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Last update: 07/04/99 16:45 (GMT +01:00)


Two dead in Vranje
Two civiliens lost their lives and 23 were wounded three days ago in the criminal bombing in Vranje. A pensioner Milica Grujic (68) from Vranje and a taximan Goran Eminovic (33) from Vranjska banja lost their lives. According to the first evaluations, a material damage higher than a 100 million dinars was caused. A huge damage suffered also the Curch of the Saint Paraskeva - the Holy Petka located on the old town Sapranac grave in Vranje.

The strongest attack of the criminal NATO aviation, 14 towns bombed

Pristina attacked in the haviest way. Novi Sad Refinery plant again on the target. On Lucane 16 missiles sent. Podgorica on the target again

In the airstrike during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday the aviation of the criminals did not choose the target- Pristina, Novi Sad, Lucani, Cacak, Kraljevo, Nis, Leskovac, Podgorica, Beograd, Pancevo, Sombor, Sremska Mitrovica, Ruma and Pec were bombed.

Pristina and its surroundings were exposed to the strongest attacks from the beginning of the agression on Yugoslavia. At least ten people lost their lives, the appartment blocks torn down in the city downtown, a building of the Post Office 1, refugees camp, 'Beopetrol' fuel storage hit in the suburban settling "Devet Jugovica", the Serbien Orthodox graveyard.. It was also hit the airport "Slatina" and the transmitters on Goles, and on the target was also the overpass bridge leading to Kosovska Mitrovica. On the territory of Gracanica and Ajvalija ten missiles were launched. Strong detonations were heard in approximity to Gnjilane. The agressors especially lunged at Gracanica.

The Refinery Plant in Novi Sad was hit yesterday at 2.45 a.m. One missile hit the storage and the other the Refinery sections which are located in the immediate vicinity of Novi Sad settling "Shanghai". In this attack were wounded Ajit Krasnici (1974), Fatima Dzemail (1984), Dija Nikolic (1918) and Bozo Drljaca (1941). Several civilien facilities were also damaged.

The factory "Milan Blagojevic" in Lucani was hit with 16 missiles. The evening before last night the agressors hit also the company "Sloboda" in Cacak. At the same time in Kraljevo downtown several strong explosions were heard from the wider area of the town.

About 23 missiles were heard on yesterday morning on the territory of Nis from the direction of the airport and the industrial zone. Millitary and civilien facilities suffered a huge damage. On the wider area of Leskovac, early in the morning, were hit some civilien facilities on the village Velika Grabovnica territory, however missiles were destroyed by antiaircraft artillery. At the same time, on the territory of Grdelica, the agressor's forces caused a huge material damage on the civilien facilities and a long-distance power line which supplies with electricity the southern part of Leskovac municipality.

In the surroundings of Podgorica five strong detonation were heard. The hill Smokovac, Dajbabska gora and the hill Ljubovic were hit. Three strong detonations were also heard in approximity of the airport Golubovci.

Several strong detonations were heard yesterday around five o'clock in a wider Belgrade area.The targets were the airports in Batajnica and Surcin. Several detonations were also heard in the surroundings of Pancevo.

At 3 a.m. the criminals bombed the surroundings of Sombor ,too. A target of the airstrike was again "Naftagas" fuel storage located ten kilometers to the east of the city in the immediate vicinity of the village Chonga and Kljaicevo. The agressors hit in the course of the same night also the barracks in Sremska Mitrovica and Ruma. Roofs were damaged on more than a hundred houses in approximity of the barrack in Sremska Mitrovica.

Yesterday around 11 o'clock the aircrafts of the criminal NATO forces bombed in several turns the barracks and civilien facilities in Pec. On the target was also the Serbien village Belo Polje. The Agressor's target was a wider area of Metohija, too.

Hubert Vedrine about the chances for Kosovo crisis solution

The West adapts Rambouillet agreement

Paris - A Head of French diplomacy Hubert Vedrine said yesterday that the West has been already working on a draft adaptation of the agreement from Rambouillet which could serve as a basis for the future diplomatic solution for Kosovo. In report to the radio "France Info", Vedrine stressed that there will come a moment when a political solution will be applied.

- We have been working on that political solution, starting with the agreement from Rambouillet to decide what to save and what to change, added Vedrine.

Contact group meets today

BRUSSELS - In Brussels today will be held a meeting of the Contact group on which the only topic will be a question of Kosovo. The conference will be held, as reported, on the level of the political directors in charge of foreign affairs. The members of the Contact group for the former Yugoslavia are the USA, Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy. This is the first time that the members of the Contact group meet after the unsuccessful negotiations about a peaceful solution in Kosovo which were recently held in Rambouillet and Paris.

Dejan Savicevic sends a letter to Predrag Mijatovic

Dear Pedja,
You scored the nicest goal in your life. Everybody knew what a great player you are, but now the whole world knows what kind of a man you are.

Tell them they have underestimated you and all of us by this penalty. Is it only 30,000$ for the love for the fatherland and the nation.

Since I have not that option, make a pause, please, at least for one more match. On my account.

They should know who and what we are.

Your Dejo

Spiros Ciprianu, a President of Cyprus Parliament, said yesterday

Belgrade releases the American soldiers

Athens - Under suggestion from Greece, Belgrade accepted to release and through Cyprus deliver to the USA the three American marines captured by the Yugoslav army last Wednesday near the Macedonian border, reports Greek state news agency ANA from Nicosia.

Acting President of Cyprus and Speaker of the Parliament Spiros Ciprianu, reports ANA, told a press conference yesterday that the President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, "informed Nicosia about his readiness to release the three captured Americans as the act of good will".

Milosevic suggested to hand over the three Americans to the Government of Cyprus which will then deliver them to the USA embassy in Nicosia, reports ANA.

Ciprianu said that " he will very soon leave for Athens wherefrom he'll travel to Belgrade by plane which Greek Government has put on his use."

"Washington Post" comments on the American politics in the Balkans

Albright wages here private war in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

WASHINGTON - Wrong estimates of the Secretary of State Madelain Albright dragged the USA and the allies into the war in Europe along with the consequences which it was supposed to prevent, writes yesterday issue of the "Washington Post".

- - In the course of the whole 1998. Olbreight kept repeating that Slobodan Milosevic reacts to the threat with force- writes a daily, and adds that a collective underestimation of Milosevic's persistence drove NATO into the war in the air, and that State Department officials are now obliged to reject the statements saying that a war in Yugoslavia is "Olbreight's war". In spite of that, "Post" adds that the bombing of Yugoslavia points to the key principles of her world point of view - born in Czechoslovakia, as a child was two times a refugee and beleives that the USA and the allies together have to control the agression all over the world.

-Her biography explains her standpoints - said one American diplomacy man.

- In the last 14 months we have made four scenarioes for the force application - said one of the high officials.

-According to the first one, Milosevic would step back in front of the threat, under the other would let up after several airstrikes, under the third he would enter a battle but give up after the first strike and according to the last one he would act as at the times has done Iraq and Sadam Husein, said the offical man to the newspaper.

The newspaper states that the officials today admit they are shocked by Milosevic's refusal to accept the document offered in Rambouillet, especially for the reason which, in spite of wide autonomy for the Albaniens, plans a part of the safety foces stay on Kosovo.

Russian Federation War Fleet Headquarters

Four Russian ships ready for action

Moscow - Four Russian warships of the Black Sea fleet are ready , if ordered, to sail to the conflict region on the Balkans, carries the agency Interfaks referring to the Russian Federation War Fleet Headquarters. The agency states that a big ship to fight the submurine "Kerch", a back up ship "Pitlivi", as well as huge landing ships "Azov" and "Filcenkov" have some additional tasks before beginning of the extensive fleet forces maneuvers planned for April 19th.

The Headquarter's representative stated that the incease of battle readiness of the ships is connected with the conflict on Kosovo since in the usual regime there are usually one or two ships engaged.

As explained by the headquarter's representative, a constant battle readiness demands full fuel tanks and a complete armament. In case of necessity they are ready to leave the port within 24 hours.

Rijeka`s "Novi List" Daily Claims

NATO Base In Osijek?

RIJEKA (Beta) - NATO requested on Saturday to establish the state of the airport Klisa near Osijek, 150 kilometers far away from Belgrade, says "Novi List" daily of Rijeka, citing unofficial sources.

According to "Novi List", the Osijek airport could meet the needs of most NATO aircraft, but it would be used as a NATO logistics and humanitarian aid base, rather than for combat missions.

The Osijek airport already served as an UNPROFOR and UNTAES base in the past, concludes "Novi List".

Lidiya Pilipenko, National Theatre Ballet Director, announces

Ashen Atalyants Arrives In Belgrade

The fact that Ashen Atalyants, now a soloist of Berlin`s State Opera, prepares to come to Belgrade this month to see her friends and colleagues and to have three performances for all the Belgraders, indicates how much she belongs to the Serbian National Theatre. In these hard times for our country, Ashen calls us every day, demonstrating her loyalty, true love and wish to be with us. Ashen enjoys full understanding of her colleagues in the Berlin Stadts Opera. She was even told that she could come to Belgrade and perform any time, says Lidiya Pilipenko, director of the National Theatre Ballet, adding that in these hard times the Ballet performs major works from its repertoire both on the small and big stage.

It is exciting to see people queuing in front of the theatre in times when we are more concerned about our subsistence problems. This is the place to create a new man, to cleanse the spirit and mind. On stage, artists defend their characters, while in real life they are just ordinary people in whom you may -- or may not -- recognize either morality or art. Now I do not accept empty words. For artists, theatre is a fortress in which life goes on in a most positive way. No one here has even considered leaving this theatre and our numerous ballet dancers worldover send us letters and touching messages of support, concludes Mrs. Pilipenko.

Letter by Jean Dutour, member of the French Academy, to the Serbian Association of Writers

NATO Will Break Its Teeth in Serbia

»The Serbs are proud and brave people. It is highly unlikely that they will step back faced with the NATO bombardment. In a few days NATO will find itself in great trouble. It will become odious because of its failed aggression. I do not give a damn because Europe has discredited itself with this action. What I do feel is great pain when I see the French soldiers supporting the U.S. army, and supporting it against whom? Against their friends, against their allies. What our current government is doing now Mr. Mitterand would have never done. If Mr. De Gaulle were alive, this situation would have never happened. The Americans, obviously, are not aware of the phrase that »the Balkans is the powderkeg«. Their Western movies failed to warn them: fights in saloons break out between two people only but, as a rule, they end up with all-out war. NATO strikes may well have the same effect in the troubled, volatile Balkans that had been attacked very cautiously in the past. This war is an attempt at achieving an American-style mondialism by destroying a nation and people who want to remain independent and their own masters. However, the trouble is that NATO chose the wrong country to demonstrate it. Thanks to its people, Serbia may be the only thorn in Europe`s side, but the thorn Europe will break its teeth trying to swallow it .

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