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 Sunday 28. march 1999.
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The Workers of Zastava stay in the factory day and night

We are here, let them attack

KRAGUJEVAC. Both my grandfather and my father used to work in theFactory.

The Factory is everything I have. We are here, they canattack if they please, we wont move - stated Mr. Rajko Djordjevic, theevening before last night, immediately after the business directors andworkers of the car factory Zastava have decided to make a human shield.

As they announced, the workers will be gathering after every air strike signal.

The life in the Yugoslav cities goes on without significant problemsafter the NATO agression

In spite of NATO bombs - normal situation

Apart from some casual cases, bringing up of water and electricity hasnot been interrupted up to now in any of the attacked cities. The shopsare mostly well provided, and the bread production and delivery has alsobeen normalized.

The only problem represent the telephone lines whichare busy due to the overload. The petrol is sold at the petrol stations, mostly according to the priority lists established by thelocal competent officials.

In the NATO attacks of Belgrade on March 26 the house of family Petrovic in Sremcica was destroyed

Cassette bombs applied in attacks on civilians and the school

Even the primary school Kosta Abrasevic in Resnik wasnt spared

The family Petrovic from Sremcica, the night before yesterday, duringthe attack of the agressors, was left without their roof. The NATOmissiles hit the warehouse of the missile fuel in Lipovacka suma, bySremcica; by the air attack consequences the old house of Mr. Ratko Petrovic collapsed.

Ratko and his family hardly survived. They were in their living room, did not hear the air attack signal, and when the explossion rang outEverything was in fire! - witnesses Mr. Petrovics cousin, Mr. Andrej Urosevic.

According to his words, the military commission that visited the suffered family established that the NATO democrats in their attack on Sremcica applied by the war rights and international conventions forbidden cassette bombs

Poll of the Italian daily Corierre de la Serra

Agression beside the reason

ROME. Every second Italian thinks that the agression of the NATO forces against SR Yugoslavia is completely unjustified and beside the reason, show the results of the newest questionnaires done in Italy, according to Reuters.

The Washington Post on Mr. Clintons speech before the bombing Dummy in the White House

Was the American revolution genocidic?

WASHINGTON. For its incosistency and stupidity, for its desorganization and clear intelectual lazyness, it was a speech that hasno equal in modern American history. It was a real Clinton writes The Washington Post about the speech that the American president has delivered only several hours before he sent the bombarders on Yugoslavia.

Mr. Clintons first attempt to explain why Kossovo? is as follows:

Look around the world. The people still kill each other out of their primitive motives, since they consider to be more important something that differs them, and not the things they have in common.

According to the presidents logic, the American revolution then was mutual killing of the American volunteers and the red tunics out of the primitive motives, because they considered that the things that differed them were more important than the things they had in common, concludes

"The Washington Post".

France denies the assertions of the western media

There are no massacres

PARIS. The French military authorities have stated yesterday that the newest reports of the members of the intelligent service of that country show that there are no indications that the Serbian security forces in Kossovo do the ethnic cleaning of the Kossovo Albanians and make brutal actions against the civilans, which is claimed by the majority of the western media.


Demonstrations in Den Haag

DEN HAAG (Beta) In front of the International Court of Justice in Den Haag about 1,300 people protested yesterday because of the air strikesof the NATO forces on the aims in SR Yugoslavia

Bulgarian church calls for termination of the military actions

New wounds on the Christs body

SOFIA. Bulgarian orthodox church invited the believers to unite all their prayers for as quick as possible termination of the military actions against Yugoslavia without bloodshed.

Genadii Zjuganov votes for military aid for Yugoslavia

The attack on SR Yugoslavia is a lesson for Russia

MOSCOW. Russia should give to Yugoslavia, attacked by the NATO forces, all the necessary help, including the military-technical one, declared at the yesterdays plenary session of the Government Duma the leader of the Russian communists Mr. Genadij Zjuganov.

American president avoided draft evasion

Mr. Clinton is a Coward

Before the presidental elections Mr. William Bill Clinton had quite a lot of difficulties in his nomination in front of the Democratic Party.

The fact is that apart from the Whitewater affair there is another stain in his biography. Now the first man of the American nation during the military campaign (read agression) of that country in Vietnam, consciously avoided draft evasionThis pacifist in the youth has evolved today into a peacemaking saint, delivering sermons by the use of the most brutal force!?

In Atelje 212 at the Stage in the Basement was celebrated the World

Theater Day

Even Now the Artists Should Be on the Stage

Almost whole theatrical Belgrade - artists, directors, scenographers, dramatists, managers of all theaters, town and republican ministers of culture Mr. Milutin Randjelovic I Mr. Zeljko Simic - celebrated yesterday in Atelje 212, at the Stage in the Basement (at the moment when the sirens warned to the new air strike), the World Theater Day

The captain of the blues for the Japanese agency Kyodo

Stojkovic: Shameful agression

It is the most disgraceful thing for the NATO. An enormous force without any reason attacked the small one - stressed Mr. Stojkovic.

Stojkovic said he is hoping the agression will stop, but he also stressed that the attacked country has a right to defend itself from the attack.

Footballers with their pals

Nisa Saveljic and Ivan Vukomanovic, stayed in Yugoslavia although their club Bordo has done evrything to enable them to travel to France.

Nisa sent word from Podgorica that he is not returning to Bordo until he finds his family (wife and two children) that in fear of the NATO bombs moved to the village 80 km far from Podgovrica


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