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 21. June 1999
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21/06/99 01:13 (GMT +01:50)

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One Person Killed in Pristina

PRISTINA - Late on Sunday, in Pristina's residential area of Dardanija, one person, whose identity has not been established yet, was killed.

According to eyewitnesses, a machinegun fire echoed in the Dardanija residential area for ten minutes. KFOR units arrived to the scene of crime soon after the murder. The investigation is underway.

At least 20 unarmed KLA members, wearing uniforms, marched through the city.

Vujovic Meets Gen. Jackson in Pristina

PRISTINA - Chairman of the Yugoslav federal Committee in charge of cooperation with the UN mission Nebojsa Vujovic demanded in Pristina on Sunday, during his talks with KFOR commander British General Michael Jackson, that the international peacekeeping forces in Kosovo meet their obligation under the military-technical agreement with the FRY and demilitarize the so-called KLA.

Vujovic called on Gen. Jackson to guarantee that all refugees can return in full safety and under absolute protection. He expressed his disappointment with the fact that international security forces had failed to prevent numerous gangs of Albanian nationals from entering Kosovo, saying that they, in search of plunder, endangered the local Kosovo population, including ethnic Albanians.

Vujovic also demanded that Gen. Jackson close the Yugoslav-Albanian border and send all Albanian criminals back to Albania.

Albanians Plunder and Torch Serb Villages in Kosovo

GRACE, DELOVCE - A larger group of ethnic Albanians have plundered and torched about 20 Serb houses in the village of Grace near Obilic. Even though British KFOR troops were near the scene of the crime, they did nothing to prevent it. KFOR spokesman British Lieutenant Colonel Robin Clifford said that a KFOR patrol reached Grace after all houses in the village were set afire, so the commander concluded that any action could "considerably raise the tensions".

Lt. Col. Clifford said that KFOR troops had saved a 90-year-old villager, who had been taken to the hospital. According to available information, except for the old man, all villagers fled Grace.

In the village of Delovce, northeast of Prizren, a British TV crew saw five young men, who had been torching the seventh Serb house in the village up till then.

In the last few days, hundreds of Serb houses torched or plundered across Kosovo and Metohija

Terrorists Take Advantage of Power Vacuum

Yugoslav Red Cross convoy could not reach Orahovac and Velika Hoca because "peacekeeping" forces failed to provide security

PRISTINA - Albanian terrorists have returned to Pristina, as well as to other towns across Kosovo and Metohija. In most villages throughout Metohija, but also in other places in the southern Serbian province, where a kind of power vacuum has been created since Yugoslav military and police forces withdrew, Serb houses were torched and their apartments plundered. KFOR troops have failed to cope with the situation yet and set up their checkpoints in many distant places.

In many villages of the Istok, Klina, Pec, Vucitrn and other municipalities, particularly in Metohija, hundreds of Serb houses have been torched in the last 24 hours. Late on Saturday, houses in many villages in the areas around Lipljan, Obilic, Kosovo Polje, Podujevo and Pristina were set ablaze. Meanwhile, tens of Serb apartments and Serb-owned shops that were temporarily abandoned were plundered, too.

In Pec, three persons were killed and one wounded in street clashes between owners of the assaulted apartments and thieves who tried to rob them. Ten Serbs were reported missing in the town. The Pec residential area of Brestovik was attacked and surrounded from all sides. In the village of Nedakovac, Dusan Brakus was abducted at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The Yugoslav Red Cross convoy, which headed from Pristina to Metohija on Saturday, could not reach Orahovac and Velika Hoca, because "peacekeeping" forces failed to provide safety. Residents of Orahovac have been completely surrounded by terrorists, who threaten to eliminate all members of the Yugoslav military and police forces.

According to the Pristina-based Center for Peace and Tolerance, there were casualties in Orahovac. In Srpski Babus, Bozidar Stankovic was kidnapped and two old women, which were together with him at his house at the moment of the attack, were beaten. Thirty members of the KLA occupied the Agricultural Secondary School and drove away several agricultural machines.

In Pristina, the Albanian national flag has been hoisted on a private house in Kneza Lazara Street, near Dositej Obradovic elementary school. The house is allegedly home to an unidentified headquarters. On Saturday, Albanian terrorists broke into the house of Leposava Popovic, an old woman from Pristina, beating and torturing her till 5:00 a.m. on Sunday. Then they ordered her to leave her house and flee Pristina on that very day. Over the weekend, hundreds of Serb apartments in Pristina were robbed, tens of them torched, including the home of Branko Djukic, while the apartment of Verica Aleksic, the Kosovo provisional government official, who was also the former finance minister, was plundered. Several cars with Albanian license plates could be seen in the streets of Pristina early on Sunday. Cars from Western countries were also seen arriving to the city. Early on Sunday, a bus owned by the Putnik travel agency was stolen in the Kosovo capital, while a Bariljevotours bus was driven away in an unknown direction.

KLA members also plundered and torched the village of Slivovo. Even though the incident was reported to the KFOR forces, they did nothing. As terrorists were loading Serb property and things from Serb houses onto trucks, the Serbs left the village at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, heading in the direction of Gnjilane.

In Urosevac, 20 passengers were forcibly taken out of a bus bound to Pristina. They were driven away and detained in a sports hall by terrorists. In the village of Orlovic, terrorists have been plundering Serb houses, while Slobodan Danilovic, the villager, was beaten. The village of Muzicane was completely purged of Serb population by terrorists. In Medvedac near Goles, Milan Vujacic and his wife were expelled, as well as Nikola and Cveta Dukic from Goles.

No information was available at the moment about the Serb families, which stayed in their homes in the village of Ljutoglava near Prizren. The fate of Zivorad and Borka Ugrinovic, Dusanka Jovanovic, and Stanoje, Gospodjinka and Dragan Spasic is still unclear. In Gornja Srbica near Prizren, Zivorad Stojanovic, Slobodanka Budimir, Zvezdan and Suncica Andrejevic, as well as Tomislav and Savo Andrejevic, together with their families, remain surrounded by terrorists. About 20 people are under siege there, so it was appealed to the KFOR to intervene and evacuate them.

According to the Center for Peace and Tolerance, all villages in the Dragas area have been surrounded by terrorists, since KFOR has not established its presence there yet. Armed terrorists march into villages and chase people according to certain "lists". The villagers have run out of food and asked for help.

According to Albanian sources, about 80,000 ethic Albanians have returned from Macedonia and Albania to Kosovo and Metohija, mostly to Pristina, in the past 48 hours. The same sources said that about 30,000 Albanians had been waiting at the border checkpoints on the frontier with Macedonia, while the Yugoslav-Albanian border was "freely crossed" at the border posts of Morina and Dragas. Albanian sources claim that almost all ethnic Albanian villagers returned to the 16 villages in the Gora and Dragas areas.

The situation in Kosmet changes by the hour. In Pristina, as well as in other towns, as municipal authorities reported, water supplies have been cut off, while on Saturday and Sunday it was almost impossible to buy bread. Milk shortages have been lasting for four days now and trucks delivering newspapers do not arrive to the Kosovo capital any more.


French President Jacques Chirac Announces in Cologne

Agreement to Disarm KLA Signed

COLOGNE - French President Jacques Chirac said on Sunday that the Kosovo Liberation Army had signed an agreement with NATO to disarm its ethnic Albanian guerrillas.

"There is also the signature, which we have just had between KFOR officials and KLA officials who accept the demilitarization of the KLA, I believe within 30 days," Chirac told a news conference at the end of the big power Group of Eight summit in Cologne.


Yugoslav Army Forces Complete Withdrawal Ahead of Schedule

COLOGNE - French President Jacques Chirac said on Sunday that all Serb forces had withdrawn from Kosovo some hours ahead of a midnight (2200 GMT) deadline agreed with NATO. The Western alliance said only a few stragglers were left in the province.

"The accord made on the withdrawal of Serb troops has been fully complied with, since I understand that all the Serb troops have left Kosovo some hours ahead of schedule, that is military, paramilitary and police," Chirac told a news conference at the end of the big power Group of Eight summit in Cologne.

"This information must be confirmed but I think it is indeed correct, which is a very important achievement since it is not with arms that peace in Kosovo will be guaranteed nor democracy created," Chirac said.

The G8, which includes seven big Western powers and Russia, issued a statement after the summit in which it called firmly on the ethnic Albanians to stick to agreements to "demilitarize".

But there have been difficulties between NATO commanders in Kosovo and the KLA guerrillas in determining how far demilitarization means disarmament. They have been seeking an agreement spelling out what exactly the guerrillas would do and how they would cooperate with the NATO forces.

Some elements of the KLA have been refusing to disarm, arguing that in their view demilitarization would involve at least some of their units retaining their light weapons and being converted into a civilian police force.

Earlier in Cologne, British Prime Minister Toni Blair expressed his expectations that an agreement to demilitarize and disarm the KLA, but within 90 days. Blair's aides said that, under the agreement, KLA members would have to stop carrying arms, uniforms and insignia of the separatist organization.

G8 Joint Statement on Kosovo Requires

Disarmament of KLA and Return of Refugees

Appeal to all citizens to contribute to the creation of a democratic, multiethnic Kosovo

COLOGNE -The Group of Eight approved a statement on Sunday in which the big seven Western democracies and Russia called on both Serbs and ethnic Albanians in Kosovo to respect a ceasefire.

The statement, obtained by Reuters during the G8 summit in Cologne, said all parties to the conflict must comply with UN and other agreements on Serb withdrawal and the demilitarization of the Kosovo Liberation Army and all other ethnic Albanian armed groups.

After the G-8 summit meeting, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder told a news conference that he, on behalf of its participants, asked UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to appoint as soon as possible an official in charge of establishing the civilian administration in Kosovo.

A joint statement on Kosovo points to the special importance of fast return of refugees and displaced persons to their homes, as well as securing the safety of all citizens of Kosovo, including the Serbs and other minorities.

G8 Leaders' Annual Meeting in Cologne Closes

Summit Meeting on Reconstruction of Balkans To Be Held Soon

BONN - A regular annual summit meeting of the big seven world powers plus Russia (G8) closed in Cologne on Sunday, with its participants adopting a joint statement on Kosovo, implementation of the Stability Pact for the Balkans and the most important financial and economic issues, including Russia's huge foreign debts.

Heads of states or governments of the G8 decided to convene a special summit meeting devoted to the implementation of the so-called Stability Pact for the Southeastern Europe, a kind of a "Marshall plan" for the Balkans, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder told a news conference at the end of the summit.

The special summit, as proposed by US President Bill Clinton, will be organized by Germany and held probably in Macedonia.

Funds that will be earmarked for the implementation of the Stability Pact have not been specified at the G8 summit meeting, but the estimates vary from five up to 400 billion dollars.

Djordje David Nikolic and Generation 5 band accused of charging 3,000 German marks per concert

We Survived, Endured and Stayed

Djordje David Nikolic, the actor, who is also a manager of the "Oh, Cinema" club and, first and foremost, singer of the Generation 5 band, has held innumerable concerts in squares of many Serbian towns since the war in Yugoslavia began. Instead of gratitude, which was to be expected, he run into unexpected problems.

"There was a story published in the press that some bands, including the Generation 5, charged huge sums of money for their humanitarian concerts, namely as much as 3,000 German marks per concert. Because of this lie I have had several embarrassing phone calls. The truth is that Generation 5 was only granted fees that were large enough to cover our gasoline expenses or we were treated to a dinner in towns where we sang."

Many singers fled the country?

"I have been issued the US visa, which is valid till August 10, 1999. I cannot judge those who left the country. Probably, there are some people who are prone to panic. I believe that all those who stayed here, who went through all this, endured and survived will be much more normal than those who left will. So I think they will return. I am happy that all Generation 5 members stayed in this city, proving that it is "only the strongest that stay".

What does Generation 5 band plan in the future?

"Concerts are ahead of us. We have already arranged a tour in the Republika Srpska. Bora Djordjevic suggested that all those who sang the song titled "Only Accord Can Save the Serbs", the first "patriotic" number to be released, make a major rock-and-roll circus tour of Serbian towns, which suffered most severe destruction during the war. My wish is that Generation 5 makes a spot for the leading number on the album titled "The World Is Yours". First it was "The Strongest Stay", now it is "The World Is Yours".

D. Zuza

European Basketball Championship Opens on Monday, Yugoslav National Team Traditionally Considered Favorite

Gold As Usual!

France has found itself again in the focus of the world sports public attention. After last year's World Football Championship, the nation of Gaelic roosters will host the best basketball national teams of the Old World in the next two weeks, from June 21 through July 3. Except for the US, virtually all the best national basketball teams in the world - namely, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and of course Yugoslavia - will gather together in France, along with many NBA league stars such as Arvidas Sabonis, Vlade Divac, Predrag Stojakovic, Toni Kukoc, Radisav Nesterovic....


Yugoslavia without Djordjevic, Rebraca, Jaric...
Blue Boys simply cannot do without problems. In France, due to injuries, our coach Zeljko Obradovic cannot count on captain Alexander Djordjevic, new center forward of Panatinaikos Zeljko Rebraca, as well as young and gifted Marko Jaric.

New Headache Because of Stojakovic and Gurovic
After Predrag Stojakovic, who suffered a knee injury but is likely to join the team, at least in the second round, Barcelona's first team player Milan Gurovic was unable to take part in training sessions. Fever has made him stay in bed, so it is uncertain whether he will play in Yugoslavia's match against Israel.

After the gold we won in the European Basketball Championship in Athens in 1995, the Olympic silver in Atlanta a year later, the gold in European Championship in Barcelona in 1997 and last year's great triumph at the World Championship in Athens, our national team is expected to triumph again, thus achieving a sort of a hat-trick. It will have been our eighth medal in a row (as of 1987 in Athens, except for Munich in 1993, when Yugoslavia was banned from participating).

"We have gone through hell - the war in the country, numerous injuries of our key players, insufficient number of training matches... However, we do not want to complain or look for an alibi. Blue Boys trained intensively and the last training matches showed that their condition was on the rise. I expect them, as in earlier major competitions, to improve the quality and raise the level of game as decisive matches get closer, " our basketball coach Zeljko Obradovic says optimistically. "All mishaps that have accompanied us will only be an extra motivation for us in France even though we will be fiercely attacked from all sides since we have been declared favorites even before the championship began."

In the championship first round, Yugoslavia will play in Group A, together with Macedonia, France and Israel, our first rival. We hope that the blue boys will reaffirm their supremacy and rise from the Eiffel Tower right to the basketball top of world.

V. V.

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