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Last update: 18/04/99 00:00 (GMT +01:00)


NATO attack house of the UCK leader

BELGRADE -Even the house of the UCK`s political director Hashim Thaci was not spread's of the NATO attack.

According to the latest media reports his luxurious house was damaged in the latest NATO`s attack in the region of Drenica.

Yugoslav prize for "Wag the Dog"

BEOGRAD - Yugoslav Academy of film based in Belgrade decided to award the biggest prize - "Special crystal prism" to authors of American movie "Wag the Dog", which contents " became tragic truth for our country and our people".

Seventeen passengers missing

LESKOVAC - According to unofficial sources, seventeen passengers from international train that commuted between Belgrade and Thessaloniki, which NATO alliance heat on April 12th. In Grdelica Gorge, are on the list of missing persons. However, the list of death people probably is not final. In the moment of bombing there was between 30 and 50 passengers in the train.

Following are the names of the missing persons: Asen Dimitrov Borisov (41) from Belgrade, Enver Jakupi (32) from Prisevo, Verka Tasova (52) from Skopje, Đevđet Hoti (33) from Veliki Trnovac, Milan G. Stanković (30) from Belgrade, Ratko Jovanović (45) from Nis, Junuz Kamberović (20) from Nis, Azra Kamberović (17) from Nis, Baškim, Ilira, Aliju and Zija Ahmeti, all from Bujanovac, Jovan Lazarević (43) from Nis, Boris Sotirov (51) from Belgrade, Igor and Elizabeta Jašarević from Nis and Svetlana Jovanović (40) from Belgrade.

24th day of NATO aggression on Yugoslavia

Krusik Factory of Valjevo Razed to the Ground

VALJEVO - Early Saturday, around 2.00 a.m., criminal NATO aircraft hit and razed to the ground the economic heart of western Serbian town of Valjevo -- the Krusik holding corporation.

Four air-to-ground missiles hit the factory and set it ablaze. According to Borisav Radojicic, head of Valjevo's Civil Defense headquarters, a huge material damage was inflicted to both the factory and surrounding residential areas.

UZICE - NATO aircraft targeted again the wider area of the town of Uzice on early Saturday. So far there have been neither reports of targets NATO bombed nor casualties and material damage.

After Four Days In a Row Air Raid Danger Suspended

PRISTINA - In Pristina on Saturday, at 6.35 a.m., the sirens marked for the first time in four days in a row an end of the air raid danger in the city.

Despite round-the-clock NATO bombing of Pristina's surroundings, all vital utilities systems and services have been operating in the city.

Following savage NATO bombing of Vranje

Young Girl Dies From Wounds in Hospital

VRANJE - Irena Matic, a 16-year-old girl from the village of Ribnica near Vranje, died at the Neurosurgery Clinic of Nis after being seriously injured in NATO bombing of Vranje and its surroundings.

At the time criminal NATO aircraft dropped its lethal burden on Friday at 10.10 a.m., the girl worked in the field at her ranch.

With open fracture of her skull, the girl was first taken to General Hospital in Vranje only to be transferred to Neurosurgery Clinic in Nis, where she succumbed to her fatal wounds.

Later on, a missile fragment that had killed the girl -- with words carved in with a sharp object that the psychopath killer signed as "Erick N." devoted to his victims -- was found, saying: "Bad times. Isn't it wonderful?"

Albright addresses the Serbs in Serbian again

"I Know You Don't Believe Me"

WASHINGTON - U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has addressed again, via numerous international media, the Serbs in Serbian language to try to explain NATO aggression on Yugoslavia.

"I know you may not believe me," said Albright, adding, "NATO does not want to harm the Serbs," it "has no hidden goals" and it "does not want to occupy your country and expand to the East".

"We recognize Kosovo as part of your country," said Albright and explained that NATO countries were attacking Yugoslavia because "they cannot watch idly" civilian victims and a huge number of refugees in Kosovo.

Blair Opposes Ground Force Deployment in Yugoslavia

LONDON - British Foreign Secretary Tony Blair ruled out deployment of NATO ground troops in Kosovo, reports Reuters, citing the London Sun daily.

Confrontation with Yugoslavia might last long and it is "fully focused on defeating" Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, the London daily quotes Blair as saying.

"There are no easy options in the situation. Air strikes affected Milosevic's forces, but a lot of things still remained for us to do," said Blair.

NATO Offers Resistance, Rather Than Wages War, Says Fischer

BONN - German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer told a German weekly the international community "offers resistance, rather than wages war" in Yugoslavia.

"We are not waging war (against Yugoslavia). We are offering resistance and protecting human rights, freedoms and democracy," said Fischer in a statement to German Der Spiegel weekly magazine.

German Foreign Minister opposed any escalation of the conflict and urged NATO to pursue its current strategy, the weekly quotes Fischer as saying.

Carl Bildt, former UN High Representative in Bosnia, claims

NATO Failure in Yugoslavia Anticipated

BONN - Former UN High Representative for Bosnia Carl Bildt has told a German weekly that NATO air strikes on Yugoslavia are a failure because they cannot avert humanitarian disaster.

In an interview with the German Focus weekly magazine, Bildt assessed that NATO strikes were "kilometers away" from averting humanitarian disaster, being "themselves part of an escalation that marks the beginning of an inexplicable-scale tragedy".

"(NATO's) failure has been anticipated," said Bildt and urged NATO to reconsider its strategy.

Matija Beckovic on our wittiness and "bananas" we are being hit with

We'd Better Not Die From Laughter

BELGRADE - Previous several evenings devoted to satire, organized by the Belgrade Jez newspaper under slogan "Laughter Fights Fear", have proved that it is just in these unfortunate days that the Serbs in general experience a strong need for being witty. Following that trend, many actors and satirists, including one of our cultic writers, Matija Beckovic, will take part in the program titled "Let's be Satirical Tonight" to be held on the small stage of Rasa Plaovic National Theatre in Belgrade.

"Here I am like a straw caught in the wind. Since I have been a long-time contributor to Jez, it remains my only job till I retire," Matija Beckovic said in a statement to Glas Javnosti. "We are left with nothing else but to hope that Lord will be given a chance to say something and that even the Almighty did not hide himself in some heavenly shelter. I don't know how much laughter doctors recommend daily. Alas, we have been roaring with laughter for more than 20 days. However, we'd better not die from laughter.

"Anyway, if (NATO countries) had targeted only one side with "bananas" and failed to do it to the other one, they would have caused a nasty internal quarrel. In this way, I don't know who was their target. The only thing I know is that all of us have been hit," noted Beckovic.

According to the Yugoslav Third Army Commander-in-Chief, Lt. General Nebojsa Pavkovic

Yugoslav Army Saved Its Resources, NATO Suffered Big Losses

PRISTINA - Third Army of the Yugoslav armed forces succeeded to save and maintain its materiel, technical and combat resources in Kosmet, except for infrastructure facilities that were destroyed -- which are minor effects -- while NATO suffered huge losses in our area, Yugoslav Third Army Commander-in-Chief Lt. General Nebojsa Pavkovic said on Saturday.

Sixteen NATO planes, five helicopters, 46 cruise missiles and four unmanned aircraft were hit and shot down by the Third Army only, said Gen. Pavkovic.

"I see NATO air campaign effects, which are minor, through the prism of goals they achieved in this area. One of them was to support ethnic Albanian terrorists and stir a large-scale armed rebellion in the Kosovo-Metohija area," said Gen. Pavkovic.

That goal was not achieved at all and in the first few days of the aggression invaders put themselves effectively in the service of supporting ethnic Albanian terrorists, stated Third Army Commander.

Ethnic Albanian terrorist forces in Kosovo-Metohija were routed, something that is proved by the fact that NATO aggressors are setting up new terrorist forces within Albania and Macedonia and trying to infiltrate them to our country, said Gen. Pavkovic.

As for NATO's second goal -- a complete destruction of the Yugoslav Army and other security forces of this country -- NATO failed and will fail to do that, too, stressed Third Army Commander.

In Kosovo-Metohija, more than 150,000 people are under arms now. Should every third rifle struck the right target only, it would be the price aggressor would have to pay for trying to march into our country, noted Gen. Pavkovic.

Their third stated goal -- to deploy ground troops -- cannot be achieved in Kosovo-Metohija without huge losses on both sides, concluded Gen. Pavkovic.

As reported by British news agency Reuters

Yugoslav Army Lieutenant Captured

WASHINGTON - U.S. Department of Defense stated that it held a Yugoslav Army lieutenant who had been captured, Reuters reports.

According to a Pentagon statement, the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) fighters captured the unnamed Yugoslav Army officer, aged about 20, near Junik on the night between April 13 and 14. The KLA terrorists transferred him to Albania and handed him over to the Americans.

The Yugoslav officer, a Pentagon statement says, was transported to the Albanian capital, Tirana, in good physical condition and was treated as a prisoner of war (POW) under Geneva Conventions.

Slogan of 12th International Marathon "Soko Stark" held in Belgrade on Saturday

Run, World, Run -- And Stop the War!

BELGRADE - Traditional 12th International Marathon "Soko Stark" was held in Belgrade on Saturday under slogan "Stop the War -- Run, World, Run!" Franjo Mihalic, our athletic legend, who relieved a dove of peace in a symbolic gesture, opened the event. About 40 athletes from Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Republika Srpska, and even Germany and the U.S. took part in the official race, which started in Belgrade's Boulevard of Revolution street. All marathon participants ran in the same group at the same rate because, as Belgrade Marathon director Dejan Nikolic put it before the start, "there are neither winners nor losers in this race".

U.S. marathon runner Seine Brenson aroused great interest of Belgraders. He said that, notwithstanding bombing he experienced by his fellow Americans, he deeply believed in the idea of friendship and harmony among nations.

Among numerous runners in the so-called Pleasure Race, who more or less successfully completed a 5-kilometer-long running track, even the oldest participant -- a 92-year-old woman -- reached the finish.


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