is always, and particularly in these hard times, the one that gives a ray of light and hope and offers comfort and encouragement."

Miroslav Djukic, Yugoslav international soccer player now in Valencia, finds himself in the political arena

No One Asks Ordinary People

In these troubled times, to write a story about sports is almost an impossible mission. For when we telephoned Miroslav Djukic, Valencia's main defense player, wartime talk started immediately.

"Bombing of the Serbian TV headquarters is an act of vandalism. To bomb people who work there is to… Well, I am speechless. I cannot find words to express my anger! They could have jammed the program if they had wanted to do it. But they decided to kill people instead.

As for the Spanish media and the Spaniards, Djukic says:

"It is widely known how the media must report and what they can broadcast or publish. However, no one can swallow these obvious lies any more. Claims that our president Slobodan Milosevic is the only problem sound ridiculous. It is obvious that they are dropping bombs with an expired guarantee period and that they want to make a sort of impression on the world that they won a victory. In fact, ordinary people know the whole truth and they are against aggression, but, unfortunately, no one asks them.


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