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Vollebaek hopes that FRY will join the OSCE

LJUBLJANA - OSCE Chairman in - office Knut Volebek on Thursday expressed a hope that FRY will become a full member of that organization soon.

Vollebaek said a press conference in Ljubljana, "isolation is the biggest threat to democracy and because of that leadership from Belgrade must be included in the world community". He added that "for this to happen, the cooperation of Belgrade authorities is needed".

Slovenian Foreign Minister Boris Frlec said that Slovenia "has been repeating, from the beginning of the conflict, that it supports Yugoslav membership in the OSCE and European Council", but underlined that "Yugoslavia must fulfill demands of international community first".

Vedrine Invited Rugova to France

PARIS - French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine intends to invite ethnic Albanian leader Ibrahim Rugova to visit France, French foregin Ministry Spokesman stated on Thursday, in Paris.

"Vedrine hails Rugova`s arrival in Italy and that he intends to send him invitation to visit France".

The date of Rugova`s visit was not mentioned.

NATO aviation attacked Novi Sad for the third time during the daylight

Primary School - "Military Target"

Settlement Detelinara bombed. Five persons easily injured

NOVI SAD - For the third time from the beginning of the aggression NATO, on Thursday, attacked Novi Sad, during the daylight. Elementary school "Svetozar Markovic - Toza" in Detelinara, only few kilometers away from Novi Sad downtown, was "military target" this time.

Around 2.30 p.m. one missile downed near school yard, in passage between Djula Molnar and Janko Cmelik streets, and has made crater, 15 meters wide and 7 meters deep.

A Strong detonation destroyed entrances of two buildings in the neighborhood, and ten cars, while parts of bombs, bricks, concrete and glass have heavily damaged buildings in vicinity of the school. According to unofficial reports, five persons were easily injured, but none of them was hospitalized.

After few weeks, "Majevica" barrack was, with two missiles, hit in this fifth attack since the beginning of aggression. The fourth bomb fell on the field, near the railway that divides Bistrica and Detelinara.

Information center of Novi Sad reported that certain number of pencils, lighters appendages etc, with explosive, were threw on Novi Sad during the attack.


General principles on the political solution to the Kosovo crisis

BONN- Foreign ministers from seven western powers and Russia, the Group of Eight, agreed the following statement at a meeting in Bonn on Thursday:

1) The G8 foreign ministers adopted the following general principles on the political solution to the Kosovo crisis:
- Immediate and verifiable end of violence and repression in Kosovo.
- Withdrawal from Kosovo of military police and paramilitary forces.
- Deployment in Kosovo of effective international civil and security presences, endorsed and adopted by the United Nations, capable of guaranteeing the achievement of the common objective.
- Establishment of an interim administration for Kosovo to be decided by the Security Council of the United Nations to ensure conditions for a peaceful and normal life for all inhabitants in Kosovo.
- The safe and free return of all refugees and displaced persons and unimpeded access to Kosovo by humanitarian aid organisations.
- A political process towards the establishment of an interim political framework agreement providing for a substantial self-government for Kosovo, taking full account of the Rambouillet accords and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the other countries of the region and the demilitarisation of the UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army).
- Comprehensive approach to the economic developments and stabilisation of the crisis region.

2) In order to implement these principles the G8 foreign ministers instructed their political directors to prepare elements of a United Nations Security Council resolution.

3) The political directors will draw up a roadmap on further concrete steps towards a political solution to the Kosovo crisis.

4) The G8 presidency will inform the Chinese government on the results of today's meeting.

5) Foreign ministers will reconvene in due time to review the progress which has been achieved up to that point.

Following Aerial Attack on Bus near Savine Vode

Boy Still In Critical Condition

PRISTINA - Nenad Radosinovic, a two-year old boy who was seriously injured in the head when NATO blasted the passenger bus near Savine Vode, on the Pec-Kula-Rozaje road, on May 3, 1999, feels slightly better, but his condition is still critical.

"A one-centimeter missile fragment smashed through the boy's skull on the right side, between his forehead and temple," head of Neurology department of the Pristina Surgical Hospital Dr Slavisa Matejic said.

NATO Targets Civilian Facilities Near Pristina

Girl Injured in Lipljan

PRISTINA - Between late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, NATO aviation targeted only civilian facilities in the Lipljan area and the surroundings of the Kosovo capital Pristina. Late on Wednesday, shortly before 11:00 p.m., NATO aircraft dropped two bombs on the house of Stojan Antic, a resident of Lipljan.

In the attack, his eight-year old daughter Milena was seriously injured, while his younger daughter, Natasa, his wife, Gordana, and his father, Dusan, suffered lighter injuries.

NATO aircraft, in three rounds, targeted the wider area of Lipljan, particularly the Stimlje-Dulje road.

Late on Wednesday night, at 11:02 p.m., the wider area of Mt. Goles was hit by one missile. In an air raid on the wider area of the Grmija picnic grounds near Pristina early on Thursday, at 1:43 a.m., five missiles were fired in a seven-minute time span only.

In NATO Attack on "Yugopetrol" Facilities, a Worker Injured

First NATO Air Raids on Prahovo

NEGOTIN - Late on Wednesday, at 10.10 p.m., NATO fired three missiles at the Yugopetrol facilities in Prahovo on the River Danube.

Dragutin Stamenkovic, 46, a Yugopetrol worker, was lightly injured in his legs during the attack, but a large-scale fire was avoided because the oil tanks were empty. Thanks to the fast response of the local firemen and rescue team, more severe consequences of the attack were prevented. Material damage is enormous.

Yugopetrol and Energogas Oil Storage Depots on Target

Violent Air Raids on Nis

NIS - Late on Wednesday, at 10.05 p.m., NATO aircraft hit by seven missiles the Yugopetrol and Energogas oil storage depots, as well as the Vetpharm pharmaceutical company warehouse in the Nis industrial zone.

Due to powerful detonations, dozens of private houses and apartments were demolished, as well as a part of the February 12 Street, while electrical power supplies to residential areas Ratko Jovic and Komren were cut off. One person was injured during the attack.

Vukic Vuletic Dies in Hospital in Berane

Sixth Victim of NATO Attack on Murino

PODGORICA (Beta) - Vukic Vuletic, 46, from the village of Murino in northern Montenegro, who was seriously injured during NATO bombing of this village on April 30,1999, died in the hospital in Berane late on Wednesday.

Vuletic is the sixth victim of the bombing of Murino. Manojlo Komatina, Milka Kocanovic, Miroslava Knezevic, 13, as well as two girl refugees from Kosovo, Olivera Maksimovic, 10, and Julka Brudar, 12, were also killed during NATO air raid on Murino.

President Milosevic Meets Carolos Papoulyas

Peace Through Direct Negotiations

BELGRADE - Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic on Thursday received Carolos Papoulyas, the Greek Parliament Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman.

The Greek people express their admiration for the brave people of the FR Yugoslavia, who are determined to defend their freedom and independence, Papoulyas said. NATO aggression against Yugoslavia is aimed at a sovereign nation, at peace and security in the region, so it should be stopped immediately, added Papoulyas.

President Milosevic thanked the Greek people for their support and solidarity. Stressing that our country will continue to pursue its peaceful policy and solve domestic issues by political means, Milosevic noted that equality of all people living in Kosovo-Metohija and maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia and the FR Yugoslavia were key principles on which a political settlement of the Kosovo crisis had to be based.

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov Announces

Political Settlement Possible

BONN - Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov believes that an agreement on key principles of a political solution to the Kosovo crisis can be achieved at the meeting of G8 - comprising seven most powerful world nations plus Russia - in Bonn.

Participants of the Bonn meeting "agree that a political solution is important and that victory cannot be achieved by military means," Russian Foreign Minister added.

Ivanov estimated that it is now important to "specify and review the principles of a political settlement".

Ahead of G-8 Meeting in Bonn

Albright Expects Consensus

BONN - U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that the objective of the G8 meeting - comprising seven most industrialized world nations plus Russia - in Bonn on Thursday was to reach a consensus on ways to end the conflict in Yugoslavia.

Asked upon her arrival in Bonn whether she expects that the G8 meeting will reach a consensus on political settlement of the crisis, Albright replied: "We'll see. That is exactly the aim of the meeting."

Foreign ministers of G8 are expected in Bonn to announce a draft political agreement acceptable for all member countries of the group - U.S., Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan.

Italian Corriere Della Sera Daily Reports

Milosevic telephoned Dini

ROME - Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic on Thursday telephoned Italian Foreign Minister Lamberto Dini in an effort to arrange a visit to Rome for Kosovo Democratic Alliance (DSK) party leader Ibrahim Rugova, Italian Corriere della Sera daily reports.

According to the newspaper, President Milosevic telephoned Dini in person to see whether it was possible for Rugova to visit Rome.

After consultations with Italian Prime Minister Massimo d'Alema, the Italian government decided to make available a special plane for Rugova, who arrived in Rome on Wednesday together with his family.

The report has not been officially confirmed, but the Italian government stated that Belgrade "supported Rugova's wish to visit Italy".

Rev. Jesse Jackson Claims in a Statement to CNN

Clinton Agrees to a Break in Bombing

ATLANTA - Former U.S. presidential candidate Rev. Jesse Jackson said in a statement to CNN network late on Wednesday that U.S. President Bill Clinton "agreed to make a pause in a bombing campaign," and suggested that a "Clinton-Milosevic meeting is certainly possible at some date".

Four KLA Terrorists Killed, One Captured by Yugoslav Army

KLA Terrorists Eliminated

BELGRADE - Yugoslav Army (YA) special anti-terrorist unit called Soko (Falcon) on Wednesday killed four terrorists of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and captured one in the Kosare watchtower area on the border between Yugoslavia and Albania.

During the raid, the YA captured a terrorist who, upon his arrest, with his hands handcuffed at his back, said in Albanian:

"I underwent training in Kalimas. We were trained there by two Albanian Army officers. From there, our group, consisting of five KLA members, was taken to the border. We got our military uniforms in Kalimas. On the border, I got a machine gun, a bomb and ammunition for the rifle."

Dressed in camouflage trousers and an army sweater, he said that his group was met at the border by a man called Arber Haderdzonaj, who ordered them to cross into the Yugoslav territory and shoot "at anything that moves".

Director Jagos Markovic Talks About Anniversary of "Wizard of Oz"

Despite Everything and Everybody…

"Wizard of Oz", adapted by Alexandra Glovacki and directed by Jagos Markovic, marks on Friday its 100th anniversary at the stage of Bosko Buha Theater for Children and Adults. Actress Branka Katic as Dorothy (we can now watch Ivana Lokner in the same role), and actors Goran Susljik as a Wicked Witch and Slobodan Ninkovic as Lion, according to director Jagos Markovic, achieved one of the best performances seen in plays he directed.

"I am looking forward to seeing a parallel reality - a purer and better than the one we are living in - happening for the 100th time on the stage," director Jagos Markovic told our newspaper.

Academician Miodrag Pavlovic Awarded With Prosveta Book Fair Prize

Every Book is Brick Made of Letters

On Thursday, at high noon sharply, outside bookstore Geca Kon in Belgrade's Knez Mihailova Street, Prosveta publishing house awarded its Book Fair Prize to academician Miodrag Pavlovic. Pavlovic was rewarded for his book titled "Anthology of the Serbian Poetry From 11th Century Till Now" (the first volume of his Collected Works), as well as for his entire literary opus.

"Every book is a brick made of letters; you can make a watchtower or a castle out of them. Books make it possible for our legends to climb into the skies. Or you can make a joyful Dragon along the Knez Mihailova Street out of tales told in them," said laureate Miodrag Pavlovic.


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