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  07. June 1999
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Dear users,

Due to difficulties caused by overnight NATO bombing of the Serbian electric power grid, Glas Javnosti news reports on Internet may be somewhat delayed. We shall appreciate your understanding.

Southern Serbia Comes Under Attack

MT. RUDNIK - As NATO warplanes continued their strikes between late Sunday night and early Monday, missiles struck two peaks on Mt. Rudnik in central Serbia, sites of several television transmitters.

Early on Monday, at about 1:20, four missiles struck the peak of Veliki Sturac on Mt. Rudnik, and 15 minutes later another four missiles pounded the peak of Mali Sturac. Both peaks were sites of Serbian television relay facilities, shared by Pink, Politika and several local radio and TV stations, the media reported.

PRISTINA - On Sunday, from 9:40 to 10:13 p.m., NATO planes pounded the Metohija area with 30 missiles, the Kosovo and Metohija provincial Civil Defense Information Center said.

MARKOVICI - On Sunday, around 11:25, planes hit by four missiles the Markovici residential settlement on the outskirts of Kursumlija.

BELGRADE - Air raid sirens sounded across the city at 1:20 a.m. on Monday, after 40 hours of all-clear in the Yugoslav capital. Some anti-aircraft fire was heard in the metropolitan area shortly before midnight.

The latest attacks seemed designed to remind Belgrade that the alliance was determined to continue bombing until Yugoslav forces agree to withdraw from Kosovo.

NATO Spokesman on Sticking Points in Talks

SKOPJE - NATO spokesman in Macedonia Major Tray Kate said on Monday that the major sticking point of two-day long talks on a Yugoslav forces pullout from Kosovo was Yugoslavia's insistence that a UN resolution preceded NATO entry into Kosovo.

"One of major points is that the Serbs demand that a UN resolution be adopted first," Major Kate specified. He tried to play down differences that emerged during talks, saying NATO was satisfied with the way talks progressed.

"A few military arrangements, which need to be detailed further, still remained," Major Kate said.

"NATO is ready to continue talks any time it is necessary. We are ready to implement military aspects (of the agreement) when we are told to start it."

Yugoslavia Accepts Forces Under Auspices of UN

KUMANOVO - Yugoslavia is ready to accept the deployment of international peacekeeping forces in Kosovo under the auspices of the UN or a presence established by a Security Council resolution, Nebojsa Vujovic, spokesman for the Yugoslav military delegation at talks with NATO, said in Kumanovo early on Monday.

Vujovic addressed the journalists as British Lieutenant-General Mike Jackson said that NATO would intensify air strikes against Yugoslavia after breakdown of talks with Yugoslav military delegation on a Yugoslav armed forces pullout from Kosovo.

Vujovic dismissed media reports that Yugoslav delegation had no mandate for talks as "speculations". He said:

"The Yugoslav delegation came here in good faith to achieve a technical agreement based on the political documents adopted in Belgrade in direct talks, trilateral talks between special Russian presidential envoy Mr Viktor Chernomyrdin, (Finland's) President (Martti) Ahtisaari and (Yugoslav) President (Slobodan) Milosevic. The talks were constructive and positive. We pursued them in good faith and will continue to do so. We have a mandate based on the decision of parliament of the republic of Serbia and the government of Yugoslavia to achieve a technical, military agreement based on the principles put forth by the Belgrade meeting.

"Those principles include the full respect of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, of which Kosovo is an integral part, the deployment of an international security presence under the auspices of the United Nations or a presence established by a Security Council decision.

"We will continue with our constructive efforts and we are ready to talk further. The speculations that we have no mandate for those talks are not correct. A lot of media reported today. We have a clear mandate in accordance to the political document established in Belgrade. Thank you."

Apart from Bridges, Numerous Economic Facilities Destroyed in Novi Sad

Damage Amounts Up To Ten Million Deutsche Marks

NOVI SAD - During more than 70 days of NATO air strikes, over 200 missiles rained down on the wider area of the Vojvodina provincial capital Novi Sad. Apart from the brought down bridges over the Danube River, the Serbian oil refinery NIS suffered most severe damage from the attacks. Processing facilities and fuel storage sections of the plant were completely destroyed and tens of thousands of tons of crude oil and oil products burnt out, bringing damage estimates to a total of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The building of the Novi Sad branch of the Serbian television in Misheluk, a Novi Sad-3 transformer station in Rimski Sancevi, the Novograp plant also came under direct attack by NATO planes, which "collaterally" devastated another 50 firms, including the Free Zone, the Motins company, the Albus chemical plant, an agricultural station…

In the Novi sad area, 12 elementary and six secondary schools, as well as several cultural institutions, were damaged. The damage estimate totals 11.2 million dinars. Residential facilities were mostly destroyed in the Detelinara suburbs, where two four-storied residential buildings, comprising 80 apartments, were rendered completely useless. Many houses near the City Quay, in Petrovaradin, Ribnjak, Sangaj, Sremska Kamenica, St. Vitus' settlement and Klisa also suffered severe damage.

Vojvodina provincial government building, the embankment near the Vojvodina yacht club and a tunnel linking Novi Sad with Kamenica also came under NATO attack. The process of estimating the damage done to these facilities is under way but, according to president of the city government Caslav Popovic, conservative estimates roughly amount to a sum of around 10 million Deutsche marks.

Yugoslav Film Library Marks Its Anniversary Without Fanfare

Motion Pictures Valuable More Than Thousands of Words


Prince Tomislav Karadjordjevic Congratulates

"You are the institution our country can be proud of. I would like to tell you that I was honored to enrich your funds with my moderate contribution," says, inter alia, a congratulation letter sent by Prince Tomislav Karadjordjevic on the occasion of the Yugoslav Film Library anniversary.

BELGRADE - Yugoslav Film Library has marked its 50th anniversary without much glitter and fanfare due to the current situation in the country. On the occasion, an exhibition of documents dealing with "film diplomacy", namely showing the organization's contacts with kin international institutions and filmmakers, opened in the Library's hall, with the aim to put an end to the war NATO wages against our country. On Monday, a short film titled "A Serb Man Cinematographs Himself, Too", directed by Marko Babac, was shown, with Minister of Culture Zeljko Simic attending the screening.

"A picture is more valuable than a thousand words," Professor Babac said, citing a famous Chinese saying. His film, made on the occasion of the major anniversary of the Yugoslav Film Library, is composed of motion pictures, witnessing both about the century of the film and the century of horrible, many times repeated sufferings and devastation, particularly in this region of ours.

"Yugoslav Film Library has proved again that it is one of the most representative organizations of its kind in Europe, making it one of the most important institutions of the Serbian culture," Minister Simic said, promising Serbian government's concrete aid for and investments in the Library.

Referring to these promises, Professor Dejan Kosanovic recalled that the Library's major contributors were its employees, who, notwithstanding their miserable wages, had been keeping more than 80,000 movie copies with utmost care.

R. Kupres

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