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NATO Intervention Must Be Stopped

PODGORICA - Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic and U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson agreed on Sunday that NATO intervention in Yugoslavia had to cease immediately and expressed their hope that the Kosovo crisis would be solved by diplomatic means with the U.N. involvement.

CIA's Faulty Information Led to Bombing of Chinese Embassy

WASHINGTON - A faulty information by a U.S. intelligence agency, which slipped undetected in the target validation process, led to the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, a U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said on Sunday.

According to the official, the Yugoslav Federal Directorate of Supply and Procurement was supposed to be the real target of NATO air raids in the night between May 7 and 8. The CIA itself chose the target in question.

Other organizations, including NATO, U.S. Army Command Europe and U.S. Army Chief-of-Staffs, also checked and approved the plan.

"The error slipped through the U.S. military's check-and-double-check procedures, but for some reasons it went undetected," the official said.

The Chinese embassy is situated a few hundred meters away from the targeted Yugoslav Federal Directorate.

NATO, the U.S. Command Europe and the Pentagon work out the list of most NATO air campaign targets, while the CIA plays a minor role in it, the official noted.

CIA officials keep checking their public and clandestine sources of information to try to find out how it happened that the embassy was faultily identified as a target.

Chernomyrdin to Visit Beijing on Monday

MOSCOW - Russia's Balkans special envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin will visit Beijing on Monday, Russian Iterfax news agency reported on Sunday, citing "well-informed sources" in Moscow.

Yugoslav National Volleyball Team May Play Matches

Suspension for Blue Boys to Be Lifted?

World Volleyball Federation was first to impose sanctions against the "blue boys", by routing our national team from the World League and banning it from taking part in all competitions till June 15.

On Sunday, however, a report, if only unofficial, leaked that the decision might well be somewhat eased. Namely, CEV Board decided to cancel the suspension of Yugoslav volleyball players, but it failed to bring them back into the World League competitions. In the Yugoslav Volleyball Federation, the CEV official decision, including explanations, are expected as early as on Monday.

French Volunteer in KLA Killed

TIRANA - A Frenchman, who volunteered in the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), was killed on Sunday in skirmishes between the KLA and Yugoslav Army forces, Tirana television reported.

The Albanian television did not disclose the identity of the French volunteer fighter, referring to him by his nickname "Thunder" only.

New, Very Serious Circumstances Appeared

MOSCOW - Russia's Balkans special envoy Viktor Chernomyrdin said in Moscow on Sunday that "new, very serious circumstances appeared" in the process of solving the Balkans crisis by peaceful means.

According to Chernomyrdin, difficulties are "related to the main problem - putting an end to bombing and human sufferings".

Referring to his meeting with U.N. special envoy for Kosovo Carl Bildt in Bonn on Saturday, Russian presidential special envoy said that they "know (each other) very well," adding that they would "closely cooperate", as well as that they "have already agreed on the further methodology of their work together".

Detonation Sounds in Yugoslav Army General Staff Headquarters

BELGRADE - On Sunday, at 2:55 p.m., a powerful detonation sounded in downtown Belgrade, caused by a destruction of an unexploded device in the Yugoslav Army General Staff headquarters.

The building suffered additional damage and a dense cloud of smoke hang over it for a few minutes, but there was no fire. The stone edifice pieces flew all around Kneza Milosa Street that was closed for traffic.

Montenegrin Prime Minister Filip Vujanovic Asserts

No Political Prisoners in Montenegro

PODGORICA- Montenegrin Prime Minister Filip Vujanovic asserted on Sunday there were no political prisoners in Montenegro.

"It is a result of our respect for political rights and the resolve of Montenegrin government agencies to tolerate political differences, granting them full freedom of presentation in the media," Vujanovic said following his talks with U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson.

20 Missiles Rain Down on Djakovica

DJAKOVICA - On Sunday, from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m., NATO aircraft fired at Djakovica and its surroundings about 20 destructive missiles, mainly cluster-type ones. An almost entire border area was targeted.

Missiles inflicted damage mostly to civilian residential facilities. Due to violent air raids, columns of ethnic Albanians who live there could be seen, fleeing their settlements under the bombs.

NATO aviation targeted Valjevo, Uzice, Kragujevac, Mt. Kosmaj and Mt. Rudnik

NATO Bombs Central Serbia

BELGRADE - NATO entered its 47th night of aggression against Yugoslavia by bombing the cities of Uzice and Valjevo, Mt. Goles in the Lipljan municipality and the wider area of Decani in Kosovo-Metohija, as well as Mt. Kosmaj.

Mt. Goles was targeted on Saturday, at about 9:15 p.m., while at 10:10 p.m. the wider area of Decani was blasted.

On Saturday night, two detonations sounded on Mt. Kosmaj in the municipality of Mladenovac. The first blast was heard at 10:25 p.m., only to be followed by the second, more powerful one two minutes later. There were no reports of casualties or material damage.

NATO aircraft blasted in two rounds the post office building in downtown Uzice, razing it to the ground and inflicting considerable damage to several nearby public and residential facilities. The post office building was bombed on Saturday at 10:35 p.m., while another detonation sounded 15 minutes later. Due to the impact, local Medical Center facility, theater and public library buildings and several residential facilities were also damaged.

On Saturday, at 10:37 p.m., NATO air force hit by an air-to-surface missile the ministry of interior building in Valjevo. One person was injured during the attack.

On Saturday night, at 10:42 p.m., NATO blasted again the wider, southeast area of the Krusik factory of Valjevo.

On Saturday night, at about 10:40 p.m., NATO hit by two missiles relay facilities on Mt. Rudnik, shared by the Serbian state television (RTS) and Politika television station.

On Saturday night, at about 10:50 p.m., NATO also targeted the new post office building in the Kragujevac residential suburbs called "Aerodrom". Fortunately, the missile failed to explode.

On Saturday, NATO aircraft hit by one missile an agricultural complex in the municipality of Kovacica. Due to the detonation, windows burst into pieces and facades and roofs were damaged on the nearby houses.

Yugoslav national athletic team member Goran Raicevic, who was killed in Kosovo as the Yugoslav Army serviceman, was buried in his native village of Strojinci on Sunday

Goran's Race For All Seasons

Goran Raicevic raced into a legend. As a winner. As the best of the best. Just the way he had lived. As a hero to be remembered for good. An athlete with a pure heart, a person who was lovable at first sight, at first spoken word, our beloved Goran passed away.

Instead of joining a marathon race in Greece, Goran left Yugoslav national team dress only to put on the Yugoslav Army military uniform. It was, as he used to say, his most important mission - to defend and protect his country, his people, his wife, Jelena, and his twin sons.

On May 6, in a flood of appalling reports, one of them echoed stronger than any bomb. Goran Raicevic was killed in Medvedja, in Kosovo, on a forward position where he had always been. Protecting his country, Goran was victorious even before the start of this senseless race in which medals - hundreds of his, and our, gold medals - have a different, unspeakable value. Three times Balkans champion in cross races, Goran sacrificed all his victories for the one and only - for honor. Honor in the most sublime, most noble sense, known only to athletes.

For the record, Goran Raicevic, 36, was several times Yugoslav champion in 5,000 and 10,000 meters races, winner of dozens of marathon races, several times Balkans crosses champion, five times the best racer in Politika crosses.

Athletics, a queen of all sports, lost its shiniest knight. Our country got another hero, a fighter with a place in his heart for us all. It is just there where we will keep Goran, a man for all seasons, in our eternal memory. On Sunday, Goran Raicevic was buried in his native village of Strojinci near Brus.

Milutin Zivkovic - 14th Identified Victim of NATO Bombing of Nis

NIS - Milutin Zivkovic is the fourteenth identified victim of NATO bombing of downtown Nis and the city hospital. According to official reports, 15 Nis residents were killed and 70 injured, lightly or seriously, in this horrible attack on Nis in which NATO used banned cluster bombs.

At University Clinic Hospital facilities in Nis, 20 people who were seriously wounded during NATO bombing of city central areas on May 7 and 8, have been treated and doctors are struggling to save their lives, Clinic director Dr Cedo Kutlesic said. Dragoje Puric (32) from Brus, and Gita Jovic (40), Gradimir Grekovic (48) and Hasib Ristanovic (50), all from Nis, have been treated at hospital's Orthopedic department. Other wounded persons are at Surgery, Neurosurgery and Neurology departments, Dr Kutlesic said. Four seriously wounded people are Clinic's employees.

"Due to detonations, I fell down under the bar. When I managed to stand up, I saw Goca lying outside the entrance to the restaurant. She was ablaze. I ran towards her and tried to put out her burning clothes and help her, but she was dead already. The bomb hit her in her head, neck, and shoulders. Nearby I noticed a deaf and mute boy who used to sell brandy in the market. A missile fragment tore away his leg, leaving it to hang," Nebojsa Mitrovic, waiter of the "Three Lanterns" restaurant near the University building, situated in the part of the city which NATO blasted on May 7 in broad daylight, gives his account on the death of his female colleague.

Chinese Government expert team and families of killed Chinese nationals arrive in Belgrade

Lives of Five Chinese Nationals Out of Danger

BELGRADE - Five Chinese nationals, injured in NATO bombing of China's embassy to Belgrade, who have been treated at an Emergency Help Clinic in Belgrade, feel much better, Clinic director Dr Vladimir Djukic said.

The Chinese military attaché, Bao Kai, who suffered the most serious injuries, is also recovering successfully.

A Chinese Government expert team arrived in Belgrade early on Sunday to investigate the causes and consequences of NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy building last Friday.

Families of the Chinese nationals who were killed in the attack - Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua correspondent in Belgrade Shao Yunhuan and Guangming newspaper reporter Xsu Xinhou and his wife - arrived in Belgrade together with the Chinese government expert team.

Serbian Interior Ministry Statement

Chinese Embassy - Precise Target

BELGRADE - The Chinese embassy in Belgrade was an accurately defined target, Belgrade media quoted Serbian Interior Ministry experts as saying.

Judging by the sections of the embassy building that were blasted, police experts concluded that the attackers "knew a precise plan of premises in the embassy building, firing missiles just at those parts" of the embassy.

According to a Serbian television report, one missile hit the last floor; the second one landed in the ground floor, while the third one demolished the ground floor and the cellar in the western wing of the embassy.

Japanese Foreign Minister Demands

Diplomatic Areas as Safe Heavens

TOKYO - Japanese Foreign Minister Masahiko Komoura said on Sunday that Japan demanded that NATO refrain from bombing the areas in the Yugoslav capital Belgrade that are homes to foreign embassies.

"NATO overestimated its capabilities in carrying out 'surgical attacks'," said Komoura in an interview to a Japanese television network, referring to NATO bombing of the Chines embassy in Belgrade.

Viktor Chernomyrdin Meets Ethnic Albanian Leader

Rugova Favors Disarming of KLA

MOSCOW - Russian presidential special envoy in Yugoslavia Viktor Chernomyrdin said that Kosovo Democratic Alliance (DSK) leader Ibrahim Rugova favored the autonomy for Kosovo within the FR Yugoslavia and the disarming of the separatist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

After meeting Rugova, who flew in from Rome to Bonn, Chernomyrdin told Russian reporters that Rugova "unambiguously favored the autonomy for Kosovo within Yugoslavia" and supported the idea of an international force presence in Kosovo that would secure the safe return of refugees to the southern Serbian province.

Kosovo Is Emptied

BRUSSELS - Kosovo has been emptied six weeks since NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia began, Kosovo Democratic Alliance (DSK) leader Ibrahim Rugova said.

"Kosovo is emptied. Pristina is a ghost city, with only Serbian troops and paramilitary forces there," Rugova was quoted by the Greens in the European Parliament as saying.

CNN Owner Ted Turner Says

NATO Provokes Nuclear War

GEORGIA - U.S. millionaire and CNN network owner Ted Turner warned that NATO aggression against Yugoslavia might lead to a nuclear war.

Addressing University of Atlanta graduates, Turner said that as a child during the World War Two he feared he would not live to see the end of the millenium. At age of 60, he added, he has the same fears.

Referring to NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Turner said: "If we drop a bomb on the Russian embassy, tomorrow we may enter the war with Russia and China, and they both have large arsenals of nuclear weapons. It may well happen that we do not wait to see the end of the millenium."

Yugoslav football national team player assisted the first goal and scored the third, decisive one for Real Sociedad (3:2)

King Is Dead - Long Live Kovacevic!

Last winter he posed in the Spanish Royal club dress. Last Saturday, however, he overthrew the King, who is in big troubles now because it is questionable whether he will manage to join the Royal society (League of Champions). Darko Kovacevic is again Real Sociedad's hero, and probably again on Real Madrid's target!

"I made a mistake when I accepted to pose for the press in Real's dress because I fell - fortunately, only briefly - in disgrace of my San Sebastian fans. Then came a sad spell of a goalgetter diet, when I failed to score a goal in 11 matches, even though I did not play so bad," a renowned goalgetter says. "That is why I decided to keep my mouth shut and "speak out" only in the sports arena. As you see, so far so good...."

Who knows, Yugoslav center forward may well again arouse interest of the great Madrid club, particularly since coach John Toshak, a Welsh, appreciates Kovacevic-style goalgetters. However, Kovacevic needs not to worry, especially if he continues to perform well and score goals, since Atletico Madrid has already placed a specific offer for him, and Juventus also remains in the game.


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