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Ten Serbian Towns Air Raided by NATO on Wednesday Night

Civilians and Monasteries Targeted Again

BELGRADE - The 23rd day of aggression, between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, criminal NATO aviation targeted numerous, mainly civilian facilities, in 10 Serbian towns, inflicting huge material damage.

Serbian cities and towns of Belgrade, Pristina, Kursumlija, Kragujevac, Cacak, Uzice, Valjevo, Nis, Krusevac and Kraljevo were all targeted.

KURSUMLIJA - On Wednesday, around 9.30 p.m., the settlement of Pepeljevac near Kursumlija was air raided. Three civilians were injured in the attack and the bridge over the Toplica River, on the Nis-Pristina road, was destroyed.

KRAGUJEVAC - NATO aircraft attacked Kragujevac in two turns on Wednesday night, first hitting downtown Kragujevac where a fire broke out as a result, and then the surroundings of the Memorial Park of Sumarice.

At least two missiles were hit and shot down by Yugoslav air defense. Facilities suffered an enormous material damage and one man was seriously wounded.

CACAK - Late Wednesday night and early Thursday, aggressor's missiles hit and damaged the Serbian Radio Television (RTS) transmitters on Mt. Ovcar near Cacak and Mt. Zlatibor near Uzice.

VALJEVO - In the surroundings of the town of Valjevo, 15 minutes after midnight, a powerful blast was heard. NATO aircraft raided the area of the village of Prilincevic, 15 kilometers away from Valjevo.

NIS - Early on Thursday, at 4.40 a.m., NATO aircraft targeted the city of Nis again. Six to seven powerful blasts were heard in the Nis wider area caused by the missiles that fell down not far away from the city.

KRUSEVAC - NATO aviation hit with two missiles and destroyed the bridge over the Zapadna Morava River, in the village of Jasika, on early Thursday, at 0.20 a.m. The aggressor also targeted the city's "14th October" factory and the Sports Hall at 4.50 a.m.

KRALJEVO - Early Thursday, around 2.15 a.m., strong blasts were heard in Kraljevo and its surroundings. Villages to the west of the town were attacked, where, besides broken windows, huge material damage was inflicted to residential and other facilities.

BELGRADE - Due to explosions of several missiles that NATO aircraft launched near the hill of Strazevica in Belgrade's suburbs of Rakovica on Thursday at 1.32 a.m., a large number of windows on residential facilities and houses were broken in suburbs of Rakovica and nearby Miljakovac. A number of civilians were injured by broken glass.

A medieval monastery of St. Archangel Gavrilo in Rakovica, Medical Secondary School, local Medical Center and four public libraries were seriously damaged in the attack.

VRANJE - On Thursday, at 11.05 a.m., NATO air force targeted again the southern Serbian town of Vranje and the Pcinja district area, this time with nine missiles. An enormous material damage was inflicted, while there were no reports of casualties.

PRISTINA - NATO aggressor aircraft, which flew intensively over Pristina on Wednesday night, launched three missiles at 8.35 p.m. to the northeast and east of the city.

PRESEVO - NATO bombers simultaneously struck with eight missiles the wider area of several villages near Presevo that are mostly populated with the ethnic Albanians. So far there are no reports of human casualties or material damage.

PEC - NATO aircraft struck with two missiles the military barracks in Pec between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

More than ten cluster bombs were dropped on Mt. Pastrik, while NATO aircraft, in two rounds, struck the villages on Mt. Cicavica both with missiles and cluster bombs.

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Several missiles hit the suburbs of Kosovska Mitrovica. Several homes were damaged during the attack. There are still no reports of casualties.

LOZNICA - On Thursday, in NATO air raid, a communication relay on Mt. Jagodina above Krupanj was hit and destroyed, causing the severing of telephone lines in the area. As a result, the district of Radjevina cannot watch the program of the Serbian state television (RTS).

Glas Javnosti reporters visit the family of Dejan Bojkovic who was killed on the job in the first NATO bombing of refinery plant in Pancevo

Fatal Dawn of the Third Shift

The Bojkovic family, together with all other villagers of Jabuka, is in mourning for three men who were killed in the first NATO attack on the refinery power plant in Pancevo. Spring came on time to this quiet village near Pancevo. Only death came earlier than the spring.

Railroad Bridge Over the Lim River Destroyed

UZICE - Railroad bridge over the Lim River, on a section of the Belgrade-Bar railway line, was destroyed on Thursday around 1.30 p.m. following a renewed NATO attack.

The bridge, for the most part, fell down into the river. Only 20 to 30 meters of the bridge construction remained in place on both riverbanks.

An enemy plane that raided the bridge was hit and shot down near the village of Mazici in the municipality of Priboj, eyewitnesses claim.

Yugoslav and Foreign Journalists Visit the Site of NATO Attack on Ethic Albanian Refugee Column

Innocents Victims of Criminals

DJAKOVICA - About 70 Yugoslav and foreign journalists, led by the Yugoslav Army Press Center, left for the town of Djakovica on Thursday morning to visit the site where NATO aircraft had attacked the refugee column of civilian vehicles on Wednesday, killing more than 70 people.

Criminal aircraft, in two rounds, bombed on Wednesday around 3.00 p.m. the ethnic Albanian refugee column consisting of about 100 vehicles on the Djakovica-Prizren road. In their second round, the aircraft attacked the column by the bridge near the village of Bistrazin. At least 64 civilians were killed and about 20 were injured during the attack.

Serbian state television (RTS) broadcast the shots made by APTV agency on the Djakovica-Prizren road, showing civilians and a few policemen take away the killed and injured, with several seriously damaged houses along the road in the background and a large number of destroyed and damaged cars and tractors.

In support of peaceful solution of the Kosovo crisis

Argentinean Mothers Arrive In Belgrade

PARIS - A group of mothers who lost their children under the military junta in Argentina from 1976 to 1983 will arrive in Belgrade to lobby for a peaceful solution to the Kosovo crisis.

Argentinean "Plaza de Mayo" association said that its chairwoman Ebbe de Bonafini would lead a delegation to Budapest, where they are expected to meet Yugoslav diplomats and then leave for Belgrade.

Viktor Chernomyrdin, Russia's presidential special envoy to Yugoslavia

A Man of New Initiatives

MOSCOW - Russia's presidential special envoy responsible for dealing with the conflict in Yugoslavia Viktor Chernomyrdin has said in an interview to a Russian daily that the problems facing him are complex and that in the next few days he will consult the experts - government and political figures with "professional expertise on the problem".

In an interview with the Russian daily Segodnya, Chernomyrdin noted that "the world reached the critical point" and that "Russian initiative is more necessary than ever".

"Initiatives that Russia has already launched are completely acceptable. It is my duty to work on the implementation of proposals that were already made and, relying on Russian interests, launch the new ones. However, I see only one road to peace - negotiations," said Chernomyrdin.

Asked about the chances of success, Chernomyrdin replied that he "has never lost optimism", stressing that it was in particularly difficult situations that he was most optimistic.

Airlift to Yugoslavia

MOSCOW - Russia is considering humanitarian aid deliveries to Yugoslavia by road, through Romania, as well as an airlift to Belgrade, said Russian Emergency Situation Minister Sergei Shoygu.

Javier Solana, NATO Secretary-General, suggests

NATO Presence Not Necessary In Kosovo

LONDON - NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana, in an interview to the London Financial Times, suggested that NATO could accept international force in Kosovo different from those it had earlier insisted on - peace force led by NATO, that is a force similar to SFOR I Bosnia.

Humanitarian concert of Russian violinist Vladimir Spyvakov

Concerts With "Moscow Virtuosos" In Aid Of Yugoslavia

PARIS - Famous Russian violinist Vladimir Spyvakov, who works in Paris now, accepted the invitation by the Russian National Orchestra to visit Russia and together with "Moscow Virtuosos" prepare concerts to be held across Europe in order to raise funds to aid Yugoslavia.

"I am very honored - first, to lead an orchestra such as "Virtuosos", and I am honored even more by the reason for the concerts," said Spyvakov. The first grand concert to aid victims of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia will be held in "Playel", one of Paris's leading concert halls, where Russian musicians, together with French pianists, will perform the works of Beethoven, Ravel, Mozart and Franck. It will be followed by concerts in Spain and then in France again.

Russian Patriarch Alexei II Soon to Visit Belgrade

MOSCOW - Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexei II is scheduled to visit Yugoslavia on a peace mission next Tuesday, says Russian ITAR-TASS agency citing a source close to the Moscow Patriarchy.

Alexei II is expected to meet "Yugoslav leaders", as well as Serbian Patriarch Pavle, to discuss the possibility of suspending NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia.

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