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Macedonian police and NATO soldiers fight

SKOPJE - Macedonian police had tried on Monday to investigate the crash site in Skopska Crna Gora, where hit NATO plane shut down two days ago, but aggressors troops that blocked that region did not allow them to conduct an investigation.

Macedonian policemen went into fight with NATO soldiers, first with a fist, and then with weapons, TV A-1 from Skopje informed, referring to reliable sources.

Crash of another two NATO planes

Brussels- Two Belgian planes, a part of NATO air forces, crashed on Monday afternoon, during a "routine" exercise, and were shut down in Brussels neighborhood.

Pilots of planes Alpha Jet managed to eject themselves. Planes belong to military base Bovenstine, local media informed.

This is the third case in the last 30 days that Belgian planes from NATO, which support Alliance's bombardiers actions in Yugoslavia, were destroyed.

Russian Patriarch Arrives in Belgrade

BELGRADE - Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexei II arrives in Belgrade on Wednesday, the bishop of Backa, Irinej, told a press conference in Belgrade.

Russian Patriarch, together with Serbian Patriarch Pavle and bishops, is scheduled to hold a liturgy on Wednesday at 9.00 a.m. outside St. Sava Cathedral Church in Belgrade's quarter of Vracar. Liturgy will be held on the plateau outside St. Sava Cathedral because the presence of a huge number of people is expected. After the service, both Patriarchs will address the audience.

Russian Patriarch is also scheduled to meet Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and his Serbian counterpart Milan Milutinovic.


Sound Barrier Breached

On Monday morning, at 9.55 a.m., air raid alarms sounded in Nis. Immediately after that a blast was heard. According to early reports, it was probably caused by the breach of the sound barrier because the roar of planes was heard shortly afterwards.

A powerful detonation was heard in the area of Boljevac, Zajecar and Bor on Monday after 10.00 a.m. An enemy aircraft that breached the sound barrier while overflowing Boljevac caused the blast

NATO Aggression Continues Throughout Serbia

Civilian Facilities Targeted Again

Criminal NATO aircraft struck several targets throughout Serbia between Sunday night and Monday morning. Huge material damage was inflicted, but, luckily, there were no casualties in the attacks. Cities of Pristina, Novi Sad, Subotica, Backa Palanka, Sremska Mitrovica, Kraljevo, Paracin, and Obrenovac were targeted

Three powerful blasts were heard in the area of Sremska Mitrovica early Monday morning, around 1.20 a.m. In their destructive rampage, NATO aircraft tried to pull down "May 25th" bridge over the Danube that connects Backa Palanka with Ilok.

Early Monday, around 1.30 a.m., Vojvodina's provincial government headquarters in downtown Novi Sad was hit. At the same time, the area to the southeast of downtown Paracin, accommodating refugees from Bosnia and Croatia, was pounded with 11 missiles. Ten minutes later, the wider area of Subotica was air raided. Several blasts were heard at the same time to the southeast of Kraljevo, from the direction of the village of Bogutovac. In the area of Bogutovacka Banja, several public facilities were struck and some private homes were damaged. The Mineral Hotel suffered a huge damage. Early Monday, around 1.50 a.m., powerful blast were also heard in Baric, in the municipality of Obrenovac.

Late Sunday, the wider area of Pristina was pounded with 12 missiles (the hill of Goles and civil airport of Slatina were again targeted). Coal mine Belacevac, settlement Bair near Kosovska Mitrovica, and Podujevo were also struck with missiles. The bridge near the village of Visoka, on the Kursumlija-Pristina highway, was also raided. On Monday, around 10.00 p.m., TV transmitter on Mokra Gora was targeted, while around noon the hill of Goles was pounded. At the same time, in Leskovac, a powerful blast was heard.

Russian President Holds Consultations With Top Military and Political Officials In Kremlin

No Military Solution to Yugoslav Problem

MOSCOW - Attempts at solving the crisis in the Balkans by force have no prospects so Russia will continue to make active efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict, Russian presidential special envoy to Yugoslavia Viktor Chernomyrdin said immediately after half-an-hour long consultations of Russian top military and political leadership early Monday in President Yeltsin's Office in the Kremlin.


Aggressor Does Not Strike Military Targets

Russian Defense Minister Ygor Sergeyev said that NATO makes preparations to extend its aggression on Yugoslavia with ground troops.

"It seems as if ground operation were underway," said Sergeyev after meeting Russian President Boris Yeltsin. According to him, bombing of Yugoslavia affects "the economy, civilian targets, energy sector, factories and telecommunications," but military targets remain unaffected.

"Russia intends to hold intensive talks and discussions both with the Yugoslav side and the NATO leadership," said Chernomyrdin.

Meanwhile, President Yeltsin decided to meet U.S. President Bill Clinton's demand to discuss jointly the situation around Yugoslavia by telephone. The conversation, as it is reported, is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Russian President said that Russia would not let the West defeat Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and establish its control over Yugoslavia, Reuters news agency reports citing Russian state news agency ITAR-TASS.

Russian Black Sea Fleet Opens Military Exercises

MOSCOW - Russian Black Sea Fleet started on Monday its regular spring military exercise, Reuters reports.

No order for deployment of warships in the Mediterranean was given, said Black Sea Fleet spokesman at its main navy base of Sevastopol.

The exercise includes 23 warships, 10 support ships and 700 marine troops, said the spokesman and added that, after two-day-long tactical exercises, ships would sail out on Wednesday. Besides marine landing exercises, about 20 cruise missiles would be launched, said the spokesman.

46th Yugoslav Documentary and Short Film Festival Closes

Grand Prix for Moral Courage

BELGRADE - 46th Yugoslav Documentary and Short Film Festival closed in Belgrade's Youth House Theater on Monday. In a closing ceremony, the awarded films were presented to the audience. The Jury of the Festival (consisting of Trifu Doru, Zarko Dragojevic, Nikola Rudic, Goran Terzic and Radoslav Vladic) awarded the documentary "Markale" directed by Mihailo P. Ilic (EHP-RTS TV Belgrade co-production) with the Grand Prix of the Festival "for its moral courage, research work and first-class virtuosity in exposing media manipulations".

Seven Belgrade Golden Prizes were also awarded for bests films in general. Laurels of these prizes were Jelena Bojovic-Koprivica ("The Garic Tower") and Ivan Markov ("Competition"). Slobodan Golubovic Leman (director of "The Ballad About Bread and Apples") was awarded for the best short feature film, directors Rastko Ciric ("Dear Children") and Slobodan Milic ("Crows") were rewarded for best animated films, Vladimir Borisavljevic ("Life of a Chess Player") for the experimental one, and Milivoje Nestorovic ("The Nest") for mini film up to three minutes. Award for the best movie selection presented at the Festival went to "Dunav Film" productions of Belgrade.

Yugoslav Director Srdjan Hadzic Returns European Prize for Military Films

NATO Kills My People

BELGRADE - Yugoslav director Srdjan Hadzic, recipient of a special award at the first International Military Film Festival "Peace Through Partnership", has decided to return the prize to Festival organizers in protest of criminal NATO aggression on our country.

"I return the prize I was awarded by the Military Film Association of West European countries, members of NATO, because that criminal organization is now killing my people, destroying our hospitals, schools, homes, factories and invaluable cultural and historical monuments that belong to the European and world heritage," Hadzic wrote in his letter.

Director Hazic was awarded for his film titled "Treatment of Mentally Traumatized Persons in War".


$9.5 million Damage Compensation Request

"Belgrade Zoo appeals to the International Court of Justice, upon investigation and fact-finding, as well as veterinary examinations, to bring a verdict against the U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Norway, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Finland and Luxembourg, and fine them with total $9.5 million on grounds of:

- the pain suffered by the animals in attempt of male members to establish physical contacts with their females and the aggressiveness they showed after the desired but failed contact - $1,000,000 fine
- the fear experienced by animals - $1,000,000 fine
- the reduction of general sexual activities among the male population - $2,000,000 fine
- the marginalized status symbol of masculinity among the population of larger animals - $1,500,000 fine
- the mental sufferings caused by unrealized sexual contacts among animals - $2,000,000 fine
- material expenses of stimulation and medical treatments - $1,000,000 fine
- the reduced personal income of the Zoo employees due to the sharp decrease in the number of visitors and the degradation of educational conditions of the institution - $1,000,000 fine.

Belgrade Zoo Director Brings Charges Against NATO to International Court of Justice in the Hague

NATO Aggression Threatens Animal Reproduction

BELGRADE - Vuk Bojovic, Belgrade Zoo Director, brought to the International Court of Justice in the Hague charges against all NATO member states participating in the aggression on Yugoslavia, on grounds of threatening lives and biological survival of animals at the Belgrade Zoo.

"By its activities amounting to criminal offenses, the Accused have disturbed the natural balance, preventing the reproduction course of animal species at the territory of the Prosecutor, thus influencing the global survival of the fauna population. Without animal species man is doomed to die of sorrow, and the Accused, by their genocide activities in the last ten days of strikes, have caused a partial extermination of some fauna population in the tract of the Prosecutor," a Belgrade Zoo Director charge says.

"At the sound of air raid alarms, animals lose their natural reproductive instincts by ignoring the members of the opposite sex.

"Such behavior of the animals also affects the performance of the Zoo employees who, due to the above reasons, are witnessing a disappearance of the animal species they cared for with love and attention, thus contributing to the education of children in this, currently bloodbathed, country."


Three Yugoslav Army Reservists Rewarded With Leave

Rewards for Downing NATO Bomber

VRANJE - Yugoslav Army major Zlatibor Jovanovic ordered that reservists Sasa Zivkovic from Svrljig, Aleksandar Topalovic from Cacak and Rajko Popovic from Sabac, who shot down two NATO bombers and a missile and inflicted damage to a NATO A-10 aircraft on April 14-15, be rewarded with leave.

Each of them was rewarded with a seven-day leave for downing enemy planes, and additional five days for damaging the aggressor's aircraft.

Serb-American Mixed Marriage

NICOSIA - Marriage between a Serb bride and an American groom has shown that love does not recognize any hurdles. Even bombs dropped by US-led aggressive NATO aircraft could not smother their feelings of love.

Steve Rees, 31, an American of Maryland, Ohio, married 23-year old Serb Tatiana Tomanovic, law student, last Sunday in Cyprus.

Steve and Tatiana met in Belgrade before NATO started its criminal aggression on Yugoslavia.


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