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 10. June 1999
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Dear users,

Due to difficulties caused by overnight NATO bombing of the Serbian electric power grid, Glas Javnosti news reports on Internet may be somewhat delayed. We shall appreciate your understanding.

The Area of Pec Targeted

PRISTINA - On Wednesday, between 7.25 p.m. and 7.35 p.m., NATO aviation pounded vicinity of settlement of Brezanik, near Pec, by five missiles.

Three Bears from Belgrade's ZOO Travel to Greece

ATHENS - Three bears from Belgrade's ZOO, who are close to starvation, will be transfer to a park in northern Greece, the spokesman of the Institution specialized for taking care of bears, in northern Greece Katherine Christofilidou said.

According to her words, one Greek biologist and one veterinarian arrived in Belgrade to take over the bears that are about three years old.

The bears will be examined and appeased by medicaments before their travelling on Friday.

Christofilidou explained that the Greek ecologists decided to make this step, when they heard that there is no enough food and keepers in Belgrade's ZOO because of the ongoing NATO bombings.

"This is symbolic step. They are something like bears - refugees. Maybe some other institutions could do the same thing for other animals", she added.

NATO Damaged 1.134 Facilities in Belgrade

BELGRADE - During the last two months and a half, NATO aviation damaged totally 1.134 facilities in all 16 municipalities in Belgrade. 567 out of that number were damaged in Rakovica municipality, 191 in Savski venac, 129 in New Belgrade and 83 in Zvezdara municipality.

In Belgrade were mostly damaged residential facilities (970), schools (59) and pre - school facilities (48), and social enterprises (13).

Damage made by NATO bombs, except the buildings of republic and federal institutions in Belgrade, in estimated on total of several billion dollars.

KLA Killed Three Inhabitants of Trgovac

TRGOVAC - Members of the separatist KLA killed on Monday, three inhabitants of the village of Trgovac, in Orahovac municipality, Radio Belgrade stated, referring to regional Information Center.

According to report, the group of Albanian terrorists killed Danijela Pavlovic, Zoran Zulic and Dejan Rajicic.

There are no precise information about the accident.

NATO Attacked Regions of Orahovac and Dragas

BELGRADE - On Wednesday, during the afternoon, NATO aviation pounded areas of Dragas and Orahovac municipalities, in Kosovo.

Around 7.25 p.m. three missiles were fired at region of the village of Rogovo, in Orahovac municipality, and half an hour after that, three powerful detonations were heard between villages of Plajnik and Kosovce in Dragas municipality.

There are no precise information about the attacks.

Tore Boegh Appointed Head of New OSCE Mission in Kosovo

VIENNA - The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) chairman, Norway's Foreign Minister Knut Vollebaek, appointed on Wednesday his fellow Norwegian Tore Boegh as head of the new OSCE mission in Kosovo.

The outgoing head of the mission is William Walker, an American. The OSCE mission left Kosovo on March 20, four days before NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia began.

The OSCE Permanent Council said on Wednesday that it would send a new mission in Kosovo. According to its statement, the mission would have a task to prepare the implementation of a peace agreement for Kosovo and set up necessary structures there.

The OSCE also considers a possible cooperation with the UN and other international organizations in registering refugees and issuing their identity papers.

The OSCE will also play a role in supervising human rights in the southern Serbian province, a Council statement said.

OSCE spokesman Mans Nueberg said in Vienna that the new OSCE mission would have at least a 1,000-strong staff, with possible extension to 2,000. However, he declined to specify when the mission would be sent to Kosovo, except for that it would not happen before a Yugoslavia-NATO agreement was signed and a UN resolution adopted.

Milan Beko on Serbian Government Program of Job Creation

Serious Employment Program and Considerable Funds

KRAGUJEVAC - Socio-economic program of job creation and rebuilding of war-torn companies is the right measure that will give to a number of workers of major companies an opportunity of asserting themselves in private entrepreneurship or agricultural production, Milan Beko, Zastava Group board chairman, said.

"The Serbian Government has made a serious program and secured considerable funds. We will choose only realistic and market-promising programs. We have been given a chance of getting as much as one billion dinars, something that can be a major impetus for all of us," Milan Beko said during a recent visit of Serbian Minister for Science and Technology Branislav Ivkovic to Kragujevac and its Zastava car company.

Beko also announced the setting up of Zastava's Center, which will provide to the workers consulting services and help in registering new firms, working out elaborates and getting loans.

"Zastava is an army of workers on which not only 120,000 employees hinge, but also a half a million of Serbia's citizens. So it is not surprising that the Serbian Government has been paying much attention to the Kragujevac car manufacturing and machine producing giant," head of Zastava Group concluded.

How Movie Market Responds to Indications of Reestablishing Peace in Yugoslavia

Warner Bros. To Break New Grounds

Regular contacts with foreign partners. Both our distributors and foreign film producers are on a stand-by.

BELGRADE - Ironically, the war turned out to be an excellent opportunity for filmophiles to see some older movie hits they somehow missed earlier for one or other reason, or to see them again. With peace in sight, the question is now when our cinema theaters will regain their old glory, namely, when new films from major Hollywood studios or other producing organizations will arrive in our cinemas to the delight of the audiences.

"We have maintained contacts with our foreign partners, but it is still impossible to say when exactly they will return to our market. There are some indications that Warner Bros. will be first to release its movies in the Yugoslav market," Zvonko Djordjevic from Belgrade's Tuck Distributors says.

"We have had regular contacts. Both we and they are on a stand-by," says Zeljan Simic of Vans Distributors. "Contracts with our foreign partners remain in effect and their implementation will continue as soon as things are settled on intergovernmental levels."

"What is going to happen to our movie business will be clear as the situation we found ourselves in reaches its grand finale," says Djordje Plavsic of First Production. "It is highly likely that completely new regulations in foreign trade will have to be applied, something that will certainly influence the movie business too."

R. K.

As Rebraca Cancels and Tarlac Suffers Injury, Yugoslav National Basketball Team Worries About Its Offensive Line

Divac Brings Smile Back

Sacramento's center forward announces his arrival in Athens on June 11

ATHENS - After suffering an initial shock at the news that Aleksandar Djordjevic and Zeljko Rebraca are not joining our national basketball team at the European Basketball Championship due in France, things are finally back to a normal with moderate but cautious optimism about reports that Vlade Divac will join the Yugoslav basketball camp on June 11.


Milojevic Not Invited

Reports that Dejan Milojevic has been invited to join training sessions of the Yugoslav national basketball team are false. Denials came directly from our basketball expert team.

"Milojevic has not been invited at all. Zeljko may have called him secretly, but not to my knowledge," jokes Miroslav Nikolic. "Think logical: coach Obradovic would rather invite Jestratijevic or Stanojevic because we lack the right center forward in a "number five" dress, not an outside player."

"Two days ago, Zeljko Obradovic spoke by telephone to Divac, who told him he would come to Athens on June 11. He may be late a day or two, but he is coming for sure. It is a great relief for all players since we have been left without the right man in a number 5 dress, as Rebraca cancelled his participation and Tarlac suffered an injury, " Miroslav Muta Nikolic, assistant to Yugoslav basketball team coach Obradovic, was happy to announce good news.

Are matches against Macedonia on June 11 and 12 definitely arranged?
"It is still unclear whether we will meet Macedonia. Visas are the problem as the Greeks refuse to issue the Macedonians necessary travel papers unless they play matches using the name of Skopje or FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). If the Greek Government does not change its mind, we will lose a sparring partner," concluded Nikolic.

B. J.

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